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The Z Squad "Takeover" Comes to KSI

Today, 02:35 AM

The Z Squad "Takeover" Comes to KSI
By: Boreas Z
News Team Writer 
Every now and again small decisions set up enormous results. In this case KSI, or Knowledge, Strength, and Integrity, gained one of the biggest assets in a good amount of time. The Z-Squad has began to join and we have one plan; “We will aim to be the best KSI has ever seen and make it stronger than ever". We shall keep true to that statement!
From there it was decided that since KSI has offered us a home, we shall offer KSI an amazing future at the top of the peak. Within six days of the Z Squad being here Loki, Boreas (me) , and Ares were named lieutenants - with Hermes, Nighthawk, and Roman56 being trained for when they are ready for an officer’s position. The acting General KSI RickJamesV2 at the time of our arrival took me aside to tell me; “Thank you for all your hard work! I’m not gonna lie, since you have joined us- I have known this division will be great and prepared for when I have to leave for training this summer!” 
Loki has pushed himself to keep on par with myself and Ares, despite having both academic and athletic time restraints. He offered up the following reasoning when asked why he pushes himself so hard; “Where we came from, we as leaders were expected to do everything and do it at the drop of a dime. I guess I just held on to that, ya know? It doesn’t help that Boreas believes that 50 recruits in one night is an easy night lol!” Apparently I have inspired Loki to become a great leader, because most of the responses to his to our questions were “Boreas has…” or “Well around Boreas…”. 
When asked, I don’t think I am responsible for the members motivation or their will. I believe that I just let them do what they do, I don’t expect them to keep up with me. I have years more experience than them, it’d be madness to expect them to [keep up]. I’m a crappy leader anyways, I don’t know why they would follow someone who is so conceited and cocky! Though it is an amazing feeling to have become someone’s mentor: I don’t believe I am the reason behind their success, I think that they lead themselves to greatness. While opinions can be made about the me, the popular belief seems to be that I am a great leader with more than a few ego problems. 
The current Co-founder of Wolves Den seems to believe in my leadership as well! From what he says, I am now the acting General until I pass the FTLA (Future Technical Leaders of America) classes. Once that goes through I will receive my full General role! Once that happens I plan on pushing my squad to be the best they can possibly be, not only on a leadership scale but on a recruiter scale and on a personal level! My squad will be known as the best in KSI maybe the best in the WORLD!!!!! I plan on splitting the squad three times, this summer. With that said I have an enormous amount of work ahead of myself, and I don't want to disappoint. 
While we have only just began to get started, we, the Z Squad, have already tripled the number of people in Cascade WD - not only in members but also in people supporting the KSI prefix. Nighthawk Z and myself can be accredited for changing a combined total of 4 gamertags so far, with an undisclosed amount coming with the tournament that Nighthawk is hosting sometime in the near future! Alongside us we have Zeus, Jesus, and Hermes all of whom paid for their own gamertags when they joined! Since joining we have also convinced three others to support the prefix! Its shocking the change one little group can make in such a small amount of time! We hope that this story has inspired you to get out there and make your own difference! Be the best leaders that you can for not only your squad, not only your division, but for the KSI gaming community as a whole. 

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Battleborn's Newest Character Makes Debut on May 31st

Yesterday, 04:52 PM

Battleborn's Newest Character Makes Debut on May 31st

By: Vaakoh





Gearbox Software, the development team behind the unique and wacky MOBA, Battleborn, is officially releasing the first DLC character for the game on May 31st. Her name is Alani. She is aligned with the Eldrid faction and poses a dual-threat as both a healer and a warrior. Everyone on the PC, Xbox One, and Playstation 4 will have access to Alani beginning on the 31st. If, however, you purchased the Digital Deluxe edition of the game, got the Season Pass, or played the open beta on the PS4, you will get this new character on May 24th.


Unlocking Alani for actual gameplay is another story. If you're a Season Pass holder you'll have the ability to instantly play the character as soon as she's released. Other gamers will be required to spend a total of 47,500 credits to unlock and use her.


Alani is the first of 5 promised DLC characters due out after the initial launch of Battleborn. Official release dates for the remaining 4 heroes have not been announced yet. Additional characters beyond the first 5 are also expected, but will likely come later in the year or possibly even in 2017.

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Weekly Scavenger Hunt: Week 2 05/23/16 - 05/29/16

Yesterday, 01:58 AM

Weekly Scavenger Hunt: Week 2 05/23/16 - 05/29/16

Brought to you by:

Twisted 7, God of Rage and Chaoticz


Blast from the past


Q. What game was KSI originally founded on the xbox


Q. What was the 7DS and who were the original members


Un scramble the words


Clues - (in no specific order) KSI BIG BT KC, Wolves Den Division (x2), Web Operations


Q. HBEXSAGI (2 Words)






Q. FAWLKAOSAL (2 Words) 


Math Whiz


Q. i. If R00t Demon went to the KSI Economy Awards Shop and bought every single award, how many points would it cost him?


    ii. If R00t Demon had 9,201 points, how many would he have left after buying all of the awards?


    iii. With the previous values, R00t Da3mon then donated Anatomy 7, 127 points. R00t Da3mon then receives 2090 points from Game 7, how many points does he have left AND is this enough to pay Kered the 1550 points he owes?


Find that Forum topic (leave a link)


Q. How would someone survive the temptation of Microtransactions?


Q. Help Meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!


Q. Ooooh Nex is doing another giveaway

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Introducing: KSI Weekly Scavenger Hunt

22 May 2016

Introducing: KSI Weekly Scavenger Hunt

By: Chaoticz

Co-Project Manager & News Team Manager


Earlier this week, Monday 16th May to be exact, myself, KSI Twisted 7 and

KSI God of Rage released the first weekly scavenger hunt. Many might not have known this as no official announcements were made, except that on the KSI Facebook page. Yes, you may have guessed, the hunt will run every single week with the following timings:


Monday ~ 10-20 questions will be released

Friday ~ Questions closed and no further answers accepted

Saturday & Sunday ~ Answers reviewed and winner decided

Monday ~ Winner announced


As stated before, 10 - 20 questions will be posted in a closed topic in the Scavenger Hunt area each week, questions will also be posted on the homepage for simplicity. The winner is the person with the most correct answers. If two or more members have the same number of correct answers then the member to have posted first is declared winner. All of the answers can be found on any of KSI's websites: Facebook, CMS, forums, Twitch, Twitter and any other viable sites. Asking staff members for answers will result in disqualification for that week and a strike against your name. Multiple occurrences will result in a ban from the competition for a undecided period of time. 


What do you actually get for completing this? Well, you get a sexy butt award for your profile. But theirs a catch, always a catch. You must win FOUR scavenger hunts, not one, to be given the award! This adds to the competitiveness and means that we can only have a minimum of 12 winners a year! So make sure you do what you can do become one of the unique members with this award


Now onto the interesting part. This week we had some difficult questions as we were made aware by certain members, yeah Silvu I'm looking at you. We, the staff members, decided to award not one winner, but two winners this week seeing as they both had similar number of correct answers. This is a one-off however, as a commemoration of the first week of the scavenger hunt. Any situations such as this in the future will be dealt in the way that the person first to post will be declared winner, as stated before.


KSI Weekly Scavenger Hunt May 16th - May 22nd 


Winner 1 : KSI rave nite 7

Winner 2 : KSI Silvu 7


Congratulations to Silvu and rave on their winning. Lets aim for as many people as possible to be participating in this competition each and every single week. Thank you for the continuing effort from everyone.



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Destiny: Rise of Iron - Destinys Next Expansion

21 May 2016

Destiny: Rise of Iron - Destinys Next Expansion

By: Chaoticz

News Team Manager



**the leaked poster of Destinys next Expansion**


In the early hours of May 20th, sources affiliated with Bungie leaked a poster. A poster, that I got to admit, is pretty god damn amazing looking. Before I delve into speculation, theories, damn right amazement and Bungie fanboying, whomever may be reading this needs to understand, nothing said here is official or confirmed or true for that matter. The only official thing in this article, is the poster itself. As some of our more noticing members may have seen - in the bottom right and left corner, Bungie and Activisions  trademark logos and remarks can be seen confirming that the poster is in fact from a reliable source and is not just fan-made or photo shopped. Now onto the real stuff:


In the image, we can see the esteemed Iron Lord, Lord Saladan. Commonly bullied into titles such as Lord Salamander, Lord Salad Man and many many more - he is a true legend in the Destiny Universe. Lord Saladan is the Iron Banner representative in the Tower, Iron Banner being the 6v6 Crucible tournament that runs in Destiny every now and again. Lord SaladFace offers guardians unique loot such as weapons, armor, class items, ghost shells and special Emblems and Shaders that offer boosted reputation gains from Iron Banner upon being equipped. 


Lord Saladan appears to be wielding a double-sided Solar axe in the poster. This has sent an uproar of excitement into players minds. The most popular theory being that this will be a new heavy weapon with similar powers of the newly introduced swords from The Taken King expansion. At first glance, the axe is easily mistaken for the hammers used to fell down enemies by the Titan Solar based Super: Hammer of Sol


Another detail easily bypassed by the eye, is the class item that Lord Salamander is wearing. Destiny players of any experience and skill will know that each of the three classes in Destiny have their own complementary class items. Titans have Titan Marks, a scarf/silk of sorts that hangs from the waist. Warlocks have Warlock Bonds, mystical wristbands that have holographic images extending out of them. Last but not least, Hunters have Hunter Cloaks, it says it in the name, a cloak that attaches around the neck and extends down the whole body and blows majestically in the wind. Lord Saladan, you may observe, is a Titan. In previous game occurrences and scenes the Iron Lord has always worn his honorable Iron Banner Titan Mark. So why now, in this poster at least, can he be seen wearing a Hunter Cloak? It has left many players perplexed and confused.


Who actually are the Iron Lords? The Iron Lords were a group of 9 legends who fought at many battles to defend The Last City. Three Hunters, three Titans, and three Warlocks. Efrideet, Gheleon, Perun, Jolder, Radegast, Silimar, Felwinter, Skorri and Timur. In Year 1 of Destiny, the weapons from Iron Banner were named after the 9 Iron Lords in remembrance. However, with Year 2 Destiny Iron Banner, came a whole new group of weapons.They however, had different names on them, Haakons Hatchet and Nirwens Mercy are but two examples of weapons. Now, you must be wondering who on earth these people were being referenced in the new weapons, considering there were only 9 Iron Lords who had all been previously mentioned? Well another group also co-existed with the Iron Lords, called the Iron Wolves! Ashraven, Bretomart, Colovance, Deidris, Finnala, Haakon, Nirwen, Tormod and Weyloran. Hardly anything is known about the Iron Wolves except that they once gathered beneath an Ironwood tree and took an unbreakable oath together to defend The Last City alongside the Iron Lords. What bothers me however, is that they're are multiple wolves in this poster, animal versions not guardians. Now you may ask me, why on earth is it strange to see some animals in a game? Well because despite the rare birds often seen flying around, animals do not appear to be seen in Destiny, so this is a rare sight indeed and I assume has a great deal of significance to the story line.


Kotaku, a very well known news writing website, believe that the new DLC will have a unique and new raid. With that being said, they sounded pretty confident in their article and all veteran Destiny players know that everything Kotaku have ever wrote and speculated about Destiny has always came true. Their current theory is that it will be a Fallen-themed raid, likely the one that was cut from the 2015 House of Wolves DLC (for those that do not know, Bungie previously promised a raid in the HoW and to everyone's dismay failed to deliver). I am personally very excited at the prospect of a new raid with new bosses, loot and puzzles to complete. Whilst on the topic of a raid, this brings me back to the double-sided axe being held by Lord Salad himself in the poster. In previous raids, Vault of Glass, Crotas End and the latest, Kings Fall, certain items were used in puzzles and battles in the raids to help gain access to next areas or to act as an aide to defeating bosses. In VoG a Relic is used to remove the shield from one of the first bosses allowing members to freely damage it, then later used to provide invincibility to the fire team as they go about defeating the main boss Atheon. In Crotas End a special Sword is used to do the real damage to the main boss, Crota and also in various puzzles leading up to the fight. In the Kings Fall the very first room loaded into contains two relics that are continuously deposited into special keyholes of sorts to open up a portal to the next area. So my personal speculation, is that these double sided axes may act as a sort of relic item in the new raid. Perhaps it is used to damage certain bosses that cannot be otherwise hurt, or maybe certain sub-enemies have to be killed using this relic to remove shields from a boss. The list of theories goes on.


A look at the scenery. The area in which this poster has been shown is in fact The Twilight Gap, a infamous location in the lore of Destiny. It is a Crucible PvP map but is also a location of which guardians once stood against Fallen Houses to defend the City. Heroes such as Lord Shaxx and Lord Saladan led the defenses of the City at this great battle. What does this mean for the expansion? A theory that has been toggling my mind is this, now bare with me because it is very barren and has lots of gaps that need filled, what if we time travelled back to the time of the battle of The Twilight Gap and perhaps we witness and take part in the battle itself? The idea of time travel is not impossible, the dreaded enemy the Vex are well known for it. A guardian known as The Stranger has been known to gain time travel abilities, so it is not at all impossible. Another theory could be, more simply, that perhaps a new enemy, (or an old enemy, it works either way) stand against the City once again and the Guardians have been called, once again, to the defense of the City. This part is all very hypothetical and probably won't get answered much until a lot nearer the time of release. 


On a personal note, whilst on the topic of scenery and background, the snow in the poster reminded me specifically of a concept art from Bungie released very early on in the game. It shows a Fallen Walker (tank) and other enemies in a snowy environment. A fine piece of art in my opinion. The strange thing about this snow in this poster however is the fact that snow has never been seen in Destiny, especially not in The Twilight Gap location that this poster shows.


Overall though Bungie could take many different directions with this new expansion, I honestly will be looking forward to the raid the most, if they actually do it this time that is, and also I hope to see the lore of the Iron Wolves developed a bunch more considering nothing much is known of them at this time. I'm secretly wetting myself hoping for a new character for us to bully and call names such as Lord Salamander and Lord SaladMan.


Once E3 comes, we should know more news on this subject. Sony specifically, have a track record of releasing something Destiny related in every E3 since Destiny released, so I'm positive we will get something. I personally will be keeping an eye out for Destiny related news and will be writing it up and posting for the benefit of our members. Stay tuned for more!


On a side note, I am personally thinking of starting a Destiny lore series of articles on the homepage. This would consist of lore such as Iron Banner, The Taken, The Fallen, The Stranger and all other aspects of Destiny. Please reply to this article if you think this would be a good idea and possibly be something you would wish to see and read soon. If you have any ideas of specific areas of lore you want covered, feel free to message me. 


A quick message for Destiny players


Trials of Osiris, as you may noticed by time this article releases, has been cancelled for the weekend 20th-22nd. Iron Banner will also be postponed temporarily. This is due to a glitch in Crucible that allows players with Cocoon on their Rocket Launchers to activate Clown Cartridge and generate Heavy Ammunition. Once the issue is resolved, Iron Banner and Trials of Osiris shall continue as normal.


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YouTuber Spotlight: JeromeASF - Content Creator, Entertainer and Animator

20 May 2016

YouTuber Spotlight: JeromeASF  

Content Creator, Entertainer and Animator 

By: Boreas Z

News Team Writer

Debut Article



*JeromeASF's most known image and character*

JeromeASF (Awesomesaucefilms) has been around the YouTube scene for nearly seven years! He has been in multiple “recording groups”, the most known are “Team Crafted”, “The Pack” and “AwesomeSauceFilms (ASF)”. With his popularity rising, he has grown to three active chanels, JeromeASF his regular PG-13 Minecraft channel, JeromeACE his mature channel for random games, and BaccaMan his role playing and animation channel. He was also the star of the first video for the ASF channel back in 2009, with his recording of finding the Milky Way solar system in the game Spore. Since then he has boomed in popularity.
*main image for his animation and role playing channel BaccaMan*
Jerome has grown from a young amateur to one of the most popular and liked YouTubers still on the recording platform. He has co-owned multiple Minecraft servers including but not limited to The Fridge and The Nexus. He recently began a role playing channel, with its first video uploaded on Apr 2, 2016 and it is already up to 48,829 subscribers and 1,378,585 views total.
*link to his first ever video on his animation and role playing channel*
Honestly as a fan of Jerome since literally his twenty-second video, not even I could see him growing at such an exponential rate. His mature content channel, JeromeACE has been out for a year and due to its explicit nature has had an understandably more difficult rise to popularity with only 254k subscribers and 16,160,250 views. Through all the trials and tribulations Jerome has still come out on top of the game in many ways!
*main image for his not-so-known mature content channel JeromeACE*
Jerome not only co-owns the Nexus Minecraft Server but he also has a extremely successfull clothing line (Po$hlife) and is a Co-Founder of the company Troll Pack, along with a great deal of experience as a CEO and VP of a few other LLC’s. He has worked closely with different charities such as Make a Wish and Breast Cancer Society. Jerome is an all around amazing human being! 
In my opinion Jerome is definitely deserving of his success. I do hope you take some time out of your day and check him out! 

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On the Battlefield of WWI

18 May 2016

On the Battlefield of WWI

By: KSI Neon Fade

News Team Assistant Manager



*Battlefield 1 cover art*


          War based games have been the basis for many games since the start of gaming, and for most people, their first war based game was Call of Duty. It allowed you to take a peek into the lives of those who gave their lives to protect our personal freedoms, without having to put ourselves in any danger. In recent years, however, Call of Duty has been future-based and has steered into an entirely different direction than what the fans wanted; but there is one game that stuck to what the fans wanted, and that game is Battlefield. Battlefield is known to be the highest standard for war based games on the console side of gaming. This is because Dice has always listened to the fans, and makes what is wanted, and not what they think will be the next big thing. Battlefield is also known for its massive lobbies for conquest, which is a 64 player objective based game-type.




          Possibly the biggest conflict in gaming right now is Battlefield 1’s trailer completely crushing Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare’s trailer entirely. Both games are widely known, and they have been massive competitors for many years. Even though Call of Duty is a more popular game series, for reasons that far surpass my knowledge, Battlefield has come out on top between reviews and speculation. For those of you who don’t know, Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare is set to take place in the future (again), and will include space battles. Call of Duty is trying to increase its already complex game-style to make it the most advanced game, but that is the furthest from what fans want. We want to be submersed in a realistic fighting environment, where we can feel as if we are actually fighting against an enemy worth killing. I’m sorry Call of Duty, you had a good run, but I think it’s time you die now and let Battlefield provide for us now.



*Screenshots from the Battlefield 1 trailer*



          As stated before, Battlefield 1 will take place during the time of WWI. I know what you are thinking, “Finally, back to the basics!” I completely agree; with all of this complexity of futuristic battling, it will be nice to run a flame thrower through a fighting trench. The trailer shows us quite a few perspectives of the war, including those of soldiers fighting in the trenches, and even the view of the fighter pilots of WWI. I think it is safe to say that the campaign will be exciting, let alone the vast capabilities for the multi-player mode! Dice hasn’t revealed to much more about this game, but they have shown us enough of it to crave more. Battlefield 1 is set to release on October 21st, 2016. For additional information visit https://www.battlefi...s/battlefield-1



*Battlefield 1 Game Covers*

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Memories of Infection

16 May 2016

Memories of Infection

By: KSI Proksimitee

News Team Head Writer


*courtesy of 343i*

Halo 5: Guardians has received its latest, and depending on what portion of the Halo community you ask, the greatest of its free monthly dlc's.

Memories of Reach was welcomed in with open arms yesterday by the Halo community. With the newest update brought into the game are an onslaught of changes, from weapon tuning to spawn changes, a new arena map added into circulation, as well as new requisitions to acquire, and last but not least, Infection.

I'm just going to touch on a few things as there's too much to cover for a simple article.

First, Stasis.

*courtesy of 343i*

Stasis, the newest map in the arena playlist is yet another remix map. Remixed from Torque the map flows quite differently with new walkways, new sight lines, man cannons, and just an overall better feel than some other remixes *cough* overgrowth *cough*.

I've played a few matches on Stasis already and from my opinion, it's a solid map. It plays well for capture the flag and there's no falling off random floating rocks, I'm looking at you Tyrannt.

The next big thing added was the armor sets paying tribute to the heroes of Halo Reach. You best believe I'm already rocking Emile's helmet.

The Reach armor sets may not be exact to Halo Reach, but they are tribute pieces so not exact copies.

Finally, Infection. The misty awaited playlist and gametype to date. Why the uproar? Mostly for the amazing amount of custom games based off of this gametype.

I know most of the community looks forward to what forgehub and custom game creators can make happen in Halo 5, I know I am!

As far as the rest of Memories of Reach, or even for more detail on what I've brushed upon here, go to https://www.halowayp...mories-of-reach to read the full patch notes and info from 343.

For The KSI News Team and Myself,
I'm Proksimitee, Signing Out~

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Next Generation of Mirror’s Edge

15 May 2016

Posted by Nex Addo In: Official News

Next Generation of Mirror’s Edge

By: KSI Neon Fade
News Team Assistant Manager
  I still remember my first Xbox 360 and all of the thrills it brought into my life. Games such as Fallout 3, Gears of War and Mass Effect let me lead a second life as a hero. Along with the games listed, Mirror’s Edge was one of my favorite games of all time. Once I heard that Dice was working on a newer rendition of the already amazing game, I was filled with the same nostalgic feelings of my youth. This game consists free run styles of parkour that rivals Assassin’s Creed, and high paced action and adventure that left you sitting at the edge of your seat begging for more. This high speed action game really plays to your reflexes and quick thinking abilities, and still provides an intense backstory based upon government corruption. I say that this game is a must play, at least to break away from the feel of your standard first person shooter.
The next game in this re-vamped series is called Mirror’s Edge Catalyst. You continue in the storyline of Faith Connors, a “Runner” fighting off the oppressive corrupt conglomerate that runs the city. Faith’s story begins when she is seven, and the city is riddled with protestors. These protests quickly escalated into full scale riots, and as a result of this, her entire family was killed. She is then found by a man named Noah Kekai, who is a member of the Runner faction. Noah raises Faith to be strong, teaching her how to be a runner, and giving her the drive to fight those responsible for her troubled upbringing. Mirror’s Edge tells the tale of Faith and her sister Kate, and how she must fight to save her sister from the corrupt government. In Mirror’s Edge Catalyst, Faith has no intentions of being a hero, but is forced into a fight against the conglomerate; a force made up of the most powerful corporations in the city.
          There are 3 different factions in Mirror’s Edge Catalyst: Runners, the Conglomerate and Black November.
The Runners are a group of highly athletic, anti-political individuals who operate as thieves for hire. Runners live “off the radar” on the rooftops of the city, refusing to be a part of the corrupt civilization. Faith’s guardian, Noah, is considered to be a leader within the Runners faction, and is highly respected. Faith is a member of the Runners, and is seen as one of the most skilled members of this faction.
          The Conglomerate is made up of the most powerful corporations in the city, who act as the political front to the civilization. The Conglomerate works on a system of hierarchy in which the most powerful organizations have more control than others. These corporations have problem sacrificing the entire city to turn a profit, which makes them dangerous and untrustworthy.
          The last faction is known as Black November. Black November is a violent anti-Conglomerate faction led by a woman named Rebecca Thane. This faction was named after the month in which the violent protests of the past have taken place, and describing how dark these events were. Black November tries to veer from civilian casualties, but will do what is necessary to fight the Conglomerate. Because of this, they are constantly being hunted by the Conglomerate.
If the compelling story and gameplay isn’t enough to make you a fan, then maybe the awe inspiring visual effects, scenery and wonderful sound quality will draw you in.
"Concept Art"
Mirror’s Edge Catalyst is set to release June 7th, 2016, but is subject to change. For additional Information, please visit the Mirror’s Edge official websitehttp://www.mirrorsedge.com/


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Overwatch Beta Review

11 May 2016

Overwatch Beta Review

By: KSI Neon Fade

News Team Assistant Manager



*Overwatch promotional art* 


          Blizzard Entertainment has had many successful games in the past that have given them a reputation as a successful production company -- most fans of Blizzard will play anything this company puts out because of this reputation. Normally, any company with this sort of reputation will try to make quick seller games to rake in some money until their next big anticipated release; I thought Overwatch would be this very game, just a quick money maker for the company while they await a big release, but I was thankfully wrong. Once I played the beta, my perspective changed drastically. I found a great new multi-player which I really enjoyed, with its own feel. When I say feel, I mean like the feel you get when you play a certain game. Most games put off this feel and you get a relative feel from other games of that same category. For example, when I played the Doom multi-player beta, I felt as if I were playing Unreal Tournament, because it had that certain feel to its game style. So saying that Overwatch has its own feel, I am really saying that it isn’t a cheap game play copy.



          Overwatch is set in the distant future, after the events of what is called the “Omnic Crisis”. This crisis was brought upon by artificial intelligence starting a robot uprising in the world. It was because of this crisis that the Overwatch task force was created to stop the robots from eradicating the human species. The task force was disbanded some time later after the resolution of this crisis due to accusations of corruption and sedition. Though the plot to this game is a bit lacking, the game play is what really drew me in.


               In this game, you take control of any Overwatch Hero you choose. It is much like Smite in this sense, where you pick a character to play as and gain experience playing as that character. The more experience you gain for that character will not only upgrade your level, but the characters level as well. There are 4 classifications of Characters:


·        Offense: Offensive characters are designed to deal out large amounts of damage, but have lower health than any other unit.

·        Defense: Defensive characters are those who have the abilities to defend specific locations. 

·        Tank: These characters have the highest health and are designed to take the blunt force of the enemies attack.

·        Support: Support characters provide healing factors, armor, and boosts to the rest of the team making them more effective in combat.




*Overwatch Character Roles*


               Now, you must go into this game without other games in mid to compare it to. I know that when we play new games, we tend to compare them to games that we all know and love. Like when we compare any new Call of Duty game to Halo. The game-play for Overwatch is unrealistic, but very fun and invigorating. When I said this game gives you a new feel, I meant it.


                    The Overwatch Beta has now passed, but will be releasing in full on May 24th, 2016. I would recommend playing this game to gain a new gaming experience alone, let alone because of how much fun it really is. For more information, please go to the website at: https://playoverwatch.com/en-us/game/

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