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PODCAST Episode 1 of Season 2

03 Dec 2016

Posted by Nex Addo In: Official News





TOPICS: Mass Effect Andromeda / $50 Gift Card Talk / 2016 Video Game Awards
LENGTH: 48 Minutes
HOSTS: Nex Addo / Koda



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Warcraft: The Beginning Review

02 Dec 2016

Warcraft: The Beginning Review
By: Chaoticz
News Team Manager
Warcraft, released in May 2016, is a film that has been widely underrated. The film is based on the video game universe developed by Blizzard Entertainment. A huge Orc horde are forced to flee their home world from a corrupting force destroying the land, known as the fel. Through a dark portal powered by life-absorption, the horde are forced upon Azeroth, a land inhabited by many races including human and dwarven. Relationships between characters and races will depict the future of the world of Azeroth as the threat of the Orcs dawns ever so closer. What did critics review Warcraft? Critics from Rotten Tomatoes gave the movie a 28% rating, however an audience rating of 73% was given. I believe that this movie has been undermined and also tarnished with the common opinion of most video game movies. However, compared to other video game movies, Warcraft really outdone itself. Yes, it has its flaws and downsides, but again, for a video game movie it done very well. The CGI animations in particular that were used throughout the movie were stunning and amazing. Effects for the fel, magick, and many other things made the movie so much better.
The characters in Warcraft were interesting and enjoyable to meet. However, I feel that not all the characters were truly developed enough into the story. The best example being the King. The King had very few appearances, of which an even smaller percent were key scenes that showed off that character. Writers of Warcraft could have gone into much more detail with the characters but due to a necessary cut of 40 minutes screen time a lot of details have been missed out.
One fan asked director Duncan Jones whether a Warcraft sequel would possibly unveil more of Goranas mysterious past. Jones replied. “To be honest, it won't take a sequel. It's in the extended edition, and it was in the cut until we got closer to the film coming out. The answer makes sense in our reality--the reason she exists makes total sense.”
Jones then went on to explain that the movie does in fact have key indications to Garonas character, you just need a keen eye to spot them. He stated that by watching the movie again, but paying more attention to Garonas specific reactions and interactions with other characters, then it might shed some light or her secrets. Warcraft oddly filled me with slight nostalgia to not just the original games, but also to another movie series. JRR Tolkiens Lord of the Rings. It reminded me of distance worlds with variety of culture, race and power. All the different battles, locations and character roles were of a similar style to Lord of the Rings movies. Hopefully, these similarities will continue and we will see a good few more Warcraft movies in due time.
Director of Warcraft, Duncan Jones, said that if the movie does well then a directors cut will be released where hopefully questions will be answered. However, at a later date he completely contradicted his previous statements and confirmed no directors cut will be released for the simple reason that because the film relies on a lot of CGI animation, the team at the time of creating the film could not afford to animate scenes that were going to be cut from the final movie anyway.
On a good note though, Jones stated he originally wanted the Warcraft series to be a trilogy. This does not confirm anything for sure, but almost guarantees the fans at least one sequel to Warcraft:The Beginning. Many films will be excited to see where a possible sequel picks up from where we left off at the end of the first. When released, the KSI News Team will cover any further information into the continuation of this move series.
Some interesting trivia and facts about Warcraft: The Beginning -
Johnny Depp was interested in playing a character role and Sam Raimi was originally planned to direct the movie. Dominic Jones however was then chosen to direct the film, making these his longest film yet at 2 hours 3 minutes.
The Orcish dialect that we hear throughout the movie was uniquely developed for Warcraft. The original books, “Rise of the Horde” and “The Last Guardian”, were major sources in the adaptation of the film. Former depicting the rallying and creation of the Orc Horde, with the latter conveying the human and alliance reaction to the events.  
The original premiere date was set for December 2015, but due to Star Wars: The Force Awakens, it was decided to push it back to May 2016. The filming of Warcraft itself took 123 days to complete.

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Xbox One S Review

29 Nov 2016

Posted by BabyMama In: Official News

Xbox One S Review
By: KSI SugarMama 7
​News Team Writer



It's no surprise, there's a new console in town! Microsoft released it's new console back in August, the Xbox One S.

The Xbox One S is a lot smaller than the Xbox one, which helps if you're trying to save some space.

Word on the street is that there are different types of Xbox one S consoles you can buy. Such as red Gears of war 4 bundle​s with 2TB, or a black Battlefield 1 bundle with 1TB.


There's also a white ​Minecraft bundle with 500GB, and the 500GB console also comes in a bluish color and a gray color. Last but not least there is also a 1TB that comes in white. I personally like the blue-like one.

A friend of mine owns a Xbox One S and he absolutely loves it.


The graphics on it are so much better than the Xbox One. They also have more storage than the Xbox One.

For those of you who have a pesky pet or a child that gets into everything, with the Xbox One S, you don't have to worry about them turning your Xbox off as the walk by. Why is that do you ask? The Xbox One S has a push button for a power button, not a censor like the Xbox One.

The Xbox One S has 4K worth of HDR(high dynamic range).


In fact​, the Xbox One S is the only console that can play 4K quality with blu-rays. This console is only a 0.5 upgrade from the Xbox One, but from what I can see it certainly has more perks than the Xbox One.

Instead of having your console lay flat, the Xbox One S can stand upright. That's if you choose to have it that way.

As Microsoft has brought more perks to the Xbox One S, I can't wait to see what Microsoft has in store for the new Xbox they are working on for what they are calling Project Scorpio.          

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October 2016 of the Month AAP Winners

25 Nov 2016

Posted by BabyMama In: Official News

October 2016 of the Month AAP Winners



"Without continual growth and progress, such words as improvement, achievement, and success have no meaning."
-Benjamin Franklin

Director of the Month
KSI Silvu 7

Division Leader of the month
KSI Game Face 7

Co Division Leader(s) of the month
KSI Hysteria 7 & KSI N3XUS 7

CoFounder of the month
KSI SugarMama 7

General(s) of the month
KSI Devilcat & KSI Zeus

Officer of the month
KSI Raisin

Member of the month
KSI Deathhead

Global Member of the month
KSI LadyOnYou 

News Member of the month

GFX Artist of the month
KSI Anatomy 7

Congratulations to all of October 2016 AAP Winners. Let these awards be inspiration to others, be it Clan Operations or Web Operations members. The of the Month awards are something that everyone should aim for. Congratulations once again to the winners of October. Good luck for November!

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Productions Team Open for Business

22 Nov 2016

Posted by BabyMama In: Official News
Productions Team Open for Business
By N3XUS 7
News Team Writer
As we all know, KSI’s Twitch and YouTube channels have been inactive for a reasonable amount of time, but its back and better than ever with a new team of people. At the head of productions, we have KSI xEVILASMEx and his second in command CRU5TY B34NS and they have a goal of creating a staff that can stream 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The Productions team is starting to work on video editing to bring content to the YouTube channel, expect to see more montages of gameplay, tournaments, and other fun videos. Everyone is welcome to follow us on YouTube at TheKSIProductions and on twitch at KSIOfficial.
Last Sunday we held an opening party for the new productions team here on the website and on twitch that went on all night. That event had a great turnout with over 20 viewers on twitch at all times while we were streaming Battlefield 1, Halo 5, Titanfall 2, and Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare. We also held some raffles for $10 gift cards. This event was not viewed by just members of KSI, instead, we saw quite a few people that were getting interested in joining and having fun watching the stream and chatting with us on Twitch. More of these events will be held and when we schedule another event like this an article will be posted here on the front page.
If you have any experience in streaming or video editing, the productions team welcomes all levels of knowledge they need your involvement! To get started please take and fill out an application hereand you will be contacted shortly…

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PC gaming in KSI

18 Nov 2016

PC gaming in KSI
By: KSI BabyMama
News Team Asst. Manager
     Today, KSI is mainly known across the Xbox platform. Less as much across the PlayStation platform. But what happened to PC? PC gaming has showed an exponential growth over the past few years. It is like the grandfather of all gaming. However, slowly over these years console gaming has taken popularity. 
     What could be the possible reasons gaming got pulled away from PC?
1. Newer is cooler. The thought process of the young generation believing that because it's new, expensive, and up-to-date then it's the thing to have. 
2. Controls being difficult on PC compared to console. The controllers used on consoles are the easy route to gaming. PC games some can be controller compatible, but not all. Imagine taking a few extra hours to master your controls using a mouse and keyboard. Talent and skill within itself.
3. This generation believes a game is only competitive if on Call of Duty and on a console. PC gamers have the understanding that this is not the case. Competitive games such as League of Legends, Dota 2, and Smite can be just as enticing as a Call of Duty tournament because they too, take strategy and skill.
 Not only do you have games like League and Smite but with the use of steam you can get any game you want that can be found on console as well.
     Perks of having a PC over a console;
1. More games available. Steam is the largest game hosting program on PC. 
2. Graphics run great quality, as long as you have the right PC specs for the game. 
3. Community is growing as time goes which means more people to play with. 
4. If you’re into Twitch and YouTube it is a lot easier to stream and record straight from your PC. 
 If you play on PC make a post to find others and try and increase our activity there too. For those that haven't tried PC gaming before, it is a great way to game. can be an awesome experience when you teach yourself a new gaming style.

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Two Small Announcements

18 Nov 2016

Posted by Nex Addo In: Official News

Two Small Announcements

From Nex Addo




The first announcement is from the rumbling of the ClanOPS Leadership.


KSI HysteriaX 7 & KSI N3XUS 7 were promoted to Division Leaders! Congrats to two awesome people who are kickass and are ready for such an great opportunity. They have shown great leadership, example, and humility and now that has payed off for them. Also check below at the end of the article of a cool montage of KSI Hysteria 7.


"A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way."

- John C. Maxwell
The second announcement is from the Global Podcast Team
The podcast team has been working on a few new things. We have gained a new permanent host named Panda. We also are working on a few ideas that our listeners have been told about such as audio levels, interviews, and much more. Due to loss of voice and such it does become difficult to talk so we had to delay our new season to end of November or December. We want to thank everyone for the cheers and and support for the podcast.

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Nintendo Switch: What to Expect

13 Nov 2016

Nintendo Switch: What to Expect ​
​News Team Writer ​
**Nintendo Switch**
Nintendo is coming out with an interesting new console in January called the Switch (code named NX). From the looks​,​ it is basically a tablet with removable controllers on the side. The Nintendo Switch was developed to be a sort of hybrid between handheld consoles like the Game-boy and TV consoles like the Wii. In its normal mode​, the Switch once again is a tablet with controllers called “Joy-cons” mounted on the sides of a 6.2in screen which is rumored to support up to a 720p resolution and 10 point multi-touch. Here is where the switch gets its name, the console also comes with a dock that connects to your TV  and becomes a regular console like an Xbox One or PS4, but it hasn’t been confirmed whether or not you would get better resolution from docking the device. 
One feature that is confirmed by Nintendo is that the company Nvidia is designing a lot of the internal components of the device.  The Switch will be using the Nvidia Tegra processor that Nvidia says in their blog “The high-efficiency scalable processor includes a  Nvidia GPU based on the same architecture as the world’s top-performing GeForce gaming graphics cards” meaning the Tegra will be custom built with a built in gaming GPU (graphic processing unit). All other internal components are being held close to Nintendo’s chest for obvious reasons.
Now a lot of people were very worried that this console will make the 3DS or Wii U obsolete, but have no fear Nintendo stated that this will be a stand-alone console with its own game library. Speaking of games for the Switch, upon release here is a list of games coming to the Switch:
1. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild
2. Project Sonic
3. Dragon Quest XI
4. Dragon Quest X
5. Cube Life
6. NBA 2017
7. Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom
More info will be coming as we get closer to the release date, but it seems like this will be a good console to consider in the future.

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Member Spotlight: HysteriaX 7

10 Nov 2016

Posted by BabyMama In: Official News

Member Spotlight: HysteriaX 7
By KSI SugarMama 7

​News Team Writer


Here in KSI when thinking of a leader we think of dedication, a mentor, someone who has gone above and beyond for KSI. KSI HysteriaX 7 has done such that. For those who don't know KSI HysteriaX 7, he is the acting division leader/ co-division leader over HellFire.

KSI HysteriaX 7 has survived in KSI for over one year now. I was able to get some time in with him and ask a few questions, such as what brought him to KSI and what does KSI mean to him. He stated

"I have been in a lot of small gaming communities, which were fun but, there just wasn't much structure like there is here in KSI, and for me before I joined KSI I would get online and would have hardly anyone online to play with and now that I'm in KSI I have a 100 or more friends online each time!"

Being a leader we all know it can be hard work, and everyone has their own way, on top of making changes that need to be made.So I asked KSI HysteriaX 7 "How did you know you wanted to be a leader, what does it mean to be a great leader, and what are some plans you have to improve HF?", he then replied "I saw an opportunity and jumped on it, a great leader needs patience, and you need to realize everyone is not going to get everything done at the same pace, as for hellfire I just want to continue the legacy of producing great leaders."

While being a leader in such a huge gaming community like KSI there are always inspirations and things you learn along the way. I asked KSI HysteriaX 7, what had KSI taught him, who inspired him, and how KSI influenced him. Hysteria answered.

"I learned how to do management stuff and how to communicate with people and build friendships, When I first came to KSI, KSI engima inspired me because he was active and was always there helping the squad, then it was KSI Air Jordan 7, then KSI GameFace 7 and KSI Game 7, they inspired me to want to work my way up the ranks, KSI Space Ops 7 and KSI GameFace 7 helped me learn what I needed to do so I can work my way up, I am constantly dealing with people from ages 8-60 being in KSI it's influenced me on how to discipline and communicate with everyone."

When you're a part of a huge gaming community there are things that stick out the most to each person in KSI, some may have different opinions, most members have their favorite memories here, so I asked KSI HysteriaX 7 "what is your best memory and what do you love most about KSI?" He responded

"My favorite thing about KSI is the communication resources, it's the best hobby I've ever had just being able to talk to people is awesome, what sticks out the most to me is everything KSI has to offer, whether it being clan ops and web ops we have positions to keep you busy from news articles to graphics, things they can do in the real life they can do here for fun, and my favorite memory in KSI would have to be when I was general of Chaotic HF, every night having fun, and not having to deal with so much drama and issues."

There's one thing KSI HysteriaX 7 wanted to share with us that not everyone knows, he has a passion for taekwondo. He's been in taekwondo since he was 8 years old and he now owns his own business that he has had for a year. I think that's awesome and I wish him success for his business!

KSI HysteriaX 7 would like to offer the following advice to fellow members, "It doesn't matter what your position is in this gaming community as much as things can upset you remember this is the Internet, you bought this game to have fun keep having fun, talk to people, use your KSI time to have as much fun as possible.

I would just like to take this moment to thank KSI HysteriaX 7 for everything he has done so far for KSI. I wouldn't be where I am today if it wasn't for KSI HysteriaX 7 he has truly taught me everything I know and I still currently learn from him and probably always will. Keep reaching for the stars my friend!          

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Xbox One gains even more backward compatible titles

08 Nov 2016

Xbox One gains even more backward compatible titles
By KSI SugarMama 7
News Team Writer
Microsoft added three new backward compatible games to the list. Which are: The Orange Box, Galaga Legions, and Joe Danger 2 The Movie.
The Orange Box is a compilation of the original Half Life 2. You play as a scientist Gordon Freeman, who must rescue the world from what he unleashed back at the Black Mesa. Gordon Freeman reunites with Alyx Vance and her robot dog, as they support the resistance battle against the Combine forces. 
**The Orange Box cover**
Galaga Legions is an arcade exclusive game by Namco Bandi games. It's a single player mode and it's genre is fixed shooter. The name was created by the same team who created PAC-Man. The first mode is an adventure type mode and the player must play all levels in order consecutively and start all over again after losing all the ships. The second mode you get to choose which level to play for a high score competition.
**Galaga Legions cover**
Last but not least Joe Danger 2, which is a racing platform game developed by Hello Games. This game allows you to play as a skiing secret agent and outrun avalanches while taking on laser shooting robots and you also can use jetpacks to fly or take on some robots while water skiing and quad biking. You also get to do some dinosaur dodging adventures!
**Joe Danger 2 poster**
These are the most recent Xbox backward compatible games that have been added. I can't wait to see what else Xbox will make backward compatible.

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