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Halo Wars 2 Character Details

23 Jul 2016

Posted by Nex Addo In: Official News

Halo Wars 2 Character Details Video



Halo Wars 2 will have another Beta play with a brand new mode closer to release date which is February 17, 2017.


28 Years later and no one knows what is going on and everything is confusing. A logistics AI named Isabel and warns them they are not alone and should get away. A brute with higher intelligence name Atroix. A enemy that this time will give the Spartans and the ships crew a run for their money/


Check out the video below


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Check it Out

15 Jul 2016

Posted by Nex Addo In: Official News

Check it Out Videos

Nex Addo

Chief of Media


The following article is a just videos of some interesting things seen around the gaming industry and so forth. Its just to get you looking at some new, updated, or otherwise stuff going on. 



Rick and Morty Teaser Trailer for VR




Fan Created Pride Event for GTAV (PC)





Boosted Boris catches Pokemon on Nürburgring






Batgirl Interview with Tara Strong




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June AAP Winners

10 Jul 2016

Posted by Nex Addo In: Official News

June AAP Winners


"Congratulations everyone for June! It is great to see you all strive to make purpose to this community and fun times for members and leaders alike. I am always happy to post the winners and always happy that the community continues to recognize our outstanding members. Keep gaming!"


- Nex Addo, Chief of Media


*Global Member of the Month Was Awarded to Two Members This Month




"General of the Month"


KSI Goobergood

"Officer of the Month"


KSI Bulltrue 7

"Forums Staff of the Month and Co-Global Member of the Month"


KSI JaNaeNae 7

"Co-Division Leader of the Month"


KSI Silvu 7

"Division Leader of the Month"


KSI Cali 7

"Co-Global Member of the Month"

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Pokemon Go is not Always A Go

09 Jul 2016

Posted by Nex Addo In: Official News

Pokemon Go is not Always A Go

Nex Addo

Chief of Media


A couple days ago I decided to finally download Pokemon Go and write a article and take screenshots of how awesome that game seems to be. Though in a matter of about 6 hours my opinion changed. This game is more then amazing when it comes to friendship, how versatile, and the works of the game.




Everybody on the internet has seen the memes about the game and surprisingly they are accurate. After work I decided that I check out Facebook and found quite a large amount of people over the age of 20 playing. Those of us that are above 20 years have been playing Pokemon from the start. I read statues of people from all walks of life such as Military, retail workers, construction, and much more putting up statuses about how they walked hours to find new Pokemon. Putting are walking and driving just to get Pokemon. 




"Screenshot from Nex Addo Phone"


Where I live there is a few memorials and monuments which are great when it comes to supplying my self with items. I decided while I was on break at my job I would visit the nearest Pokestop which was only about 1000 feet. I found out that I don't have to be too close just close enough to score some loot which is great. I spun the picture of the memorial a few times and got some pokeballs. I even got an Egg and all I have to do is put in in the incubator and walk 2.5km for hit to hatch. 


IMG_2016-07-09-014436511.png IMG_2016-07-09-015924251.png


Going out and catching pokemon is pretty fun and easy. I decided I would turn off my Augmented Reality (AR) and go around my complex and a couple areas and waste a few hours. Walking around in the middle of a Florida night is not the most fun due to the heat but it was worth it to catch a lot of Rattata; I mean who dosen't want a abnormal amount of Rattate. While walking around I caught a Eevee which was awesome I didn't think I would find one now I will just have to catch more to evolve it now. At night the game is really fun as me and my husband seem to have gotten looks and glares as to which I thought was hilarious and embarrassing. I turned on my AR and that is when I got mad. After fighting to see where pokemon where and not seeing them through my camera I just started through Pokeballs to hopefully nail a few and I did. I went back home and sat down to find out if the phone you are using does not have a gyroscope you will not be able to see pokemon using AR. So if you are ok with not catching pokemon on the bus then fine just turn off AR and click the pokemon you see as you walk around and prepare to catch it.


Overall the game from me gets 7.5 out of 10 and I would say give it a couple days and play. For now me and my Paras will chill at home watch some original episode of Pokemon.


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Why Cortana is not the Only Thing You Want

06 Jul 2016

Posted by Nex Addo In: Official News

Why Cortana is not the only Thing You want...This Update

Nex Addo

Chief of Media



"Official Image from XBOX.COM"


Microsoft XBOX announced confirmations on update for the August 2016 update. There are quite a few things and some are what people are looking for and some are just a question of why. For those with XBOX Preview some of these are already in affect. 


Everyone wants to ask Cortana to tell you the time in Alaska because it is the factor that determines that winning game. Cortana can now be activated by saying, "Hey Cortana". You can ask her easy questions about friends, games, prices and so forth though it does not stop there. You can ask her about local weather, news, sport scores and so much more, basically a talking bing search engine.


Being in a different country and still learning a language can be hard though Microsoft has made it easy when it comes to playing XBOX. No matter the region you are in the ability to change a supported language will be possible. 


Music is one of the best tools to beating the hell out of competition. Though at this moment it is not possible to have music on and play a video game. Coming August this will change! Background music support will be available. Though at this current time there is not much news on exactly what app will be used as the Sony Playstation uses Spotify assumption is the Microsoft Groove Music.




Check out more updates at http://news.xbox.com...update-preview/

Previous article written by Nex Addo talks about XBOX ANYWHERE http://forums.ksiglo...-xbox-anywhere/

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XBOX Anywhere

04 Jul 2016

Posted by Nex Addo In: Official News

A Quick Snipet of XBOX Anywhere

Nex Addo

Chief of Media




Last month at E3 2016 we got a glimpse with multiple games working on XBOX Anywhere. Since then there have been discussions how this will work once it comes out and what games will we be able to use this feature on. Questions have come up asking if games that are already out may get this function and there hasn't been any news on this.


To be able to activate this feature we are looking at the following updates that you will need to secure before:


- XBOX Summer Update

- Windows 10 Update Anniversary Update (August 2nd)


The following games (so far) are confirmed for XBOX Anywhere


Gears of War 3; October 11th

Sea of Thieves

Forza Horizon3; September 27th

ReCore; September 13th

Halo Wars 2; February 2017

Ark: Survival Evolved

Killer Instinct Season 3

State of Decay 2


We Happy Few

Crackdown 3




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Call of Duty:Infinite Warfare - A Game Beyond The Stars?

29 Jun 2016

 Call of Duty:Infinite Warfare - A Game Beyond The Stars?

By: Gummy

Ex-News Team Writer


 As most of you have heard, Infinity Ward ™ announced their new game called  Call of Duty : Infinite Warfare. This new game, that is now available for pre-order, is the highly anticipated game to come after Call of Duty: Black ops 3.  In my opinion, this game is going to become the next Call of Duty: Black Ops 2, which in retrospect, was the most popular game in the entire game lineup. This game sets a high bar the standards that we as gamers expect from the trailer. The trailer has me wondering if this is some weird Star Wars rip-off, yet it still looks amazing to play. I have many questions that are yet to be answered about Infinite Warfare.


    A new addition to the series is that you have the ability to play in outer space, as well as on the ground. A leak recently revealed that one of the maps would be on the moon near a space station. It may not seem like much, but with the factor of zero gravity, I think that these things will make this game amazing and a new start for Call of Duty in general. Due to the fact that this looks like a Call of Duty: Ghosts remake mixed with some ridiculous episode of Star Wars, this game will most likely receive a ton of criticism. Which is not saying a lot about the game itself, because every single game has received some type of a negative review. We cannot change what people say online, because haters are going to hate, but we can pre-order it while blocking out annoying haters.


In my experience with any Call of Duty game, I will most likely end up playing this game for 4 days straight until I complete every mission before my friends do. I will then end up try-harding until I get master prestige. The urge to play this game non-stop on an unreasonable level to beat out my friends in the competition aspect of this game will keep me playing until I become the very best in the world.


Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare will probably be my favorite game of all time. I have pre-ordered it and you should too, because if you do, you can join me in ruling the servers. The game will set a new standard for Call of Duty, and will raise my expectations even higher than what I expected from Black Ops 3.  There will obviously be a new squad, if not multiple, made for the game, but for now, all we can do is wait.

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Hack Again and More with Watch Dogs 2

27 Jun 2016

Posted by Nex Addo In: Official News

Hack Again and More with Watch Dogs 2

By Nex Addo

Chief of Media




The sequel of Watch Dogs was announced a few weeks ago and has a official release date of November 15, 2016. Ubisoft has overhauled the entire game from map layout and character abilities and styles to vehicle   This time we will be heading to the San Francisco, California with Marcus Holloway our new protagonist alongside DedSec attempting to bring down CToS creator. It was announced that this map will be larger then Watch Dogs 1 and mostly everything will be hack-able from Vending Machines to building objects. The game will also feature a few new devices besides a phone that will play a big part in your take down of CToS. Remote control car, quad copter, and rc jumper are in the arsenal of Marcus which was shown at E3 2016.


Marcus will have better acrobatic and parkour skills then our last main character.  Ubisoft has made a few different styles of playing such as aggressor, stealth, and trickster. Players should also pay attention to the upgrades as you can now upgrade abilities based on your preference of gaming.  The vehicle control  have changed as well and cars will be easier to access. 


Ubisoft showed off Watch Dogs 2 at E3 2016 with a quick play through in a level and if you click play on the video below you will see a fraction of some amazing things.




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Spotlight Saturday: RickJamesV2

26 Jun 2016

Spotlight Saturday: RickJamesV2

By: Chaoticz

News Team Manager



KSI RickJamesV2 is an officer in the Xbox 360 Division, Wolf Den. An officer, who has led this division from the start, he may not be the division leader, but at times he has made decisions and choices worthy of a division leader. Now some said, HA Xbox 360 is dead, your division won't last a week. Well he has took those claims, and crumbled them to pieces. This division has been up for more than a month now, and will be up for many more months. RickJames has worked his butt off to train officers, to recruit members, to hold division meetings, attend squad meetings. EVERYTHING. Excluding the Division Leader KSI Popcorn, RickJames has been the most senior officer within Wolf Den and has been putting in 110% effort to maintain this standard and prove to everyone that this is not a dying console nor division.


Members closer to KSI RickJamesV2 may know, that much to everyone's surprise, this mans name is not Rick James. It is in fact Jack Link. The origins of the name many have wondered including myself, Rick being the middle name of his older brother, James being his own personal middle name. I myself, often hear myself call him Rick as though it were a first name. Just a bad habit I guess.


Jack rejoined KSI on July 31st 2015. He was previously in KSI a long long time ago but cannot for the life of him remember when or what his quad or division was called. The first squad of his recalling is Atlas KB. Recruited by KSI 1DareDevil into Atlas KB, Jack began to start working hard. He soon found himself as the General of Atlas KB and it is fair to say he did a damn good job of running it.


KSI RickJamesV2 is currently the General of CassCade Wolf WD. A Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 and squadHe has rose CassCade numbers by a fair ammount these past few weeks and has also encouraged others to begin the FTLA process to start looking for people to take over his job. I asked KSI RickJamesV2 if he has ever been in Web Ops. He said no he never has, but he has plans to possibly do so some time in the future.


What advice, being a leading member of the Xbox 360 side, would you give to a member who has just joined and is looking to get the best out of KSI?;


"Do what you can do to make yourself happy. At the same time make sure you're doing what you you can to make your squad grow and strive."


I asked Jack if when joining KSI he believed he would eventually end up being a Leader. He said yes, as he has been around communities for a long time, leading different people here and there. His experience has allowed him to always care about people and care about the community he is in a leadership position of.


Finally, what is the best piece of advice you can offer a member who is on the verge of leaving in order to convince them to stay?;


"This is more towards those that leave or get poached by other communities. Why would yo, a person who has worked his or her but off forthis community, want to elave due to one little issue? Guess what? You're going to have issues EVERYWHERE you go. There will always be at least one person talking behind your back, one person that doesn't like you. YOU need to keep doing you and know that as a leader you are doing your job.


To conclude, KSI RickJamesV2 asked me to pass on a message. Yes, 360 is a last generation console, but do you see us giving up? NO! Until the last server has been shut down or there are literally no players online, then we shall be here. The Xbox 360 is not dead or dying and neither is Wolf Den! We are gaining numbers, yes, other divisions have 3, maybe 4 times more members than us, yes we are rising at a much slower rate than the others. Does this matter? Rising, nevertheless and constantly gaining members. So to all you people who have it stuck down deep that this console and division is dying, hop online and come chill with us, come to a squad meeting every now and again, you will see, we are far from dead.

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The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited (The Dark Brotherhood DLC)

22 Jun 2016

The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited - The Dark Brotherhood DLC
By: Hazmat
News Team Writer
The Dark Brotherhood, like the previous updates, will come in two parts; DLC pack and game patch. The game patch will be available to everyone who owns The Elder Scrolls Online, allowing you access to the new content when purchased, or activate an ESO Plus membership. I personally want to let everyone know, If your ESO Plus membership ends or lapses, you will no longer have access to The Dark Brotherhood DLC content and the new areas that come with it. However you will still have all the items earned while you had access. On top of that, you will get to keep any acquired skills from The Dark Brotherhood skill line up to the rank that you earned while you were in the Guild. If you do not have an ESO Plus membership you can purchase the DLC for 2,000 crowns through the in-game store.
You'll be apart of the Dark Brotherhood and become their newest assassin. This DLC brings hours of new story content, two new delves and bosses. This update will be introducing an awesome passive skill line which is exclusive to members of the Dark Brotherhood. There will be a number of new item sets available. In addition, some changes to previous DLC, including a District capture system for Imperial City and improvements to the Tel Var Stone merchant.
As a Dark Brotherhood assassin, You'll receive various contracts to go on killing sprees on the streets of Tamriel's cities. One by one you'll slay your enemies on the path to the good graces of the Dark Brotherhood. The highest of ranks may engage in special missions at the behalf of their dark masters and fulfill a Black Sacrament, eliminating a victim described by the Night Mother herself.
The patch will also include an abundance of new features including the ability to craft poisons, improvements to set item traits, more improvements to the nameplates, item locking, activity finder, an extended crafting inventory for ESO Plus members, and a hell of a lot more. With this update we'll also see the removal of Veteran Ranks.  In addition to all the new features and updates, they have also made a lot fixes and improvements to the overall gameplay (including many stamina-related changes), content throughout the game, itemization, and more. So make sure you have space on your hard-drive because with this DLC, you'll be required to have a approximately 16GB to be able to download it!
I hope everyone is as excited as I am. This has been a long awaited download ever since The Dark Brotherhood quest line on Skyrim. May your aim be true, and your sword remain vigilant, because you'll need it to be able to overcome the challenges ahead. 
Found this article interesting and enjoyable? Check out the below article for an overview of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - Special Edition.

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