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FIFA 17 Expectations

Yesterday, 11:44 AM

FIFA 17 Expectations

By: Chaoticz

News Team Writer



**Cover image for FIFA 17**


A franchise forgot by those gamers at large within communities such as our own. We all love our Call of DutyHalo and more, but when it comes to simple, relaxing and realistic play, FIFA is always a reliable place to go. The demo for FIFA 17 was released on the 13th, with the full version coming out on the 29th of September.


When it comes to game lines such as FIFAPES, and COD, it is often said that each game offers the same thing as the last, that no game is truly unique in gameplay and content. So, the question on many minds is, what does FIFA 17 have to offer its players that are unique to this game and unseen in any previously?


A unique feature for FIFA 17, would have to be the release of The Journey - an all-new narrative-driven mode. EA SPORTS introduced the idea of this new mode in June. "The response from fans was amazing..." - David Rutter, Electronic Arts GM, and Executive Producer.



**Alex Hunter, playable character of The Journey**


The Journey sees you play as Alex Hunter, a star in the making. The mode introduces Alex as a boy, with the story taking him through different elements of the footballing world. You go through three different sections of the mode - football games, training and the cut-scenes that build and develop the story itself.


The outcome of your career is dependent on how you play in matches and the decisions you make outside of the pitch. A variety of different characters is there to aid you through the mode. Characters such as a mother, a grandfather or even your agent. All are very well voiced and come into play in cut scenes to overall make a more enjoyable and realistic footballer life experience.


The new game-mode was controversial at first but has since grown to be one of the most anticipated parts of FIFA 17. Although The Journey, is simply but career mode with a more complex story and the implementation of acting, it is still going to be one hell of a game mode to look forward to.


EA SPORTS have also introduced the use of the game engine, Frostbite. This doesn't affect the gameplay itself too much, but will make the difference when it comes to the animations and graphics themselves. Headers, free-kicks and ball skills will all be improved graphically with the use of Frostbite.



**Frostbite logo**


The set-piece system has been modified, but perhaps not for the best of everyone's interest. Free-kicks and corners have been over complicated with lots of different button combinations and other various mechanics. However, penalties have been vastly adapted to give more control over the player. You can now alter where you place the ball and the angle of which you take your run-up. Everyone can agree this will increase the performance of players penalties across the board.



Generally speaking, many changes have been added to the game along with new features and game modes. Players look forward to old favorites such as Ultimate Team whilst also anticipating the debut of new game modes such as The Journey. Buy FIFA 17 for PS4PS3Xbox One or Xbox 360 on September 29th.

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Game Wars: Halo vs. Destiny

24 Sep 2016

Game Wars: Halo vs. Destiny

By: KSI Concordia

News Team Writer



Are you stuck in the middle of a war between two of the world's biggest games?

Something we can all agree on is both Destiny and Halo are loved by many fans and are full of surprises and fun situations that are sure to keep everyone glued to their screens for days.

Halo was the original first person shooter with more than seven games under it's belt.

However, if Destiny hasn't already caught up with it's legendary status, it sure will soon.

Most of the games in the Halo series were made by Bungie but after the release of Halo Reach, 343 Industries has since taken the helm. Bungie has since created their hit game Destiny allowing them to make games on both PlayStation and Xbox.

Destiny is more of an open world and has a lot more features as where the most recent game in the Halo series, Halo 5 doesn't allow you to travel around and has a smaller core storyline.

Five reasons Halo is better than Destiny:
1. Halo has much more to offer when it comes to the multiplayer experience.
2. The storyline is much easier to follow and is pretty much straight forward and very enjoyable.
3. It's much more competitive and will allow you to test and improve your multiplayer skills in the arena.
4. Halo allows for more customization when it comes to creating game types and has the forge system which allows you to create your own maps.
5. Their is different types of vehicles and weapon choices that you can use to your advantage during your gameplay experience.

Five reasons Destiny is better than Halo:
1. Destiny has much more content within its story and takes a long time to fully complete (if you can) allowing you to enjoy many hours of action packed fun.
2. There are super abilities you can use within game such as lightning shooting out of your hands and throwing flaming hammers.
3. Destiny's multiplayer allows you to play solo and still do fairly decent given you have played the story mode a good amount of time.
4. Bungie created Destiny as where Halo is now owned by 343 Industries which is a new company so Halo is not the same as it used to be.
5. The story mode in Destiny is more coop friendly.

In the end both games have great potential and are both worth checking out and putting some time into.

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New Destiny Features and What This Means for Clans

23 Sep 2016

New Destiny Features and What This Means for Clans

  By KSI N3XUS 7

News Team Writer




Everyone knows about Bungies hit RPG Destiny. Well over the past two years of this game being out a lot has changed, but its changed again for the release of the "Rise of Iron" expansion. Rest assured these changes have been for the best, as it now includes  new exotics, legendary's, a new social place, and some other neat new things to strive for. Although these new things are cool and lets shed some light on the new systems that have been put in place but not all of them have been activated yet.


One feature that has been asked for by many people for a very long time is here, I am talking about the in-game clan roster. This is an excellent feat. for clans, seeing as how you don't even have to pull up a squad tag to host a group activity such as a raid, strike, or what ever it maybe, because its right there in the game. It cant get much simpler than that.  


The next thing is the "private matches" or as we know it custom games. In squads we have one to two or even more game nights in a week correct? Now in destiny, along with the clan roster literally in front of you, you can not only easily host a game night, but apparently set goals for the squad.


I'm not going to lecture on about all of the new systems and features for that, I will provide a link for everyone from Bungie, but we can expect to see great clan life and support from Destiny now.


For all updates and info on these features and more click here.

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World of Warcraft: Legion

20 Sep 2016

World of Warcraft: Legion

  By: KSI_Doombear

News Team Writer





      Not too long ago World of Warcraft fans were absolutely ecstatic to hear about the official announcement of the game’s newest expansion, World of Warcraft: Legion. Just a few weeks ago, on August 29th, the expansion went live along with all of its flashy features. The expansion is centered around the return of the Burning Legion to Azeroth and the release of the Illidari to confront this force. The Illidari, or “Demon Hunters”, are the newest hero class being introduced to the game. Playable on each faction only as one of the two elven races, Demon Hunters can be accessed after reaching level 70 on your server of choice. At least one level 70 character has to be on each realm if one wishes to create a Demon Hunter and that realm may be home to no more than one Demon Hunter at a time. To compensate for the lacking allowance of their new class, Blizzard has added a 12th character slot per realm.


Demon Hunters have the ability not only to double jump, but to glide with their wings as well, making them the most maneuverable class available to World of Warcraft players today. Alongside these new features the Illidari are bringing to the game, Blizzard has also raised the level cap once more to a new maximum of 110. With an all new level cap comes all new dungeons, raids and an all round better World of Warcraft experience; as has become to standard for Blizzard these days.  A so far favorite feature of players has been the new and improved transmogrification system.


Now players are able to change little details such as color and other visual effects of items obtained in game. This feature was brought in with the purpose of backing up the new artifact weapons. Each class and each specialization has a special weapon designed for it as an individual. These new weapons are powerful, and highly customizable with the new transmogrifications, and obtaining items to power the weapon up along the way. Does none of this make sense to you? You have never even played the game in your life? Blizzard is really reaching out to those who answered yes to these questions.


The expansion comes with a level 100 boost, which will instantly boost a single character to level 100 for optimal enjoyment of the expansion. To help narrow down exactly which class and/or race etc. To use this boost on the class trial feature was implemented. Class trials allow players to create, customize and test any class at level 100 to make sure they get the right choice for their boost. Blizzard has really outdone themselves this time and many new players are now flocking to the game as a result.

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Game Wars: Battlefield vs. Call of Duty

16 Sep 2016

GAME WARS: Battlefield vs Call of Duty

By: KSI BabyMama

News Team Author








With a new generation comes a new set of debates, Battlefield vs. Call of Duty, is just the beginning.


In the end, it's very clear that there is nothing more redundant than first person shooter games. All take on the military perspective.



It's true that first person shooter games dominate the market and the sole cause of this growth is, Call of Duty.


With Battlefield right on it's tail.


Those that have seen Call of Duty from World at War to Call of Duty Black ops 3 can vouch for the most exhilarating action set pieces campaign offers as well as the addictiveness of its multiplayer creations.


However, Battlefield 3 Single handedly changed the first person shooting perspective to a whole new level with its higher quality graphics, and slower paced game style.


The divide between this is set by the two sets of gamers created by the competitiveness and the love for each game.


Call of Duty was designed as a fast paced arena style action, as to where Battlefield is created as a slow paced strategy based game.    


5 Reasons Battlefield is better then Call of Duty:

1. Vehicles: Tanks, APC’s, Helicopters and Jets

2. Graphics: Visually enticing, and high quality.

3. Teamwork: Requires everyone's input for greater outcome.

4. Map: Larger Maps give more room to work with strategically.

5. Auto-hit: Less Auto-hit detection which relies on the players accuracy not the games.


5 Reasons Call of Duty is better then Battlefield:

1. Map: Smaller maps make faster game play which gives more game time available.

2. Graphics: As to where some COD's don't have the realistic feel the graphics still remain high quality and focused.

3. Scorestreaks: Wider Variety of scorestreaks then can support just yourself or your whole team.

4. Competitive: A highly competitive game core or hardcore, birth of the 1v1 system.

5. Strategic: As you don't have much room it requires more thought processes on best action calls.



So it all comes down to the player not the game. Each game holds an upper hand over the other it all depends on how the gamer likes his game.


Battlefield- "Slow and steady wins the race"

Call of Duty-"Hulk smash"


What's your game preference?

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Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 - Salvation

14 Sep 2016

Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 - Salvation

By: Chaoticz

News Team Writer


The fourth and final DLC for Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 was released early for PlayStation 4 users, on September 6th. Salvation is set to then make its way towards Xbox One users on October 6th. Like its predecessors - Awakening, Eclipse and Descent - Salvation will feature four new multiplayer maps along with the final chapter to the Origins zombies saga, which has been in the making for the past 8 years. 


Despite the seemingly never-ending horror that the Origins characters have been through, Richtofen, Dempsey, Takeo and Nikolai will now bring an end to the evil and give purpose to all they have done in previous adventures throughout the saga as a whole. The new zombies map itself is called Revelations. The main objectives of Revelations are to, survive as long as possible against the endless waves of undead, open the summoning key and to complete the cycle. The Origins crew meet Doctor Monty face to face for the first time in The House. This will be the final battle for the crew to fight against the zombies, in order to survive. 


Like previous DLC Map Packs for BO3, some maps are re-imagined versions of previous game multiplayer maps. Salvation includes; MicroCitadelOutlaw and Rupture


Citadel is situated in an ancient castle that once houses a powerful medieval army, the map is mid-sized and has many narrow and tight areas which force close-quarter engagements the majority of the time.


Micro is a humorous looking map, the map itself is in fact a picnic table. The battlefield takes place on this miniature sized battlefield where the player must navigate around the over-sized food and objects.


Outlaw is a re-imagined version of Standoff from Call of Duty: Black Ops 2. The map has been given a western-style upgrade, but still introduces the smart flanks and different game strategies that Standoff had to offer. 


Rupture is the final map available with Salvation. Rupture is in fact, another remade map. This map, is the new and improved Outskirts, from Call of Duty: World at War. Created by futuristic society as an attempt to repair the earths atmosphere. 


On the whole, Salvation is a good DLC Map Pack to end the BO3 line. A unique zombies adventure with a thrilling and long-awaited finale to the Origins adventures. Re-imagined multiplayer maps from different COD franchise games and a general, fun, playable experience for all players to enjoy!


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August 2016 of the Month AAP Winner

12 Sep 2016

August 2016 of the Month AAP Winner
"Don't wait for extraordinary opportunities. Seize common occasions and make them great. Weak men wait for opportunities; strong men make them."
-Orison Swett Marden
KSI Koda 7
"Web Ops of the Month"
KSI Nex Addo
"Global Member of the Month"
"Member of the Month"
KSI ladyontop
"Officer of the Month"
KSI Silvu 7
"Director of the Month"
KSI Bosslady 7
"Co-Division Leader of the Month"
KSI HysteriaX 7
"Founder of the Month"
KSI Airjordan 7
"Co-Founder of the Month"
KSI Werewolfgirl
"General of the Month"
KSI Servo 7
"Senior Leader of the Month"

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N7 DAY is Coming

11 Sep 2016

Posted by Nex Addo In: Official News

N7 DAY Coming and Mass Effect Andromeda

[Early 2017]

Nex Addo

Chief of Media





N7 Day is coming November 7th and we can't wait so developer Bioware teased us with a video that is best view able in 4K as well as some screenshots. Bioware has been known to push back dates, publish videos and much more making gamers drool and sometimes much more over their video games and this is no different. Check out the video below


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The Return of the Hunt is Here!

08 Sep 2016

Hello KSI, i am proud to announce the return of the Weekly Scavenger Hunt!!
Whether you are new to the community, or a veteran, the hunt is a fun way to test you knowledge of KSI, and its members. Here's how it works every Monday a new topic will be made with a set of questions and riddles that can be answered by poking through the forums, CMS, and other official KSI media. Take your time looking for them as they can be a bit tricky. everyone has until that Friday to post their answers, and try their luck. At the end we look through the answers and the member with most correct wins, but if you win four weeks in a row there will be an award for you. 
So to get you guys started, here is a link to more information on how to play:
This weeks questions are posted here:
Finally, your answers should be posted in a new topic here:
Now that you have all the info....

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Interview with KSI Koda 7

03 Sep 2016

Posted by Nex Addo In: Official News


An Interview with KSI Koda 7

With Nex Addo

Chief of Media


Koda, you have been in this community a long time like handful of current leaders and members of this community. Why have you stayed and how long have you been here? 
"Well, KSI is among the oldest communities on Xbox LIVE. I was introduced to it back in Halo 2 and I've been a part of it off & on ever since. May of 2006 was where it kicked off and its been awesome. Granted, its a bit bumpy from time to time, things always work themselves out. I've stuck around because, like I said, its one of the oldest communities out there and its structure, organization, and overall operation is addicting, inspiring, and fun to be a part of."
Currently Koda you are a Global Moderator and play a huge support role for the forums. What else do you currently do in both Clan and Web operations?
"Well, I'm not really a Global Moderator. I hold the power of such, but I work behind the scenes, making sure that the Web Team has what they need to carry on, helping out where needed. I also tend to be more involved with our CMS system, managing the operations for that and weekly maintenance, as well as other Web Ops projects going on.
Currently, we're testing a revamp of the Economy System for the forums, and I oversee the upkeep for that system making sure that Beta Team has the tools they need to test it and such."
Speaking of CMS you recently published a small article about the changes you and a few others have been making for CMS. So the question I have is why did you make these changes and what types of things do you have in store further?"
"Well, the overall style of the CMS site has been an eye-sore for quite a while. It has always been on my to-do list to change it up and make a darker, more Gamer-friendly theme for us to use day-to-day. It just got to the point that we needed a change.
As fore the future of it, there's a handful of bugs that still need to be worked out, as well as some new features that we want added. But all of that comes with a bit of coding experience and I'm doing my best to keep learning."
Koda you play a role in ClanOPS what is that currently?
"As of right now, I'm a founder for our Wolf Den 360 division. I am also the Director in charge of our Internal Affairs team, working with Xbox LIVE members and Web Ops members to keep tabs on all of our gamers for the future."
Why have you chosen to do both Web and Clan?
"Well Web Ops is where I live, Web Ops is where I thrive... But to do better there I need to be involved in the Clan Ops to keep up relations with everyone (and even more so) keep an understanding on why we do certain things a certain way.
If I ever have to give one up for the other though, Web Ops will always be my first home."
Why don't you tell the current members of KSI and those looking to join why KSI is different from the rest of the communities. 
"Well, KSI is again, one of the oldest structured clans out there. We really haven't changed all that much (aside from some fixes here and there) over the many years we've been here. We've worked out a lot of the kinks, and overall, we're a great group of folk to hang out with."
Is there anything you remember best about KSI Global?
"I'd have to say the overall camaraderie. Regardless of where I go, no where feels quite like home & family except here at KSI. It's always had a place in my heart."
Do you have plans for the future?  
"Oh absolutely. I'm thinking about running for president after my term here is done."

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