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First Look at Gears of War 4

Today, 12:27 PM

First Look at Gears of War 4

By: KSI Neon Fade

News Team Head Writer




*Gears of War 4 game poster*


               Gears of War has been a very successful game franchise, truly a must play for any gaming background. To explain it briefly, Gears of War tells the tale of a futuristic war with a monster-like enemy known as the Locust. The original trilogy follows Marcus Phoenix and Delta squad as they fight their way through hordes of locust, and attempting to bring about the extermination of the Locust threat. At the ending of Gears of War 3, Marcus Phoenix finally eliminates the entire Locust threat, and is finally afforded the opportunity to live a simple and peaceful life for the rest of his days.


           After the Locust threat is over, Marcus Phoenix hangs up his Lancer, puts away his C.O.G (Coalition of Ordered Governments) armor and settles down. In the trailer for Gears of War 4, you see Marcus digging a hole to plant a tree in his very own back yard, while you see his son playing in the yard. You then see Marcus carving the letters “JD” into the tree, which tells you the name of his son, JD Phoenix.



            Gears of War 4 takes place 25 years after the events of Gears 3, and you are playing as none other than Marcus Phoenix’s son, JD Phoenix. As of right now, there is no confirmation to who JD’s mother is, but it is highly believed to be Anya Stroud from the trilogy. JD’s backstory actually begins when he meets his best friend Delmont “Del” Walker in boarding school, who he joins the reformed C.O.G militia with. The world of Gears 4 is left in an energy crisis due to the weapon used to defeat the Locust in Gears 3, which sets humanity back a peg. The reformed C.O.G builds new walled human settlements called “Citadels”, and anyone who lives outside of those walls are called “Outsiders”.



*Charecter Concept Art*


             Gears 4 will start with the legacy JD Phoenix, and Del Walker running through the woods trying to survive what has been labeled the “classified incident”, and as a result they go AWOL (Absent Without Leave). Along their way through the tattered land of Sera, the C.O.G duo meet an outsider by the name of Kait Diaz. Kait is the daughter of two Outsider leaders, which makes her an important person outside of the Citadels. Together, the three venture out to discover the new enemy which has revealed itself.



*Gears of War 4: The Swarm image*


                The new enemy is called “The Swarm”, a fearsome foe that much resembles the Locust, but with deadlier aim and a stronger blood-lust. The Swarm, much like the Locust, breaks down into several classifications: Drone, Juvie, Screamers (another type of Juvie), Pouncers and Snatchers. As you can tell, not much has changed with the naming of the enemy hordes, but I give them an “A” for effort.



*The Coalition Logo*


            If you pay attention to the company credits before video games, you will see the Coalition on Gears of War 4 instead of Epic Games, and this is because Epic sold all rights to this game to Microsoft. Microsoft then gave the rights to a subsidiary company named the Coalition, which was formerly known as Microsoft Vancouver and Black Tusk Studios. The Coalition teamed up with veteran Gears of War developer Rod Fergusson to ensure they were developing Gears 4 to meet the franchise standards. The coalition actually has a website where you can track all actions of the team’s progress, view pictures and photos of the studio and behind the scenes of the making, read any updates and backstories to new characters and even apply to join the team! The website is www.thecoalitionstudio.com.



            Gears of War 4 is set to release on October 11, 2016, but that date is subject to change depending on any interferences to the game development, newer deadlines or publisher changes that may take place. On April 25th, 2016, the Coalition released the Gears of War 4 open multiplayer beta to the Xbox One community. From my personal experience, the game-play alone makes you feel like you never dropped the controller after Gears 3. There were a few issues that I felt should be resolved, such as the over-powered shotgun and the execution of lancer chainsaw kills, but all-in-all, this is definitely another Gears of War game and not a cheap attempt at creating a newer rendition.

            Gears of War 4 will be an Xbox One exclusive game so I’m sorry PlayStation but, you can enjoy your Uncharted.  


You can pre-order Gears of war Standard edition for $59.99 or the Ultimate Edition for $99.99. The Ultimate Edition will include:



*Gears of War 4 game editions*


·         Gears of War 4 ($59.99 USD value)

·         Gears of War 4 Season Pass ($49.99 USD value)

·         Includes exclusive Vintage VIP Pack featuring Vintage JD and two Vintage weapon skins, permanent access to 24 additional DLC maps (two per month for a year) for private play on dedicated servers, an exclusive Developer Playlist that grants access to new maps, modes, and features that can be tested prior to broad release and six Gear Packs (which unlock character and weapon skins, emblems, equipment and boosts)

·         A limited edition SteelBook®

·         Early Access to Gears of War 4 on Friday, Oct. 7, 2016, four days before the game’s worldwide launch.

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Spartan Company

Today, 12:32 AM

The Spartan Company

By: Proksimitee

News Team Writer


Since the launch of Halo 5: Guardians, 343 Industries, has been pushing out current updates regularly every month. Late last year 343 introduced the Spartan Company system. The purpose? To give people a place to work together on a common goal, the fabled Achilles Armor.

Over the months following its release: hundreds of Spartan Companies would be created and begin filling their ranks. Many would be made for friends to gather, others in pursuit of the Achilles, while some were used solely as a clan system.

One of those made was made for members of one of our very own Halo squads. Upon nothing more than a whim and a desire to achieve the Achilles Armor Set, and wanting to pursue the achievement with my squad members I created a Spartan Company for my squad, Remnants in the KB division. The Company, named after the ODST in Halo, KSI Helljumpers, would start to grow and start to push on the Spartan Company Commendations to reach our goals.

Recently the Spartan Company has reached upwards of 30 members that run through Arena and Warzone matches to work on the Commendations. Having completed nearly all level 1 Commendations required the Spartan Company has made a great decision.

We, members of the Spartan Company, are opening our doors to any and all Active Halo 5 player no matter what division you come from. We want as many active members as possible to push with us, it also opens the door for inter-division relations asking the Halo squads in the community.

Members of the Spartan Company are always being updated on how the Commendations are coming together. Some find drive in this, others like to know what they should be focusing on while playing. But together, they are having fun. Full parties ate being formed for Arena as well as Warzone Saturdays running to compete more of the Warzone based Commendations. We have members for both playlists no matter your preferred choice.

With a recent update, 343 added a feature in-game that allows you to see the members of your Company and makes it easier to party up and knock out Commendations together!

So if you find yourself interested in joining up in an active Spartan Company and working on getting the Achilles Armor Set you can contact myself or KSI Neon Fade either on site or through XboxLive.

Gaming together to achieve Achilles! Striving to have fun doing it!

Suit up Spartans. We land Feet First!

You can visit our Company Page here: https://www.halowayp...ksi helljumpers

~Proksimitee Signing Out~

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PAX East HCS Pro League Invitational

Yesterday, 04:06 PM

PAX East HCS Pro League Invitational

By: KSI Proksimitee

News Team Writer



*HCS Promotional Banner*

        The Halo championship was just a memory for members of Team Allegiance. They fought through tough match-ups and overcame some of the best names in Halo esports. Unfortunately for them their claim to fame and the 1st place of $1 million dollars was dashed at the hands of Counter Logic Gaming (CLG). CLG would not only claim the championship but the first seed in the upcoming Pro League. This would leave Team Allegiance the second seed, or so it appeared. After the disappointment of only finishing second, members of Team Allegiance would decide it was time to go their separate ways. El Town, Suspector, Cratos, and Naded would find themselves on different teams for the coming Pro League. But what would happen to Team Allegiance's second seed?

        PAX East would solve that problem. PAX East would go on to add the PAX East HCS Pro League Invitational! The biggest question now is, who gets invited? Since Team Allegiance had the second seed prior to the breakup it only made sense to invite the four teams that would have since picked up each member of the now departed Team Allegiance.

         The four teams that made acquisitions since the championships that would include former Team Allegiance members would be Enigma 6 Gaming forming their team with Cratos, Team Envyus picking up el town, OpTic Gaming with what some people predicted in their pickup of Naded, and finally Evil Geniuses with their pickup of Suspector.

         With the teams decided, the double elimination mini tournament as it were, would begin early on Sunday afternoon with the first match up of Team Envyus versus Evil Geniuses. The best of five suites would feature the platform of Truth Capture The Flag (CTF), The Rig Slayer, Plaza Strongholds, and if needed Coliseum CTF and Eden Slayer as a game five. The series would kick off with Team Envyus taking the first two close games and things would look grim for EG. Going into a win or lose the series situation EG would come out dominant in games three and four. The final game, winner takes the series match, EG would come out on top and reverse sweep the series, moving on to the Winner's Bracket and sending Team Envyus to the Loser's Bracket.

           The second round one match of the day would feature OpTic Gaming versus Enigma 6 Gaming. Featuring the same platform of the previous match. The first two matches would split with each team having a dominant showing in their respective wins. OpTic Gaming would come out swinging and take both games three and four setting up a Loser's Bracket matchup of Team Envyus versus Enigma 6 Gaming and a Winner's Bracket match-up of Evil Geniuses versus OpTic Gaming.

          The Loser's Bracket would see a slightly different platform as far as maps and game-types. Game 1 would be The Rig Strongholds followed by Regret Slayer, Fathom CTF, and if needed Eden Strongholds and Truth Slayer as a game five.

           The matchup would be the final series for either nV or E6 and they knew that. nV would come out swinging in two back to back nail biters taking the first two games putting E6 on their heels. In between a rock and a hard spot E6 blasted off Fathom CTF making great flag runs in awesome time taking the game in just over four minutes. Scratching and clawing to stay in the tournament E6 pushed the series to game four knowing they needed to win yet again. Unfortunately for E6, nV would take game five and move on to await the loser of the Winner's Bracket while E6 sits in the sidelines to watch.

          Following the Loser's Bracket matchup was the Winner's Bracket featuring OpTic Gaming versus EG. The platform of maps and game-types would be changed up to a best of 7 featuring Empire Strongholds, Coliseum Slayer, Fathom CTF, The Rig Strongholds, if needed Plaza Slayer, Truth CTF and Regret Slayer as game 7. The series would open up by a dominant showing by EG in the first three games including one of the most dominant starts to a slayer match I have personally ever seen coming out to a 21-0 lead before winning 50-21. With the idea of clinching their spot in the final EG goes into game four gunning hard for OpTic. The Rig Strongholds would end in favor of EG in another dominant victory sending them to the Grand Finals with a 4-0 sweep and OpTic to the Loser's Bracket finals to face Team Envyus.

          OpTic versus nV, the stage was set for the Loser's Bracket finals. The winner advancing to a rematch against EG in the Grand Finals. The platform setup for the series was Fathom CTF, Truth Slayer, Plaza Strongholds, and Coliseum CTF, if needed Eden Slayer, Empire Strongholds and The Rig Slayer as a game seven. The series would open up with nV taking the first three games with a nail biter in game two's slayer match and a comeback win in game three's stronghold game. Both teams would find themselves in a similar situation. OpTic one game from losing a series and being knocked out and nV one game from advancing. With both teams set, game four Coliseum CTF would begin with good flag pulls by both teams, however for OpTic they would not be able to capitalize and the game as well as the series would go to nV in another 4-0 fashion setting up a Grand Finals rematch from the first game of the invitational between EG and nV.

           EG and nV set themselves up in a prime spot fighting for the number two seed in the HCS Pro League. The series would be seen from nV's perspective as redemption for earlier in the day and from EG's view as a successful first tournament showing from their new roster. The tournament structure however would also throw a curve-ball at nV. Being that the tournament is double elimination and EG was going into the Grand Finals without a series loss, nV would have to go into the Grand Finals and come out with two best of seven series wins against EG.

          After giving both teams adequate time to set up, switch out commentators, and prep the stage for the Grand Finals, the series platform was laid out. The two teams would compete in the following setup; Coliseum CTF, Plaza Slayer, Eden Strongholds, Fathom CTF, if needed Regret Slayer, The Rig Strongholds and Truth Slayer as a game 7.

         The series would open up quickly with a player's console deciding it didn't care for Halo and closing out the game. Needless to say laughs and frustration abound for both teams. The series would start up again for real this time and in a fast paced series of flag pulls nV comes out with game one and take the lead in the series. EG still focused pushes forward into game two Plaza Slayer with a strong game taking it and tying the series 1-1. The two teams would dive right into game three Eden Strongholds with a triple capture of all three stronghold by nV. It would be the first of several triple caps by nV which would bring then the game and the series lead yet again 2-1. EG would open game four Fathom CTF with a flag capture in the first forty seconds. They would go on to take the game and once again the series would end up tied 2-2. Game five Regret Slayer opens up with EG snagging the starting over-shield and trading out starting kills. EG would gather the rest of the over-shields during they game and take it 50-26 now leading the series 3-2. Both teams would go into game six The Rig Strongholds knowing that a win by EG ends it and a win by nV brings on the ultimate game seven matchup.

       With all the pressure of staying alive in the tournament nV would try to start the game strong only to see EG establish early hold. The two would swap bases throughout the game but EG would gather several triple caps and Suspector would grab a solid Overkill with Railgun and Camouflage. The crowd, the commentators, and all of EG would feed of the party and hold the triple cap until nV would snag two away. However for nV they lacked powerup control allowing all camos to end up in EG's hands. With camos, trip caps (triple captures), and railguns EG would take the game, series, and the Invitational with a 100-15 win.

        EG finds their way after three well played series to grab a spot in the HCS Pro League. The remaining teams? They'll fight it out over several competitions both online and PAN over the next coming weeks.  

That does it for me and the HCS Pro League Invitational,
~Proksimitee Signing Out~ 

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Rocket League Hoops

Yesterday, 06:53 AM

Rocket League Hoops is Finally Here!


News Team Writer





        After much anticipation, Rocket League has finally released an update to add in a new game mode called “Hoops”, new antennas, a new topper, and a few general updates. The update was originally intended to roll out today, Tuesday, April 26, 2016. However, Psyonix, the developers of Rocket League, decided to surprise fans by rolling out the update a day earlier. The update was given to all platforms (ex. Xbox One, Playstation 4, and PC) and since then everybody seems to be enjoying the new gamemode, until you score the ball into your own basket.


        The update comes complete with adding the category “Dunks” to your stat page as well as the "Hoops" gamemode to the playlist, the ability to now name replays as you save them, and even making it so that when in Overtime, the in-game clock now counts upward to indicate just how long the Overtime lasts. But a big headline is the “Hoops” arena that was added in specifically for this new gamemode. Pysonix spared no detail when creating this graphically stunning map. Other various items added to the game include a Goat Simulator “Goatenna”, a Worms W.M.D. Grenade antenna, a Witcher Medallion antenna, and a Worms W.M.D. topper. One final feature is the new NBA DLC currently being offered in game. A complete list of flags being offered in this DLC can be found below.  


NBA Teams DLC:

Atlanta Hawks flag

Boston Celtics flag

Brooklyn Nets flag

Charlotte Hornets flag

Chicago Bulls flag

Cleveland Cavaliers flag

Dallas Mavericks flag

Denver Nuggets flag

Detroit Pistons flag

Golden State Warriors flag

Houston Rockets flag

Indiana Pacers flag

Los Angeles Clippers flag

Los Angeles Lakers flag

Memphis Grizzlies flag

Miami Heat flag

Milwaukee Bucks flag

Minnesota Timberwolves flag

New Orleans Pelicans flag

New York Knicks flag

Oklahoma City Thunder flag

Orlando Magic flag

Philadelphia 76ers flag

Phoenix Suns flag

Portland Trail Blazers flag

Sacramento Kings flag

San Antonio Spurs flag

Toronto Raptors flag

Utah Jazz flag

Washington Wizards flag


        If you wish to see a more detailed description of the patch notes you can find them here: http://www.rocketlea...es-v1-17-pcps4/


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A Important Message from The Media Team

26 Apr 2016

Posted by Nex Addo In: Official News

A Important Message from The Media Team


From KSI Nex Addo

Media Director




The KSI Media team wants to announce changes that have surrounded the Media Team in the last 72 hours. 


Social Media changes have been made due to an issue beyond our control. We have recently updated the following parts of social media with links provided


Facebook Fan Page (WILL STAY THE SAME) https://www.facebook.com/KSIOfficial/


Twitter @KSIGlobalMedia https://twitter.com/KSIGlobalMedia


Instagram @KSIGlobalMedia https://www.instagra...ksiglobalmedia/


Youtube Channel Name is KSI Global Media



We know you have dealt with a lot of changes and we appreciate it from the Media Team deep down. In regards to the you tube we have a temporary URL until we get 100 Subscribers.

So we ask that EVERYONE subscribe, just click it on the channel page.


'Again I want to personally thank you for the daily support you provide to KSI Media and KSI Global itself. Keep gaming on Everyone!'

- Nex Addo




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Kik Messenger Review

26 Apr 2016

Kik Messenger Review
By: Lil Freddy
News Team Writer
Kik Messenger is a free texting app available for iPhones, Android, Windows, and Blackberry phones. Kik Messenger is used by almost everyone in KSI , but does everyone know really know everything about the app? Do you know the advantages and disadvantages of this 17+ messaging app? Do you know who can see those messages that are being sent out? 
Kik is one of the most used messaging apps of 2016 but we know little of how it actually works. One of the main priorities of the messaging app is to keep members safe and protect personal identity from being used by unwanted users. In KSI Kik is used for our squads, officers, generals ,7's chats but, do you know who can see these chats? For all you officers in KSI, it is your responsibility to ensure that your squad chats and other chats are of the highest security, do not allow your recruits and members to be spontaneously posting their phone numbers, addresses, full names etc etc, make sure everyone is aware of precautions and that any personal information that is necessary to be shared is done over a secure network with a limited number of viewers. Everyone always says watch what you say because once it is posted it can never go away and that's 100% true. People can use Kik as a bait trap for screen shots, photos, etc, to use to be able to get something from someone or to get someone in trouble. Always know who you're talking to on Kik. Also, the app has bots in the programs for the advertisement for websites or gaming apps which can become annoying but the option of blocking is still available for that reason if members wish to do so.
Kik is recommended 17+ from the rating of parents saying that the app is not safe to children of under the age of 16. Reasons being that the app is known to be a large source of prohibited activities such as Sexual Harassment, CyberBullying etc. In some cases, Kik is actually useful but everything has its pros and cons. Kik is a perfectly fine app for certain users, people will want to get this app to be able to text their friends, clan members, family members. The app is perfect for doing all this if you can use it correctly and safely. At first, the app seems sketchy because anyone can text your account, but I soon discovered that first they have to know your username, which is pretty hard to get, and you can block people from texting you. Some parents may say that is dangerous for kids under 10, and I agree, but if you are at least 11 or 12, this app should be fine in my opinion. Parents need to know that Kik Messenger is an app-based alternative to standard texting as well as a social networking app for smartphones, so it can be very helpful in relation to phone bills. It has some cool features but also some possible downsides for safety and privacy.  
So in Conclusion Kik messaging app is risky to use but is very help for the reason of members not having to give out any personal information like Facebook and other social medias out but a simple user to talk to a person/member. Comes in handy specifically in KSI through Clan Ops and Web Ops separately. I personally feel Kik has improved communication between squads, divisions and Web Ops departments alot, and provides a simple, free alternative to other communication methods. Get Kiking!


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Lonely Island to release new movie

26 Apr 2016

Lonely Island to release new movie

By: KSI Neon Fade

News Team Head Writer



"Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping movie poster"


            I think that I was in my freshman year of high school when I first heard of the lonely Island. The first song I heard from them was “like a Boss”, and I remember laughing hysterically at their sophomoric lyrics. I had never even heard of these guys before then, but afterwards, they remained constantly viral. Between songs like “Mother-lover” and “I Just Had Sex”, it is next to Impossible to stop anyone from singing along. With their vulgar lyrics, catchy beats, enthusiastic delivery and massive celebrity support, the Lonely Island became very popular very fast. 


            For those of you who have no clue who the Lonely Island is, then you should check out Saturday Night Live, because that is where they started. It all began on SNL with “digital shorts”, but with time, this meddlesome trio gained recognition from their outrageous performances. They have even performed with several other artists such as Adam Levine, Michael Bolton, Justin Timberlake and Kendrick Lamar.


            The Lonely Island is a trio made up of Andy Sandberg, Akiva Schaffer and Jorma Taccone. You might recognize these guys from the movie “Hot-Rod”, where Andy Sandberg played a daring stuntman named Rod Kimble. Sandberg also starred in the newer movie “That’s My Boy” alongside Hollywood superstar Adam Sandler, where Sandberg played the son of the famed character portrayed by Sandler.




            The Lonely Island’s newest project “Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping” was announced by Sandberg on Jimmy Kimmel Live on February, 29th 2016. Sandberg originally claimed that he proposed a “Gremlins 3” pitch first off, but was turned down. “We pitched other names to the studio that I wanted, I pitched them Gremlins 3, and they said no. So I was like alright, Popstar never stop never stopping.” – Andy Sandberg on Jimmy Kimmel Live.


            “Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping” is a “Mock-umnetory” following Conner4Real (Sandberg) and his life of stardom. When Conner’s newest album flops, he faces the conflict of unpopularity in the music industry. He must decide if he should just give in, or get his old band back together (Schaffer and Taccone).


            The cast for this movie alone will put anyone in a state of shock, let alone the comical performances of the Lonely Island. The casting Manager cut no corners during the casting process, as you will be able to tell. This film is packed full of celebrities such as Sarah Silverman, Adam Levine, DJ Khaled, Snoop Dogg, Bill Hader, Will Arnett, Carrie Underwood, Usher Raymond, Pink, Will Forte and so many more! With a knock-out celebrity cast, comedic gold scripting and strong advertisement, I foresee this movie being very successful within its respective genre.


“Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping” will be coming to theaters worldwide on June, 3rd 2016. I don’t know about any of you, but I plan to have my as soon as humanly possible.  I highly suggest seeing this movies solely for the fact that it is a comedy. Comedy is the one genre where labels like “good” or “bad” can’t really be applied in a fashion that hinders the reputation of the script itself. For any additional information, check out the IMBD posting http://www.imdb.com/title/tt3960412/.

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The Switch for Twitch is Set to On

25 Apr 2016

Posted by Nex Addo In: Official News

The Switch for Twitch is Set to On

By Nex Addo

Media Director





"Twitch Logo"



For about six to ten hours a day KSI gets to see its fellow members turn on the streaming switch to the KSI Global Twitch program. Not all programs in KSI, including both Web and Clan Operations, see every idea or dream come to glory or get the hype it planned. It takes dedication and support and that is what a few people about a few weeks ago knew when they wanted to restart the Twitch Team. Now this team has grown from only a few members to five. 


The team starts off with a simple message in KIK,


"Is anyone planning on streaming?"


The message starts the fun because in a few minutes, with a simple yes or no, click "Start Broadcast", our personal gaming shows up on our KSI Twitch feed. The team communicates its goals and dreams with the intent to bring fun to KSI Global. Future streams set to be included are: inter tournaments, game nights, new game footage and much more. For now, its only six to ten hours of gaming with other KSI members but it also shows the very best of KSI getting together and having fun.


Games of all types are planned to be aired on the Twitch feed, so stay tuned and stay informed.

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Upcoming Marvel nd D.C. Releases

24 Apr 2016

Upcoming Marvel and D.C. Releases


News Team Writer



Marvel and D.C. movies bring in a large audience based crowd. Past successful sequences include, X-men, Avengers, and Batman. Though it seems like Marvel and D.C. would have nothing left to pitch for viewers, they very 

well indeed have a lot planned for the next two years.



 Captain America: Civil War (May 6)



Political pressure builds when the avengers actions lead to collateral damage. 

Captain America believes heroes should remain free while Iron man opposes, Leaving Black Widow and Hawkeye to pick 



Xmen: Apocalypse (May 27)



The immortal Apocalypse gets awakened after thousands of years and recruits Magneto 

and other mutants to create a new world order. Professor X and the X-men must put a stop to it. The third film in the time shifted series of the X-Men franchise.


Suicide Squad (August 5)



A secret agency recruits imprisoned villains to execute black ops missions in exchange for 



 Doctor Strange (November 4)



With his career being destroyed as a surgeon, a sorcerer take him in and trains him to 

defend the world against evil with his newly taught skills and powers.



 Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 (May 5)



Based on the comics superhero team, Guardians of the Galaxy is produced by 

Marvel. It is said to be the sequel to 2014’s Guardians of the Galaxy with original characters from the prequel such as Rocket and Groot.


Spider-Man: Homecoming (July 7)



Spider-Man navigates his way through high school while fighting crime.


 Thor: Ragnarok (November 3)


Plot is unknown as of 4-23-2016



The Marvel and D.C. Universes are of high interest to the News Team and we shall keep on top of it with movie information, plot updates, and releases. 

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Microsoft Announces End of Production for Xbox 360

24 Apr 2016

Microsoft Announces End of Production for Xbox 360


By: Vaakoh


News Team Writer



** Xbox 360 Console **




After a decade of service to the console gaming community, the Xbox 360, Microsoft's second generation video game platform, is officially being retired. Phil Spencer, head of Microsoft's Xbox division, revealed the news via a blog post on the official Xbox website this past week. In the post Spencer discussed some of the defining moments of the 360 era, explained what the cease of production for the console meant, and more.


Spencer stated that while the Xbox 360 will no longer be produced gamers will still be able to play their favorite games and enjoy other online services with the console. Xbox Live servers required for online play of many multiplayer titles will remain active. In addition to this, applications for the console, online parties, Games with Gold, and Deals with Gold will all continue to be provided to 360 gamers. Xbox 360 consoles will continue to be sold until the current inventory is completely depleted. Once that happens, no new hardware will be produced.


The 360 served as a great platform for millions of gamers across the globe. It fostered the beginnings of franchises such as Gears of War, the console version of Minecraft, and Ubisoft's Assassin's Creed series. Its time may be over, but its legacy will live on. Many of the most popular Xbox 360 titles are slowly, but surely becoming available for play on the Xbox One through Microsoft's backwards compatibility initiative.


If you've already transitioned over to the Xbox One, be sure to check out Microsoft's official list of backwards compatible titles to see which 360 games are currently available to play on your new console. This list is not definitive, however. New games are being added nearly every month.


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kaitlinjeannn, Yahoo, Nex Addo, Bing, Vaakoh, KSI iTz MaTriX, Unicorn Lover, Google, KSI Shiina 7DS, Tech, KSI xTHUGGERx, KSI Lil Freddy, KSI SHOCKWAVE 7, Ba5ch

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