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Next Generation of Consoles

Today, 10:06 AM

Next generation of consoles
        By KSI SugarMama 7

​News Team Writer




    As new consoles are on the horizon to be released in 2020, I'm going to tell you what exactly they have in store for us.
   PlayStation confirmed that there will be a PS5 to be released in November 2020. What it's exactly going to look like is a surprise still. It could look like a futuristic PlayStation with 2 different angles, it could be a slim console with an unbreakable screen and components that go with you. There's also talk that it could be a portable console that folds into the shape of a smartphone, or console with virtual reality and a holographic display on the console. Then there's this idea a levitating console that requires no gaming disc. Whichever idea PlayStation goes with I'm sure all the PlayStation fans will love it.
         Xbox confirmed the release of Xbox 2 will be November 2017, to beat their competitors. If by chance it's not done by then, the Xbox 2 will be released June 2022.
         The word on the street is you don't even need to get rid of any of your Xbox 1 games because they will work on the Xbox 2 as well and that includes controllers and headsets as well. One look they were looking into was something from a fan a more sleek look but still a console, then there's a more realistic look though bigger in size it has bigger vents to help keep the hardware at the correct temperature. I haven't seen much more ideas on how the Xbox 2 will look, but with whatever they come out with I'm sure all will love.
       With the future consoles, one can only hope that the talk of crossover platforms that have been going on for quite some time now, would be in store for us unfortunately that won't be happening anytime soon. Sony responded with an unclear decision to Microsoft's invitation to unite both system platforms. They did talk about uniting with only certain games. Microsoft has already united with PC holders but with only one game which is rocket league.
    We can only hope that they both come to a decision so we all can play with all our friends in whatever console they have. As for what our future gaming consoles will look like, I am excited to find out what PlayStation and Xbox have in store for us.

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Friday the 13th Game Delayed

20 Oct 2016

Friday the 13th Game Delayed
By: King Panda
News Team Writer
**Friday the 13th game poster**
Halloween 2016 will never be the same.
The expected release of Friday the 13th game has been officially delayed to 2017.
 “Coming to our decision to delay was no easy matter, but we believe that the positives far outweigh the negatives.” said co-creator Wes Keltner.
Even when heavily anticipated on Wes still understands the disappointment of this decision.
“It sucks that there’s a delay.” Keltner stresses, “But the wait won’t be too long and it’s going to offer more for fans in the long-run!”
The reason for this delay is due to the last minute decision to add a single player mode.
It was originally set to be an online multiplayer mode game, but now they have decided to increase the number of activities by adding AI bots.
A game of cat and mouse, this allows you to be one of the 7 survivors and another to be Jason Vorhees. How cool does that sound to be Jason Vorhees?
Even though the game is scheduled to be released on consoles, the beta will only be available for PC users only. 
Look out for a possible new trailer soon, as well as more information in the near future. 

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September 2016 of the Month AAP Winner

18 Oct 2016

September 2016 of the Month AAP Winner



"Without continual growth and progress, such words as improvement, achievement, and success have no meaning."

-Benjamin Franklin

KSI Silvu 7

"Director of the Month"

KSI GameFace 7

"Division Leader of the Month"

KSI Hysteria 7

"Co-Division Leader of the Month"

KSI N3xus 7

"Founder of the Month"

KSI SugarMama7

"Co-Founder of the Month"


"General of the Month"

KSI Temper01

"Officer of the Month"

KSI itsRandom

"Member of the Month"

KSI Aryan Fox

"Global Member of the Month"

KSI N3xus 7

"Forums Staff of the Month"

KSI BabyMama

"News Article of the Month"

KSI Double Oh 7

"GFX Artist of the Month"

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Destiny: Rise of Iron Heroic Mode Raid + Light Level and Reward Changes

16 Oct 2016

Destiny: Rise of Iron Heroic Mode Raid + Light Level and Reward Changes

By: Chaoticz

News Team Manager


**custom made image**


Following the release of update 2.4.1 on the 18th October Bungie will be introducing the Heroic mode of the Wrath of the Machine raid. As with The Taken King, the Heroic version of the raid will increase the light level cap for all guardians who own the expansion. The Rise of Iron brought the cap up from 335 to 385, a solid 50 extra light levels for guardians to plow through. Three weeks after the Wrath of the Machine was released and Guardians all over the galaxy are eager to get in there again.


Before we look towards the heroic raid, let's talk about the normal mode raid. I asked KSIxCuddlyxVII some questions about the Rise of Iron and Wrath of the Machine (WoM).


Chaoticz: “So Cuddly what is your opinion of WoM so far, do you think it has been better or worse than previous raids such as Kings Fall?

Cuddly: “Compared to the options of the gear we have now, the raid is too easy. The fact that even two people alone can complete it this early in it​'s release proves this.Overall I’d say it’s worse because of the latter reason.”


ChaoticzHow do you feel about the current light level cap of 385 and the cap of 400 coming with the heroic mode?

Cuddly“I think we honestly need a higher cap than what is being given, you can reach 390 alone with upgrades from reputation rewards. Increasing the cap with the heroic raid is idiotic, you don’t even need to complete the raid to reach the max light level. I’m about to be 379 and I’ve only gone into the raid a few times. The light level needs to either be increased or have a different tier that you can edge into”


The majority of people spoken with, including KSIxCuddlyxVII, have come to the opinion that the light level cap is not nearly enough to suffice. Realistically we won’t see another light level cap increase for a good few months, at least. If the majority of hardcore players are able to already reach the max light level cap within a month, do Bungie really expect the content to last until the next update or expansion? This is the problem I believe Bungie have had with Destiny all along, every few months or so, they release something good (in the instance of The Taken King, something really really good), but each and every time, Bungie fail to add enough content to make the specific update or expansion last, not to mention the speed and minimum effort required to reach max.


Chaoticz: “Do you think that it has been made easier or harder to grind to max light in Rise of Iron? Is this a good thing?”

Cuddly: “It’s difficult to say honestly on whether it’s been easier or harder. It depends on your playstyle more than anything. If you work on your reputation you can level up quite well. Hitting 365 even 375 was too simple. For some people, it’s a real pain to grind levels because of their character class choice and play style. Not to mention if they are working alone. In simple terms, the difficulty of leveling up varies from player to player. Personally, I find it easy but have friends that have it harder to grind”


Destiny players all-around are hoping for a repeat of Kings Fall’s Challenge Mode. Bungie has not yet released a statement to confirm or deny a Wrath of the Machine Challenge Mode, but this is something much anticipated by the community. Perhaps if they spend a worthwhile amount of time and resources into a Challenge Mode, they might redeem the disappointment from the majority of the community, only time will tell.


KSIxCuddly gives us his opinion on what he expects from the Heroic mode of WoM:


Cuddly“I expect a significant amount of mechanics to be brought n to the raid, the beginning alone needs to be increased difficulty wise. I am not sure what they could add that wouldn’t rile up the community or have them barking at the gates of hell”



Along with the Heroic mode raid and the light level increase, changes to the reward system will also be coming. Light levels for some reward drops have increased along with a change to the Nightfall Strike recommended light.


Rewards from the following will increase to light level 400:

-Strike chests

-Nightfall Strikes

-Crucible matches

-Trials of Osiris matches

-Iron Banner matches


Rewards from the following will increase to light level 385:

-Legendary engrams

-Heroic SIVA strikes playlists

-Archon’s Forge events


Rewards from the following will increase to light level 365:

-SIVA strike playlists

-Rare engrams


Bungie's Senior Designer Victoria Dollbaum has stated that rewards from Trials of OsirisWrath of the Machine and Iron Banner, will now drop on average slightly higher than the guardian's current light level.


With update 2.4.1 the recommended light level is staying the same for every activity excluding the Nightfall Strike which will increase from 360 to 380.

Overall update 2.4.1 will be one of the mixed feelings, while the light level cap will be welcome with open arms, we all know it will only last a month, if even that long. With the first fireteams to succeed in beating Wrath of the Machine in under three hours, place your bets on the next best time for Heroic mode, although it really all depends on what changes to the Heroic version Bungie have in store for us. Stay safe Guardians and good luck.


Check out these articles previously done by the KSI News Team related to Destiny!


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Deus Ex: Mankind Divided

15 Oct 2016

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided
News Team Writer
Now seeing as how I have finally had time to play enough of Mankind Divided its time to share with everyone what I have found in this epic game. Deus Ex: Mankind Divided follows the same protagonist Adam Jenson 2 years after the events of Human Revolution. If by some chance you didn’t have the pleasure of playing Human Revolution you have the option to watch a 15-minute recap video during the intro of the game. From the start, where augmented citizens (AKA “Augs”) were “tolerated” in society previously, now any one with Augmented limbs is forced to be separated from the general public following a series of terrorist attacks. Jenson, being heavily operated on and augmented against his will, is hell bent on getting to the bottom of these attacks dividing mankind. This time around Jenson is working for an agency funded by Interpol called “Task Force-29” to find out who is behind these attacks.
Now that you know the plot, let’s dive into the cool new things this game has to offer. Just like in the previous game you get perks referred to as “Augmentations” that unlock new abilities, but you need to buy or earn more “Praxis Kits” to unlock new abilities. The ability list at the start of the game is “buggy” like the HUD in the menu is glitching out, soon after the start an underground specialist tells you that your core was overloading because the incident had simultaneously activated all hidden black market augmentations not on his original blueprints even Jenson had no idea he had. Now along with strength, spotting through walls, social upgrades, and more they have also added a rhino shield, glass cloak, and a whole new section of “unstable” augmentations. When I say “unstable  augmentations” I mean that they have put a new system in place where up until later Jensen’s body can’t handle everything if too many augments are activated, this caused his entire system to shut down meaning temporary loss of ALL augments selected putting you in a horrible combat situation.  On top of this now you can add modifications to your weapons after finding them and hot swap them using an almost identical interface as the Crysis series (hold down your reload button then they show you the side of the weapon and all available options.)
The game also keeps track of how many people you kill rather than knock out and also tracks your dialogue decisions to figure out which outcome you get, although the system is rumored to be more “forgiving” than Human revolution I would still watch what you say and do. This is a great game and I have had so much fun playing it with and added bonus of having a great story line. The bottom line is if you liked Splinter Cell or Crysis chances you will love Deus Ex: Mankind Divided.  

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Mafia 3 Game Review

09 Oct 2016

Mafia 3 Game Review

​By: KSI BabyMama

News team Asst. Manager




Lincoln Clay, the protagonist of an enthusiastic, yet daring story known as Mafia 3.
A much-anticipated story surpassing its expectations following Mafia 1 and 2 already being a day out in release.
Just another revenge story? Correct and incorrect.
How the storyline is much a cliche like any other romance movie in existence, they also threw in history which is only semi-common to this generation.
Using the past, 1968, where blacks and whites were not so friendly with each other there came a bi-racial orphan, who ended up being raised by the head of the black mob in New Bordeaux, Sammy, created the tone of a troublesome background how could there not be revenge?
Unlike Mafia 1 and 2 they definitely decided to step it up a notch and take it to a whole other level.
Now we have heard vile language and seen sexually explicit content like in Grand Theft Auto but Mafia 3 now brings uncensored racial slurs, sex talk, and just about any realistically negative phrases.
So parents of children gamers under the age of 18, should you let your child play this game? Realistically no you should not.
The graphics of the game really set in with not only body movements, but the facial animations caught up with the text overlay quite well.
The lighting and textures of all scenery and characters really complimented each other very well creating a high definition.
Even the cut scenes were dramatically better than most storyline games.
That is one of the number one go-to's for a new game.
As a gamer when you get that brand new game you immediately think the quality better be good, there better not be issues, and everything in between as far as what the game looks like.
The scaling for the open world map is on point especially during movement the perspective points match well from point A to point B.
Vintage vehicles, realistically put together, engine problems but still runs? Interesting feature.
The created a lot of advancements involving cars in Mafia 3.
How easy it is to maneuver the vehicle.
Great job when balancing the vehicle usage between driving patiently and when gamers feel it's much more practical to drive recklessly through the pixelated streets.
It has already been found that many glitches to the game have already been found but by the 1st update, 2k games will most likely patch them.
Other than that the release was rather smooth with only minor issues involved.
Therefore, if you are looking for a high quality, M-17, daring game Mafia 3 should definitely be in your interests.

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Gears of War 4

04 Oct 2016

Gears of War 4
KSI Concordia
News Team Writer
The 5th game in the Gears of War franchise, Gears of War 4 is set 25 years after the Imulsion Countermeasure weapon put an end to all Imulsion on planet Sera also destroying the Lambent and Locust along with it. Humanity is forced to adapt to new ways of survival due to not being able to use fossil fuels anymore. Powerful windstorms called “Windflares” form all across Sera. The COG estimate that only hundreds of thousands of people are left alive on the planet. In order to make sure that humanity doesn't further decline, cities are now walled-off to protect people from the dangers beyond the walls. Martial law is also declared, not allowing citizens to travel outside of the walls. Not all humans agree with the COG and so some form a group called the “Outsiders” that don't reside within COG territory but raid it to obtain resources.
Some features new to the game include using pods which can be shot. The pods can be empty or have a Drone, Screamer, or Juvie in them which can pop all the pods in the area. Also added is an ability called a vault kick, where a player can slide over cover and kick an enemy on the side, giving a chance to perform an execution. Another new feature is the addition of a combat knife, which brings new executions. When a player is in cover, they can reach over and pull an enemy onto their side and perform a knife execution called “yank-and-shank”. Players can perform a short distance shoulder charge that knocks enemies off balance. New weapons are also added to the game.
The main characters include J.D. Fenix (who is the son of Marcus Fenix and Anya Stroud) and his friends Delmont “Del” Walker and Kait Diaz.
Players can expect to have a lot of fun, and be satisfied with newest addition to the Gears of War franchise. 


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Final Fantasy XV: A New Style of Fantasy

01 Oct 2016

Final Fantasy XV: A New Style of Fantasy


News Team Writer




A lot of gamers are familiar with the series from Square Enix called Final Fantasy. Some gamers such as myself have followed the franchise since before Square Soft changed their name. In those many years Square has made many installments to this franchise each one with their own characters and stories. There is a new Final Fantasy and it is breaking ground on many levels in its beta alone.


Final fantasy 15 is a story following Noctis and his buddies as they journey through a massive open world. In the preview released with the F.F. Type-0 console release named Final Fantasy 15: Episode Duscae we saw very little of what is to come in the full release on November 29th, but it did show use most of the highlights of the game. With this game's release being pushed back so many time after it being in the works already for years the time and hard work really do show in Episode Duscae.


This game will not feel like the past games at all. One example of why it won’t feel the same is the familiar “Turn based” battle system is no more they are replacing it with, what they call, an “Active Cross Battle System” which means basically real time fighting. In the demo the ACBS is more open without being restricted with an ATB meter plus your attacks and specials can be remapped to your liking. With an active battle system in place, it reminded a lot of gamers of a smoother and versatile version of the Kingdom Hearts battle system rather than the turn-based system we saw in the older games like F.F.7.


 We didn't get to see much of the magic use at all in Duscae, instead, they gave us a preview of the summons and how they are depicted. In the preview near the end, they show us Ramuh’s famous Judgement bolt which shows off the graphics engine at work and oh it was beautiful. If they put that much in that one summon can you imagine how the other recurring summons like Bahamut, Odin, Ifirit, or even Shiva will look?



Another feature that was promised and seen in the Duscae was the massive open world that is supposed to be more like GTA V. When you load into the game you can literally walk from one end of the small area of the world to the other and complete missions without a loading screen. Now the world will be much bigger than what the preview showed so they are adding in the car that we had to hunt down the Behemoth to fix plus a train system for fast traveling.


This game will bring a new feel to the Final Fantasy series that will be enjoyable for everyone, and I am personally excited for the release this year on November 29th.

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AAP Releases Shiny New Awards and Achievements

30 Sep 2016

Posted by Nex Addo In: Official News

AAP Releases Shiny New Awards and Achievements

Nex Addo

Chief of Media






Earlier this morning the AAP Staff released 18 new achievements and awards combined that everyone has a chance to earn. So far only one member, KSI Nex Addo, has put in a form to get awarded but the new awards give almost ever single person in KSI a chance to earn them.

Below is the list of new additions.




"Member has won/gotten 100% on a KSI Official Scavenger Hunt hunt"



"Member has commentated for any KSI Official Tournament or Event that was stream or has been featured on a KSI Official Podcast"



"Member is currently a follower of the KSI Official Twitch or YouTube channel"



"Member is currently following one of the various KSI Official Social Media sites, such as Facebook or Twitter"



"Member has been featured on either a KSI Official Twitch stream as a host/co-host or has been featured in a KSI Official YouTube video "



"Member has continued to create new content on the KSI Official YouTube or Twitch channel"



"ember has become a hit sensation on the KSI Forums and has reached 1000 profile views over time"



"Member has 40+ days spent on the Forums"



"Member has streamed on the KSI Official Twitch channel and accumulated more than 50 viewers at any given point"



"An individual or their team has won at least 3 KSI tournament (proof has to be given by tournament officer)."



"Member was a host/co-host of a KSI Official Tournament or Event"



"Member actively plays with KSI Members across the various platforms that KSI is on (Xbox, PlayStation, PC)"



"Member who has trained at least 50 recruits (Must be approved by Co-Founder and or Division Leader)"



"Member was a KSI Tournament official/ref in a KSI Official Tournament"



"Member has been noted as being the most outstanding Twitch Streamer of the Month"



"Member has been noted as being the most outstanding Twitch Streamer of the Year"



"Member was a host/co-host of the KSI Official Tournament or Event that has been noted as being the most outstanding tournament or event of the year"

  51 views · 0 replies


'No Man's Sky' Under Investigation

29 Sep 2016

'No Man's Sky' Under Investigation
By: KSI BabyMama
News Team Asst. Manager
Shortly after hitting the shelves early August, numerous complaints were brought against the PS4 game No Man's Sky.
The main issue brought to attention was the dramatic difference between the concept videos and the released game.
You would think after watching several trailer videos the game would at least resemble the video game itself.
Now there were things expected to change after watching trailers and playing the game's beta.
Those things normally involve the UI design, flowing water and aiming systems, that just comes with game development.
However, there is a lot more than just developmental changes.
Based off the press video the released version lacks a number of features in-game such as, "animals interacting and crashing through environmental underbrush and the large scale space battles."-according to the Engadget website.
Pending the ASA's verdict upon whether or not this is false advertising, it is still unclear of what kind of repercussions Hello Games could face.
Most cases, the offending companies simply agree to remove the advertisement and claims on their respected game page.
However, minus the amount of refunds caused by this unsettling situation, the game still sold over 750,000 copies in its first week.
This game is already off to a bad start with only a 34% positive rating on steam.
Hello Games most likely lost a lot of respect from what players enjoyed their creations due to No Man's Sky alone.

  40 views · 2 replies ( Last reply by Rowsdower )

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