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Hack Again and More with Watch Dogs 2

Yesterday, 09:21 PM

Posted by Nex Addo In: Official News

Hack Again and More with Watch Dogs 2

By Nex Addo

Chief of Media




The sequel of Watch Dogs was announced a few weeks ago and has a official release date of November 15, 2016. Ubisoft has overhauled the entire game from map layout and character abilities and styles to vehicle   This time we will be heading to the San Francisco, California with Marcus Holloway our new protagonist alongside DedSec attempting to bring down CToS creator. It was announced that this map will be larger then Watch Dogs 1 and mostly everything will be hack-able from Vending Machines to building objects. The game will also feature a few new devices besides a phone that will play a big part in your take down of CToS. Remote control car, quad copter, and rc jumper are in the arsenal of Marcus which was shown at E3 2016.


Marcus will have better acrobatic and parkour skills then our last main character.  Ubisoft has made a few different styles of playing such as aggressor, stealth, and trickster. Players should also pay attention to the upgrades as you can now upgrade abilities based on your preference of gaming.  The vehicle control  have changed as well and cars will be easier to access. 


Ubisoft showed off Watch Dogs 2 at E3 2016 with a quick play through in a level and if you click play on the video below you will see a fraction of some amazing things.




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Spotlight Saturday: RickJamesV2

26 Jun 2016

Spotlight Saturday: RickJamesV2

By: Chaoticz

News Team Manager



KSI RickJamesV2 is an officer in the Xbox 360 Division, Wolf Den. An officer, who has led this division from the start, he may not be the division leader, but at times he has made decisions and choices worthy of a division leader. Now some said, HA Xbox 360 is dead, your division won't last a week. Well he has took those claims, and crumbled them to pieces. This division has been up for more than a month now, and will be up for many more months. RickJames has worked his butt off to train officers, to recruit members, to hold division meetings, attend squad meetings. EVERYTHING. Excluding the Division Leader KSI Popcorn, RickJames has been the most senior officer within Wolf Den and has been putting in 110% effort to maintain this standard and prove to everyone that this is not a dying console nor division.


Members closer to KSI RickJamesV2 may know, that much to everyone's surprise, this mans name is not Rick James. It is in fact Jack Link. The origins of the name many have wondered including myself, Rick being the middle name of his older brother, James being his own personal middle name. I myself, often hear myself call him Rick as though it were a first name. Just a bad habit I guess.


Jack rejoined KSI on July 31st 2015. He was previously in KSI a long long time ago but cannot for the life of him remember when or what his quad or division was called. The first squad of his recalling is Atlas KB. Recruited by KSI 1DareDevil into Atlas KB, Jack began to start working hard. He soon found himself as the General of Atlas KB and it is fair to say he did a damn good job of running it.


KSI RickJamesV2 is currently the General of CassCade Wolf WD. A Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 and squadHe has rose CassCade numbers by a fair ammount these past few weeks and has also encouraged others to begin the FTLA process to start looking for people to take over his job. I asked KSI RickJamesV2 if he has ever been in Web Ops. He said no he never has, but he has plans to possibly do so some time in the future.


What advice, being a leading member of the Xbox 360 side, would you give to a member who has just joined and is looking to get the best out of KSI?;


"Do what you can do to make yourself happy. At the same time make sure you're doing what you you can to make your squad grow and strive."


I asked Jack if when joining KSI he believed he would eventually end up being a Leader. He said yes, as he has been around communities for a long time, leading different people here and there. His experience has allowed him to always care about people and care about the community he is in a leadership position of.


Finally, what is the best piece of advice you can offer a member who is on the verge of leaving in order to convince them to stay?;


"This is more towards those that leave or get poached by other communities. Why would yo, a person who has worked his or her but off forthis community, want to elave due to one little issue? Guess what? You're going to have issues EVERYWHERE you go. There will always be at least one person talking behind your back, one person that doesn't like you. YOU need to keep doing you and know that as a leader you are doing your job.


To conclude, KSI RickJamesV2 asked me to pass on a message. Yes, 360 is a last generation console, but do you see us giving up? NO! Until the last server has been shut down or there are literally no players online, then we shall be here. The Xbox 360 is not dead or dying and neither is Wolf Den! We are gaining numbers, yes, other divisions have 3, maybe 4 times more members than us, yes we are rising at a much slower rate than the others. Does this matter? Rising, nevertheless and constantly gaining members. So to all you people who have it stuck down deep that this console and division is dying, hop online and come chill with us, come to a squad meeting every now and again, you will see, we are far from dead.

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The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited (The Dark Brotherhood DLC)

22 Jun 2016

The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited - The Dark Brotherhood DLC
By: Hazmat
News Team Writer
The Dark Brotherhood, like the previous updates, will come in two parts; DLC pack and game patch. The game patch will be available to everyone who owns The Elder Scrolls Online, allowing you access to the new content when purchased, or activate an ESO Plus membership. I personally want to let everyone know, If your ESO Plus membership ends or lapses, you will no longer have access to The Dark Brotherhood DLC content and the new areas that come with it. However you will still have all the items earned while you had access. On top of that, you will get to keep any acquired skills from The Dark Brotherhood skill line up to the rank that you earned while you were in the Guild. If you do not have an ESO Plus membership you can purchase the DLC for 2,000 crowns through the in-game store.
You'll be apart of the Dark Brotherhood and become their newest assassin. This DLC brings hours of new story content, two new delves and bosses. This update will be introducing an awesome passive skill line which is exclusive to members of the Dark Brotherhood. There will be a number of new item sets available. In addition, some changes to previous DLC, including a District capture system for Imperial City and improvements to the Tel Var Stone merchant.
As a Dark Brotherhood assassin, You'll receive various contracts to go on killing sprees on the streets of Tamriel's cities. One by one you'll slay your enemies on the path to the good graces of the Dark Brotherhood. The highest of ranks may engage in special missions at the behalf of their dark masters and fulfill a Black Sacrament, eliminating a victim described by the Night Mother herself.
The patch will also include an abundance of new features including the ability to craft poisons, improvements to set item traits, more improvements to the nameplates, item locking, activity finder, an extended crafting inventory for ESO Plus members, and a hell of a lot more. With this update we'll also see the removal of Veteran Ranks.  In addition to all the new features and updates, they have also made a lot fixes and improvements to the overall gameplay (including many stamina-related changes), content throughout the game, itemization, and more. So make sure you have space on your hard-drive because with this DLC, you'll be required to have a approximately 16GB to be able to download it!
I hope everyone is as excited as I am. This has been a long awaited download ever since The Dark Brotherhood quest line on Skyrim. May your aim be true, and your sword remain vigilant, because you'll need it to be able to overcome the challenges ahead. 
Found this article interesting and enjoyable? Check out the below article for an overview of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - Special Edition.

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Weekly Scavenger Hunt: Week 6 06/20/16 - 06/24/16 and Week 5 Winners

20 Jun 2016

Weekly Scavenger Hunt: Week 6 06/20/16 - 06/24/16 and Week 5 Winners
By: Chaoticz, Boreas Z and Twisted 7
Scavenger Hunt Staff Members
Week 5 Winner: KSI Silvu 7
Week 6 Questions:


1.) Is it a game or a division?


2.) Can you REALLY see?




4.) Who is looking for Destiny players? (Summer June 2016)


5.) Not even Tom Cruise is on this very famous list but his movie is!


6.) Rest in peace my father's father.


7.) He is not furry but he is?


8.) I'm so famous I don't need the prefix!


9.) Between Heaven and Hell this squad houses all of the monsters!


10.) KSVISAKNGIY (Level 4)(3 WORDS)




12.) How many people are on the worst possible list?



13.) 12*12= the amount of days this guy spent bettering KSI.


14.) Communications Specailist, Black coat, same thing to this Founder.

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“Move or Die”: The Next Flappy Bird?

18 Jun 2016

Move or Die”: The Next Flappy Bird?

By: KSI Gummy

News Team Writer



At this year's E3 Conference, there were many things to look forward too. Updates for games such as Tom Clancy’s: The Division, and game releases such as Dead Rising 4, left gamers waiting anxiously for the releases. There was one game specifically that caught my attention.The new Move or Die DLC for PC, Linux, and Mac, is a DLC that makes the game itself even more frustrating, which has me wondering: Will it be the next Flappy Bird? The concept of the game is to win by being the last one that is still moving. It may not seem difficult, but the new DLC makes the game very frustrating. The new DLC adds new gameplay modes like Fly or Die, where you can only regenerate health while in the air. It also added game modes such as Boss Chase, where you have to kill the boss, but if the boss survives: He wins.Yet, it also appears that it could be very enjoyable if you are good at it. In addition to the already fast pace of the game, you have hundreds of obstacles that keep you from constantly moving, which is the point of the game. In one preview, you have to keep moving while in the air, also while avoiding hundreds of blocks that are falling from the sky.. While the new DLC may seem easy, you will never understand the struggle of playing Move or Die until you actually play it.


    If a game is more difficult , there are bound to be “Rage Quitters”. The four player co-op that this game features will either help or add to this problem. Players now have the ability to either help or sabotage the other players. With these options there will also be more internet trolls engaging in these activities. I can easily see a couple of friendships ending over this game. On the other hand, I can also see some opportunities to help each other get past hundreds of obstacles that this game puts into play. Trolls, bonding and Rage Quitters only add to the confused emotions about Move or Die.


From my experience of only watching this game, I think I would do horrible if I were to play Move or Die. I can handle somewhat annoying gamers, but this game just takes it to a whole different level. Playing this game, I would have about 50 people messaging me about how bad I am at it. There would eventually be twelve stress induced holes in my wall and I would end up with no computer to type articles on. I do not think that I will buy the new DLC.


Overall, the new DLC for Move or Die will be a highly enjoyable game to play. The fast pace and challenging obstacles of this game will propose many difficulties when attempting to stay mobile. These difficulties will result in Rage Quitters, Trolls, and Hostile actions by players. As Flappy Birddestroyed hundreds of iPhones, I can see the new DLC for Move or Die destroying thousands of computers, and putting a new hole in the wall every other day. I am still deciding if I want to buy this with the risk of having to cover a hole in my wall with a big picture frame. This DLC will most certainly cause Move or Die to be the next Flappy Bird.


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Mass Effect: Andromeda

17 Jun 2016

Mass Effect: Andromeda
By: Boreas Z
 Head Writer
"There is a new world out there and we will discover it!" That is the feeling I get from the new Mass Effect trailers, they both excite me and make me wonder. I wonder why they continued to make another game in the series but I'm not negative about it. I am extremely excited. Not only is it a whole new galaxy but a whole new character set! Younger, more innovative members to add to our already bursting Mass Effect family!
We have reviewed the official trailers for Mass Effect: Andromeda and can say that after sitting through the bulk of them since June 15, 2015 I can proudly say that I really love Mass Effect! All of the trailers brought something to the plate that I couldn't have expected and with the most recent one I am definitely excited and can not wait for anything more to come up in the next trailers!
It seems that the main character was sent out on a mission to explore The Andromeda Galaxy, our(The Milky Way's) sister galaxy. If the ending of the newest trailer can be trusted, the main character is an antagonist by the name Ryder. If the past is anyway to determine the possible events of the future, it can be inferred that there will be a large push for the female antagonist as the most used version of the game. 
There seems to be a younger Krogan and a Salarian as the new "primary squad mates". The younger protagonist Ryder and a younger Krogan suggest a theme in which the new characters are going to be young, as can be attested by the clip of a young Asari being recorded with a sharp object slightly in frame on the right side of the screen.
There is a lot of hope for this new addition to the Mass Effect series and I personally am extremely hyped about it! Now I haven't played Mass Effect 3 yet, but with Mass Effect 1 and 2 I felt an immediate love. The characters were all so special in the plot and I couldn't help but get attached to them. In the last mission of Mass Effect 2 I restarted every time I made the wrong choice and lost a member. I expect Bioware to continue in this endeavor at making all of the characters very charismatic. 
I really hope that the new MAKO ground assault vehicle is very easy to use like the original. I like the fact that it looks more like a buggy, this makes it more versatile for the terrain that it will be traversing. We seem to be adding more tundra missions as shown in the trailer, as well as more desert missions.
All in all the trailers have made me squeal like a piggy and I can't wait till it comes out! This weekend I will be going out and getting all of the Mass Effect trilogy and proceeding to lose all social ties I might have had!


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The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - Special Edition

15 Jun 2016

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - Special Edition

By: Chaoticz

News Team Manager



**Official poster for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - Special Edition**


Many will remember the legendary RPG game that was Skyrim. 5 years ago on November 11th, the game was released by Bethesda and my god was it good. It had everything you expect in an RPG back in that time. A legitimate leveling system. A wide choice of classes, factions, skills, play styles and much more. Personally my favorite concept of Skyrim, was the ability to play the game in your own way. As previous players will know, you had the main story quests following the civil war of the rebels and the imperials, however there were also many side quests that still had main influences on the game plot, such as the Greybeards and Dragons storyline. I loved being able to go play a couple of main quests then go chill on some side quests and get some unique weapons. The ability to mold your character and plot to your own liking is something essential to making a great RPG and Bethesda nailed that.


However with the good came the bad. Skyrim was full of glitches, bugs and horrible graphics. The graphics on the PC version were always superior. PC overshadowed the consoles as it also had mods for the game which to everyones disappointment never came to the consoles. 


To everyone's surprise, at Bethesda's E3 conference they reveled their next big Elder Scrolls content, it just so happened to be a remastered version of Skyrim! Lots of major changes are coming to the way the game runs; graphic improvements, sound improvements and wait for it.... PC Mods! One interesting mechanic coming is the volumetric god rays, this however is explained more in the E3 conference. 


Forget all of that nonsense.... PC Mods are coming to the console editions of the game! Something much wanted since the release of vanilla Skyrim. ​Players will have the ability to download and create mods for the console edition as they would on the PC with the original game.


MicahGhost, the landscaper of a mod project called Skywind, has indicated that most likely there will be a 64 bit engine upgrade. This would allow a lot more things to be created and lengthen the modding communities possibilities.


When, where and how much? Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - Special Edition, will be launching October 28th. For PC gamers who already own the legendary edition of Skyrim or all of the DLC on Steam, you players shall be receiving the special edition free of charge. It will be treated simply as a "update" to the original game. Meaning, most likely original game saves will be kept and remain usable, although not confirmed. For Xbx One and PlayStation 4 players, the game will be released with a price tag that is unknown at this time.


We shall be on the lookout for any major updates to this game, pay attention to this space. Once the full version is launched, full review and opinions will be posted on this page. Until then, enjoy the teases and enjoy the remainder of the E3 releases, keep in touch with this page for all other major releases.



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Podcast Episode 7 "KSI Check Up"

14 Jun 2016

Posted by Nex Addo In: Official News

Podcast Episode 7 "KSI Check Up"

KSI Nex Addo

Run Time: 10 Minutes


A quick episode before we release our E3 Episode!



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Weekly Scavenger Hunt: Week 5 06/13/16 - 06/17/16 and Week 3 & 4 Winners

13 Jun 2016

Weekly Scavenger Hunt: Week 5 06/14/16 - 06/17/16 and Week 3 & 4 Winners
By: Chaoticz, Boreas Z and Twisted 7
Scavenger Hunt Staff Members
Week 3 Winner: KSI Rave Nite 7
Week 4 Winner: KSI Silvu 7
Week 5 Questions:
Who is that member?
Q. At 12:00 a.m. there's a party and this General hosts it!
Where is it?
Q. Where did KSI Fame 7 go?
Q. Your Ego dies at the threshold.
Q. Officially these members died,
but in KSI their division thrived!
Q. Don't mess with this ladies only division, they are VICIOUS.
Un-scramble the words
Q. TKASNTNGESTPOIETSONOIAUODOVZMEISRTE (3 words Slayeer 7 was Director over this in '08)
Q. FRSOTIRME (Its Raining Fire)
Name that page(leave a link to the page)
Q. Brady is looking for active players.
Q. "Whats this area for?" (JT tells us)
Q. "This text is bold"
We, the Scavenger Hunt Team, apologize for the delay. We have been swamped, with the demands of our other jobs as well as real life obligations. Thank you for your patience and understanding

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GTA Online: Further Adventures in Finance and Felony

12 Jun 2016

GTA Online: Further Adventures in Finance and Felony
By: Freddy 7
News Team Writer
**New GTA Online DLC promo image**
As I'm sure many of our GTA players will already know, GTA  had one of the most looked forward update today within the online mode earlier this week. GTA Online: Further Adventures in Finance and Felony The new update includes the ability to be the CEO of your own criminal organisation. You can hire other players as you see fit, however to unlock the features you must buy an office suite. The deluxe office suites in the update come with some improvements and benefits. They come with your very own personal assistant, plus a helipad. A state of the art boardroom for the running of your company. Having an arcade doesn't even cross the line when you have your very own rooms with gun lockers and personal storage space. The gun locker allows you the ability of personalizing your favorite weapon before rolling out on a job. Players have the ability to sell special goods to others or to store them within their warehouses. Being a CEO of your own company, you have special abilities to take part in jobs and certain challenges with VIP. New challenges and jobs available:
-Head Hunter
-Cashing out
Unfortunately the cheapest of suites available is but a small price of 1 million dollars. Yes you heard it, before you can start selling and buying illegal goods and journey down the road to becoming a top class mobster then you must have $1 million dollars!
Also within the new update a place for trading has been made available. Where players from two sides go against each other to get double RP, this only lasts this week until the 14th June. Very few new items were added, however some attire and weapon attachments were. The much loved vehicles that were added:
-HVY Brickade
-Rump Custom
-Vapid FMJ
-Grotti Bestiagts
-Enus windsor drop
-Buckingham nimbus
-Boat Called The Tug
Rockstar announced that until the 13th June, players who log in to the game will receive pastel green pajamas, green pastel smoking jacket and also a 25% discount off buzzard attack choppers. Ammo-Nation also have discounts on the following items
-Carbine, assault and compact rifles
-Machine Pistol
-Heavy Shotgun
-Combat PDW
-All Ammo
-Weapon Tint and Etched finished
-Body Armor
-Parachute Bags and Conopies
So enjoy the new update everyone. Have fun, play safe and most importantly, don't do anything LEGAL!

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