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Releases at a glance: Q1 2017

15 Jan 2017

Posted by BabyMama In: Official News

Releases at a Glance: Q1 2017

​By: KSI Mizz Airy


After the holidays, most people dredge spending more money. For gamers, though, the new year means a whole lot of new games to look forward to! We'll be taking a look at some of the hottest upcoming games of the first quarter (January-March) of 2017. This is just a sampling of what awaits. 




Doodle God: Ultimate Edition

Ever heard of Alchemy? It's the addicting game where you mix various elements to create new ones. The console edition throws another element at it, though. As you combine more elements together, you are rewarded with quips from comedians and tidbits from philosophers. 

Release Date: 27 January

Platform: Xbox One


Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare - Sabotage

The first DLC for Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare is the release of four new multiplayer maps and a new chapter in the zombie's story. 

Release Date: 31 January (PS4), February

Platform: PS4, Xbox One, PC




For Honor

After its announcement at E3 2016 last June, anticipation for this game has been rampant. In this interesting take on war, players can choose to play as a Viking, Knight, or Samurai and battle it out to the end. Each role comes with a distinct set of skills and abilities, shaping the way the game progresses. 

Release Date: 14 February

Platform: PC, PS4, Xbox One


Halo Wars 2

The long awaited Real-Time Strategy Halo-verse sequel finally makes its appearance. Halo Wars 2 apparently will set the stage for the next installment in the Halo series

Release Date: 21 February

Platform: PC, Xbox One




Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Wildlands

Venture with an elite team of U.S. special operatives to the depths of Bolivia to take on the Santa Blanca cartel. The words 'total control' come to mind with this game. Being able to customize everything from the character to the weapons to the vehicles used allows the player to control nearly every aspect of approaching a mission. 

Release Date: 7 March

Platform: PC, Xbox One, PS4


Mass Effect: Andromeda

The first installment of the Mass Effect series on next generation promises to be a completely unique adventure. Players will travel to a new galaxy to explore and build relations with some familiar and unique alien species as Ryder. 

Release Date: 21 March

Platform: PC, Xbox One, PS4

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Battlegrounds Begins again

12 Jan 2017

Posted by BabyMama In: Official News

Battlegrounds Re-Opening

​By: KSI BabyMama

​Asst. News Manager






​I sincerely apologize for having to postpone the last tournaments attempt to create this event for everybody.


​Due to a misunderstanding on how to sign up I am going to try again and make this as easy as possible for everyone.


​On January 28th, 2017 there will be a 4v4 Team DeathMatch on Infinite Warfare at 8PM EST.


​Before signing up you must have a Team Captain, and 3 other members. (We do not make the teams for you so you can not sign up individually)


​Alternates you can fill in up to a day prior to the event.


​Sign ups will close 24 hours prior to the event.


​To sign up Click the Link Below:




​If you can not access the link simply click on the forums tab on the top of the screen. Below the Shoutbox you will see Administration Community and Division sections Click on Community. Scroll down until you see KSI Tournaments and Events and in there you will see the battlegrounds Sign Ups.


​If you have any difficulty please send me a kik message: FGAVocality7.




​Message me directly on Xbox at KSI BabyMama or MissGigglys (with the s)


​Thank you for showing your interest in out Battlegrounds events. Hope to see you there.

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Anime Weekly 01/09/17: Yuri on Ice

09 Jan 2017


Yuri!!! on Ice

By: Anatomy 7

News Team Writer


                Although the year of 2016 is one that many want to forget, 2016 saw some of the best anime that otakus, a Japanese term usually associated with anime fanatics, alike have bared witness to; from the much-anticipated continuation of 2015’s Dragon Ball Super to some newcomers, such as Erased, 2016 was a great year for anime. None other stuck out to me as much as Mitsuro Kubo’s, Yuri!!! on Ice, that was released early October 2016, and ending in late December 2016. The results are not in quite yet, but Yuri!!! on Ice has been nominated on numerous anime forums websites, including Crunchyroll, a popular website for anime, for Anime of the Year awards, ranging from Anime of the Year to Male of the Year and even Couple of the Year.



**The anime characters of Yuri!!! on Ice, Yuri Katsuki being the front most character**


                Yuri!!! on Ice,  about a top rated male, Japanese competitive figure skater, Yuri Katsuki, who’s approaching an elderly age for competitive figure skating at 23 years old. The anime opens up with the results of the Grand Prix Final, Yuri placing in 6th place, which is dead last. In 1st place is Yuri’s hero and role model, Russian figure skater, Viktor Nikiforov, aged 27. Yuri takes the loss to heart as he only sees himself as a failure and then goes on to lose the Japanese Nationals, thus ending Yuri’s competitive season early. With all the failures Yuri is having, on the flip, Viktor goes on to win gold for the 5th time in his career but questions start to arise of what Viktor is going to do for his next season, if he is going to skate or if he is going to retire. Back in Japan, Yuri, although defeated, still has a strong passion for figure skating and has been practicing one of Viktor’s free skate routine. Little did Yuri know, he was being videotaped and the video ended up going so viral that Viktor sees the video is inspired by Yuri, who skated his routine almost perfectly. In that moment, Viktor decides what he is going to do for the upcoming skating season, become Yuri Katsuki’s coach to help him win the Grand Prix Final and bring home a gold medal. The rest of the anime follows their journey through the various competitions and struggles that come with Yuri’s last season defeat. Along the way, Yuri, after idolizing Viktor for so long in his youth, begins to fall in love with Viktor.



**Yuri skating his routine that has choreographed by Viktor, showing their budding relationship** 


                Coming into this anime from a personal perspective, I have seen a good amount of anime, but never have I seen a sports anime, nor have I seen a yaoi. I was also a little shaky if I would even like the anime since I have no background knowledge of figure skating at all, and from reading the comments many of the comments were from people saying that they are figure skaters themselves and loved it. I feared the emotions that those viewers were getting from actually understanding the sport would be lost to me, however, I can honestly say, not knowing anything about figure skating does not matter one bit. This anime is by far one of the best animes I have ever seen! The animation style is beautiful, the music is outstanding, the relationships between the characters is utterly amazing, there is so much that I love that the list can go on for quite some time.


 I definitely give Yuri!!! on Ice the Anatomy seal of approval, a must-see anime for 2016, 5/5, and all the other good things that can be given out to praise this anime. As we enter 2017, I hope that the outstanding trend of not only Yuri!!! on Ice, but a number of other animes from 2016, continue into the new year.


Check out the beauty of the opening sequence of Yuri!!! on Ice below!

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The In's and Out's KSI

04 Jan 2017

Posted by BabyMama In: Official News
The In's and Out's of KSI

By: KSI BabyMama and KSI AyaseYukiya
Asst. Manager and News Writer
Starting out in KSI is no easy task.
You may feel out of place, and find it is hard to understand everything about KSI as a whole.
Hopefully, this article will help clarify and make your start here in KSI or your continuance in KSI an easy one.
Starting in KSI
If you are in clan-ops we all know that your beginning in KSI is linked to someone else in KSI. In some form, you were greeted or was in touch with someone from KSI.

"I don't think you will ever forget the person you first met in such a community. It has been 3 years and I'll always remember his Gamertag as KSI Steelers457", KSI BabyMama says.
From the beginning, you may start off feeling like an outsider, not knowing anyone but it will get better.
Depends on your personality. If you're the outgoing, comedic, just to have fun type of person you will most likely just squeeze yourself into the mix and fit in well. If you're the kind that stays to yourself, finds it hard to greet others and has more of the "shy" type of personality then it may be a little harder to find your place in the squad.
"Don't keep yourself distanced because you don't know anyone yet. The best way is to stick by your recruiter. Let them introduce you around and you'll start finding your way through the squad.", explains KSI AyaseYukiya.
For others it can be different, " I felt included and like I was a part of something bigger. Getting online and always having someone to play with, better than playing by myself. It seems now when I get on I am just surrounded by friends", responded KSI Chaoticz.
How can KSI Benefit you?
The correlation between you and KSI is completely mutual.
KSI benefits you with easy ways to find people to game with. Great way to make friends.
"I think when I first got on Xbox I only had my best friend on Xbox with maybe 4 other randoms on my friend's list. The second I joined KSI on Xbox 360 I remember having to clear people to make room for others, it was great", Says KSI BabyMama.
With KSI, it gives you best of both sides. There is a competitive nature between divisions and squads. KSI Battlegrounds host competitions once a week. To help support competitive gameplay. As well as the fun with game nights and fun ways to play games.
How can you benefit KSI?
As said above, the correlation between you and KSI is mutual.
Joining KSI you are making the family bigger. Every member of this KSI community has value. Everyone plays their part even if they are just having fun being here they are beneficial.
The leadership of KSI wants nothing but to see it's members happy and having a good time.
Other ways you can help benefit KSI is by helping it grow members. Also known as recruiting. It can be tough but picture it this way. The more people you bring into your squad the more people you have to play with, the bigger the game nights will be, and more friends you can make. Recruiting has never been about numbers nor will it ever be about numbers. Recruiting has always been about making KSI a better place and time for everyone.
As mentioned above, Recruiting is about helping create the KSI experience better for everyone involved in the community.
The more members you bring in yourself the more friends you make and more friends other members of your squad makes. The larger the game nights get which opens the door for really fun game nights.
Game nights with a large number of people is better than fewer. It leaves the door open for what's called "odd" game modes. Like Hiding and Seek on Infinite warfare or Simon Says on Titanfall 2.
Points to bring up when recruiting

Easy way to lobby up

Gain more friends

Weekly competitions (possible prizes)

Be a part of a large and longest standing Gaming community.


KSI Game nights
All game nights are exciting regardless of how you play.

Here are some suggestions:
If your playing on COD doesn't always play the given game modes do what they call "Odd" Gamemodes. Such as Michael Meyers, Hide and Seek, Simon Says, etc.

Try to find other game modes you can do on other games then just COD, and just because your squad is a certain game doesn't mean your game nights always have to be on that game too.
KSI WebOps
Web ops is a completely different story for most people.
WebOps Departments
KSI News-Creates articles for members to read on the homepage as far as game reviews, game updates, and other gaming related or community-related events.
KSI Designs- Creates graphics art such as signatures, twitch overlays, banners, logos, etc.
KSI Productions- Streams on twitch, and creates content for the KSI youtube page.
KSI Battlegrounds- Creates weekly tournaments for all members to participate in.
AAP- Awards and Achievement Program gives out awards achieved by members of KSI.
These departments are more computer based then Xbox as they revolve around some sort of Social Media or website based.

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A KSI Christmas Special: Scavenger Hunt, Christmas Gifts, and More!

25 Dec 2016

KSI Christmas Special
By: Chaoticz 
News Team Manager
Welcome. May I be the first to wish you a very merry Christmas. Yes, that's right, the News Team does not rest even over Christmas. Please throughout this merry day and holiday, remember that it is not all about the receiving of gifts and goodies. Christmas is a time of giving, spending time with loved ones, and showing your appreciation for what you have and not what you don't. To me, Christmas means family, appreciation, and caring. However, Christmas can be different for everyone - this is what Christmas means to some of our community members;
"It doesn't mean much to me, I celebrate the winter solstice, but I do give gifts on Christmas for friends and their beliefs. They also choose to give me gifts, but for no more reason than we are the best of friends and that we <3 each other." ~ KSI rave nite 
"Christmas is to do with family, be it blood family or KSI family" ~ KSI Agora
What Christmas means to KSI Anatomy, "Growing up, family never really was important to me. It hurts me to say it but, even now, as I struggle being on my own, I know that I have a family back home that I know loves and misses me, I some how still feel disconnected from them much the same as when I was young. My personal life has had its fair share of high points, however it as also had just as many, if not more, low points. What Christmas means to me is feeling connected to the idea of family in some weird way. I can just be happy with my younger siblings and my mother and not have to worry about the fears I have in life or the fears I have for the future, because on that day, it does not matter. My past, my present, my future, all fade away and I just enjoy the moment that I am in on Christmas. But let's not get past the reality of things, the presents are the best part, duh. Who doesn't love ripping wrapping paper off your brand new Xbox One and staying up late that night in the bitter cold, wrapped up in some blankets with hot chocolate there to warm you up? Brings back memories doesn't it? In all honesty though, I am excited for this year's Christmas because even though I am on my own for the first time in my life, I know that I still will have a home to come back to share these moments with on Christmas Day."
Christmas Origin
It doesn't matter if you believe in the religious aspect of Christmas or not, it is a festival of happiness. The majority of people celebrate Christmas not knowing what it is about, or where it originates from. One of our News Team writers, KSI SugarMama, is here to update you all on your Christmas history:
Christmas came from a week long festival created by the Roman Pagans. The festival would start on December 17th and end December 25th. During that week all businesses closed and no person would be charged for any wrong doing. This festival was called Saturnalia. To put it into modern terminology, it was a purge of sorts - no rules, no boundaries. 
Roman authorities believed that brutally murdering innocent men and woman was destroying the forces of darkness, much like in the Purge films where the government believed the Purge will cleanse all sins and create peace. 
During the 4th century CE, Christianity took over the festival where most of the pagans crossed over to Christianity. It was then that the Christians claimed December 25th as Jesus's birthday.
Nobody truly knows the birth of Jesus since the New Testament gives no official date or year. The first gospel was written in 65 CE. All we know is that the birth did not happen in AD 1.
So there you have it. That's your short and sweet history lesson on the origins of Christmas. Let's all continue on with the Christianity variation of Christmas, the Roman Pagan festival Saturnalia does not seem very... family-friendly. 
Christmas Gifts
Although it is not all about receiving gifts, we still do, so let's take a look at some of the strangest and best gifts fellow community members have received/given. 
KSI Koda was gifted a 20" horse ***** by a KSI friend one year, along with a blow-up sheep sex doll from an Xbox live. Both very awkward presents.
KSI Agora's girlfriend gave him condoms last year for Christmas. Hopefully they worked. 
KSI Anatomy being the weird person he is, gave a friend from work a 2ft tall blow-up sex doll as a Christmas gift one year. How.... Anatomy of him. 
KSI Rave nite's friend once gave her a mechanical spider that when wound up bounces around the room like a spider. Creepy yet cool.
On the contrary, the best Christmas gifts that myself and Agora received was an Xbox One. Snyder enjoys the cards and crafty things his kids make for him. However, the Friday 13th Beta is on his list of great gifts. 
Other strange gifts that people have received for Christmas include; roll-on deodorant and two bars of soap, pairs of socks (un-matching), bright red undies with googly eyes, and even fruit. Remember, it is the thought that counts, so when you open up those unwanted socks and other gifts, show gratitude nevertheless to the fact that the person has gone out their way to get you such an awesome gift. 
Christmas Scavenger Hunt
YES. You read right. The Scavenger Hunt is back for a one-time Christmas Hunt until the new year. The following questions have been made between the News Team and Scavenger Hunt Staff. These questions can be found throughout this article, the forums, and the external KSI social media pages. 
If you get all of the questions below correct then you will be able to win the Winner Winner Chicken Dinner award! To be in with a chance to win, go to the Scavenger Hunt forums area, create a new topic, and enter your answers. Good luck.
1. Go to >> Scavenger! <<
2. Create a topic called "Christmas Scavenger Hunt KSI ______"
3. Type your question and answers
4. Click post and wait patiently to get your results!
You have until Friday 30th to submit your answers. Winners will be announced on New Years Day with the awards given following the announcements. 
Q. His generosity during this season ca't be beat. The $50 giveaway is quite a treat. Who is he?
Q. NUTIARALSA (Un-scramble the word! HINT: KSI SugarMama tells you about this)
Q. We took over the festival in the 4th century what religion are we?
Q. Christians claimed this day as Jesus's birthday, what day is it?
Q. This award is given to those who may be called on to stand guard, even on holidays.
That brings us to the end of our 2016 Christmas Special. We hope you have enjoyed everything and we wish you the best and merriest of Christmas's. I'll leave you with some hilariously inappropriate comics by Cyanide and Happiness. 
Merry Christmas ya filthy animals. Have a great festive holiday from KSI Chaoticz, the KSI News Team, and all of us within KSI's Web Operations.


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Overwatch: Winter Wonderland

22 Dec 2016

Overwatch: Winter Wonderland
By: Chaoticz
News Team Manager
Yes, we're back again with another Overwatch update article. Last we reviewed the Halloween update Halloween of Terror and now we are here to give you the latest review of Blizzard Entertainments Christmas-themed update for Overwatch, Winter Wonderland. This update new skins, loot, game modes, and much more. Winter Wonderland came out December 13th and will continue on until January 2nd. 
With Winter Wonderland comes winter-themed sprays, victory poses, emotes, highlight intros, skins, and profile icons. On top of that Blizzard have released two maps with a winter-themed design. The Japanese map Hanamura and the British map King's Row have both been decked out with snow, Christmas lights, and more, to send out the Christmas spirit.
Just as Halloween Terror replaced Loot Boxes with Jack-o-lanterns, so too does Winter Wonderland replace Loot Boxes with Winter Loot Boxes designed for the event. These will be crammed full of over 100 new cosmetics. Boxes can be obtained by leveling up, buying with real life currency.
A new limited-time brawl has also been released with Winter Wonderland, Mei's Snowball Offensive, featuring Mei. This will be a 6v6 elimination style brawl, where the only playable character is Mei. Mei's powers have been modified slightly, however. Usually, she unleashes multiple icicles and frost towards enemies, but now the Endothermic Blaster fires one single snowball which is slightly more powerful, meaning opponents can be one-shotted with it. However, when the blaster is empty you need to fill it back u again at a snow pile, making it less overpowered. In addition, Mei's Ultimate ability gives the blaster semi-automatic capabilities, to wreak havoc on all enemies in sight. 

Above is a showcase of new skins that appear in Winter Wonderland. Be sure to keep on the Overwatch social media sites and playoverwatch.com for giveaways and gifts etc. Enjoy Winter Wonderland while you can as it will end on January 2nd.

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A Moment of Remembrance For Those Lost In Berlin

20 Dec 2016

A Moment of Remembrance For Those Lost In Berlin
By: Chaoticz
News Team Manager
On the 19th of December, a terror attack occurred in Berlin, Germany, which left 49 citizens injured and a devastating 12 citizens dead. As the attack only just happened all of the details are not yet known to the public. However, authorities are looking into the matters, with other countries being cautious for similar attacks.
So what happened?
A lorry drove straight through the Breitscheidplaz Christmas market at roughly 20:14 local time. Public shoppers and tourists were gathered around stalls and huts buying, selling, and viewing the Christmas goods when a lorry came out of nowhere hitting over 60 people. The lorry drove for about 50-80 meters at a speed reckoned by witnesses to be roughly 40mph (64km/h).
Other witnesses, scared by what they saw, recall seeing blood and casualties all over the scene, People started to move around and out of the danger zone whilst others attempted to help the injured and deceased. A suspected driver fled the scene to Tiergarten park where a witness chased him for over a mile (2 kilometers), where he then called the local authorities. 
In the passenger seat of the lorry Lukas Urban, 37, was found dead. Lukas was the registered driver but the authorities have suspicion to believe that his vehicle was hijacked. It was identified that a pistol was used to kill Lukas, which unfortunately has yet to be turned up. 
Police began by avoiding the incident being labeled as a terror attack, but Interior Minister Thomas De Maiziere later stated it as such. Forensic scientists have examined the scene of the incident and are now analyzing their evidence. Police continue to look for suspects and witnesses are urged to come forward to give a better understanding of the situation.
As with attacks in Paris and Nice earlier in the year, Islamic State (IS) have claimed their fault in this attack. IS has been known to encourage their supporters to use vehicles to attack Westerners before. Although IS claim the blame, it cannot be confirmed for sure. The attacker of the Christmas market is still at large, and  German citizens are urged to stay out of danger and at home if possible. 
If you have any information, please contact the German authorities. In the meantime, please show your support for Berlin and Germany in any way you can. We shall mourn the dead and pray for the injured. It is an atrocious act that took place on Monday and the timing could not have been worse. Please, stay safe during this Christmas season and keep those lost close to your heart whilst also keeping those survivors in your prayers. 
We will remember. 

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KSI GFX Department: Great Artists Are Taught, Not Born

19 Dec 2016

KSI GFX Department:
Great Artists Are Taught, Not Born
By: Chaoticz
News Team Manager
"Great artists become what they are through the teachings of their mentors, they are not simply born with the talent they develop" - Anatomy 7
See below Anatomy 7's greatest piece of art and one of the best in the whole department.
**By Anatomy 7**
It's true. Every single member of the graphics team was nowhere as good as they are now compared to their initial joining of the team. When I first joined the team I had no idea what I was doing, I simply had a Photoshop account that wasn't even my own and played about here and there. Below you can see my first attempt at a piece of work, compared to my latest. 
**My first signature**
**My latest piece of work**
The Graphics Department offers you a place to show off your fancy work, but not just that. We offer you mentors who can help. Joining means committing and if you commit then we will repay you with our own knowledge and skills. 
This is what our Art Director, KSI BabyMama, has to say about the Graphics Department, "When I joined the department I was using a free program with little knowledge of art. KSI Anatomy 7 saw some potential and helped me to grow. As much of a pain as I am to teach, I took what he taught me and have definitely improved. If it wasn't for this team I wouldn't have the skills I have today."
Below is BabyMama's first and latest pieces of art. As you can see, the Graphics Department has definitely improved the quality of her work. 
**BabyMama's first signature**
**One of BabyMama's greatest pieces of art**
Snyder, a very talented Graphics Artist, is one of the main mentors within the team. Snyder was asked the following, "As a mentor in the Graphics Department, how do you feel when you see other making improvements and learning from you?", to which he replied, "Fantastic. When people ignore advice and make excuses for their lack of improvement it drives me nuts. Some tutorials suck and are painfully boring, but if you are passionate and want to learn then you do them and improve."
Below is Snyders first and latest pieces of art. Snyder being one of the best in the team has very high-quality art. However, it is clear he was not always this good. Snyder learned from some of KSI's previous best artists, which emphasizes my point that great artists have to start somewhere. What's to stop you, yes YOU, from becoming the next Snyder, Anatomy or BabyMama? 
**Snyder's first piece of art**
**Snyder's latest and greatest piece of art**
Consider applying for the KSI Graphics Department NOW by clicking this link. We will give you our best as long as you return the favor. 

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A Chance for $50 Xmas Gift

17 Dec 2016

Posted by Nex Addo In: Official News

A Chance for $50 Xmas Gift

Nex Addo

Media Communications Coordinator




A few days ago it was announced on our Official Facebook page that KSI Nex Addo is giving away a $50 Microsoft Gift Card! 
So how do you earn a chance? Well it is simple!
You can submit your name and/or submit another active member of KSI Global to Nex Addo. All names submitted will get randomized and the winner will get the reward. Oh and if you submitted someone else not yourself then if they win you get $15.
On KIK @ Nex.Addo
On Facebook at facebook.com/ksiofficial
On the forums by sending me or message or replying to this topic!

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Halo 5: Guardians - Monitor's Bounty

15 Dec 2016

Halo 5: Guardians - Monitor's Bounty
By: Chaoticz
News Team Manager
On December 8th, 343 Industries publicized Halo 5: Guardians tenth free expansion. With this expansion comes many new changes long anticipated by fans, including an observer mode, forge updates, and Warzone changes. 
A custom game browser has been added to the game which allows players to easily join games that are already in-progress. This new browser is available for both PC and Xbox One versions of the game. This expansion also brings Arena gameplay to the PC version of Halo 5: Guardians.
An exclusive requisition pack is available called "Voices of War". This $10 req pack includes multiplayer announcer voices from Edward Buck, Yabda the Merciless, and O31 Exuberant Witness.
Another change to the requisition system has been added. The ability to gift other players req packs. To allow every player to try out this new gifting system 343 Industries have given everyone one free req pack that can only be gifted. Monitor's Bounty also see's the addition of many new weapons, armor, and cosmetics, one such being the grenade launcher from Halo: Reach.
One of the biggest changes made in this update is the change to the matchmaking playlists. Matchmaking is now split into two different playlists named Ranked and Social. The Ranked Arena is to allow players to play competitively and as tough as possible, whereas the SocialArena is available for players who simply want to play casually and relax to enjoy the scenery.
Many changes have been made to the matchmaking game modes and their corresponding maps. The Snipers game mode is making a return to Halo 5: Guardians as a result of the communities demands. Snipers will be featured in the new Ranked Arena. SWAT has received two new modes, CE SWAT and H2 SWAT. In reference to Halo 1 and Halo 2, these two new modes mean the player starts with either the CE Pistol or a Halo 2 BR. 
All game modes within the Ranked Arena: Team Arena, Slayer, Doubles, Snipers, SWAT, Breakout, and Free-for-all.
All game modes within the Social Arena: Team Skirmish, Action Sack, Infection, Big Team Battle, Super Fiesta, Shotty Snipers, and Grifball.
Grifball will now have nine new Grifball courts and will use the Grifball Pro mode which is a reflection of the official GrifballHub league settings. There have been many changes to other modes in Halo 5: Guardians, for a full list, go to >>> https://www.halowayp...ty-arena-update
343 Industries loremaster GrimBrother One has released an article that details the lore of some weapons, armor and other features of Monitor's Bounty. Read it here >>> https://www.halowayp.../bounty-hunters.
Warzone has received a number of changes to its mechanics and features. One of the biggest changes was that the difficulty of the AI enemies has been changed from Legendary to Heroic, this means that they will do less damage and their health will be lower. The Grunt Mech boss will no longer appear as a Legendary boss but as a Mythic boss instead. Players no longer spawn inside a base that is being contested or captured by another team. For a trial period, the fireteam size will be limited to six members. 
In the Warzone Firefight playlist, some other changes were also added. The maps Temple and Prospect have both now been added to the Warzone Firefight playlist.
Two new playlists have been added to Warzone Firefight. Heroic and Mythic Warzone Firefight, along with the current Legendary Warzone Firefight mode. Heroic mode is to allow players to relax slightly and not have to play in a too difficult environment. Mythic mode, however, is for those more experienced players, which will feature a rotating playlist with a new map every single weekend. Skull modifiers have also been added to Mythic Warzone Firefight. New modifiers will rack up each round as follows.
Round 1 - Tough Luck
Round 2 - Tough Luck and Blackeye
Round 3 - Tough Luck, Blackeye, and Thunderstorm
Round 4 - Tough Luck, Blackeye, Thunderstorm, and Catch
Round 5 - Tough Luck, Blackeye, Thunderstorm, Catch, and Mythic
Observer Mode, a feature that came with Monitor's Bounty, allows players to enter matches as a spectator. It allows observers to see what health a player has, what weapon they are using and more. You can also toggle the Observer HUD on and off if you wish. 343 Industries hope this opens up new opportunities for streaming, clip making and more. 
There are many more features of Monitor's Bounty including the 650+ items, so if you are a Halo 5: Guardians player, get logged in and get playing because you are missing all the action. Spartan out.

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