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The KSI tag is time honored tag in the gaming world! However, for those who knew us in the past. Adding KSI to your tag no longer gets you extra rank! We appreciate every member with or without the tag!

Sergeants promoting to LT

You must have at a minimum:
2 Recruits
5 Game Nights
2 Orientations
Officer 101
Conflict and Resolution
Orientation Class

Officers – We are all about the members having a good time and someone to play with! So to ensure we keep things moving, but also without a lot of pressure. We ask that each squads Officers Staff get two (2) recruits a week! This shows the leadership leading by example and sets the pace for future success!


KSI Kimber 7

Division Leader

KSI Linden 7


KSI Bubba 7


KSI MrOsoFluffy 7