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KSI: 2020

Year in Review It's almost time to bid adieu to 2020, but before we do, let's take a look at what this crazy year was like for KSI.  The Department of Member Services was created to house the KSI court system and a new team called peer support. The courts moved away from the forums, which led to the organization of the forums as an Archive for KSI's history. The Wiki project relaunched to preserve and present that history. In a joint effort between Ancient Republic and Fallen Angels, the new division Skynet was born to bring PC presence back…

by Jasmine Shouse
December 31, 2020


Receiving is not easy to obtain at all. In ClanOPS and WebOPS both it is difficult and requires a nomination nowadays. A while back KSI got introduced a new 7 into the folds, KSI BUBBA 7. The Social Media Lead and Fallen Angels Founder. In this interview, we are going to learn about him just a bit more So BUBBA how does it feel to a 7? “Getting a 7 feels a great accomplishment that I can’t really explain in any words. I am just very truly proud of all of the members that helped me that were higher and lower…

by Nex Addo
October 3, 2020


A strong tight-knit of 7 teams in communication constantly. From AAP to Wiki Team they are diversifying from novice skills to those who have the experience, working towards pushing us forward in new ideas, and so much more. We’re gonna see what each team does and why they do it. Today we will talk about 5 teams. How is the AAP kickin it? The AAP team focuses on thanking those for their hard work via awards and public recognition. They have been focusing on how to better utilize the awards as well as how to say thank you to the…

by Nex Addo
September 24, 2020

Ransomware On the Rise & into Your Pockets

The first rule of a ransomware infection is “don’t pay that ransom!”. Just recently, well-known companies like Garmin, Blackbaud, US Travel Agency CWT as well as the Texas School District have paid a ransom in order to gain back access to their data. As recently as August 22nd, Canpar Express has also reportedly been hit by ransomware as confirmed by the SANS Institute. So what is ransomware? Imagine someone gained access to your computer and kidnapped all your precious files and demanded a ransom before returning your files. Except the files are still on your hard drive, they are just…

by Linden
September 9, 2020

#ACSisterhood: Out of the Shadows

“This is a tighter squeeze than the caves west of Siwa,” Bayek says as he squeezes through the hole in the wall.  A hand reaches out, takes hold of his, and helps him through, and Bayek comes face to face with Aya. “We were smaller in those days,” she teases with a chuckle and pats her hand against Bayek’s chest.  Aya follows her husband down the path, torch in hand, until she reaches an underwater passage. Diving down, she finds sunken chambers and passages until finally reaching the surface again. She withdraws a torch and dashes down a passageway to…

by Mizz Airy
August 19, 2020

HALO INFINITE: Eight Minutes TO True Form

Master Chief is back and ready to take on the Banished within an enormous Halo ring and an expanded offensive as well as defensive arsenal in what 343 Industries is referring to as a "Spiritual Reboot" that will "also feel fresh, full of potential, and (feel like a) new adventure." The intention here is to allow Halo veterans to experience the same depth of gameplay that surrounded the original Halo and brought it the legendary prestige back in 2001, while also inviting new players into the Halo universe. Within the eight-minute gameplay that Microsoft finally delivered upon, we see Master…

by Linden
August 4, 2020


It is my sincere pleasure to announce that KSI Airy 7, current Operations Director of KSI, has been unanimously voted by the Board of Operations to become the next Executive Director of the community. Doing a simple announcement piece seemed disingenuous to me when I considered the scope of just how huge this moment is for KSI and it’s future. This is also a momentous occasion for another reason. With her appointment being confirmed, Airy will now be the first female in our history to be running the community in its entirety. Airy aka Satana aka Eve aka Miss Lolo…

by Nex Addo
July 28, 2020

Rise of DDoS & Bounties

One of the byproducts of our current pandemic is an increase in DDoS attacks focused on companies and internet communities. Distributed denial-of-service is a malicious attack on publicly accessible servers, services, and network infrastructure. An attacker will flood these devices or services with an immense amount of internet traffic often consisting of packets over UDP and at times utilizing multiple zombie PCs that are part of a BOTnet. According to security vendor Neustar, it has observed a “dramatic rise” in DDoS attacks during a lockdown  and “In the first quarter of 2020, Neustar mitigated more than twice the number of…

by Nex Addo
July 23, 2020

KSI addressing prejudice

KSI has seen quite a bit of change in the past few weeks, leading to a new Executive Director, Operations Director, a new squad, DNHs, and, in some viewpoints, an identity crisis. At the moment, members are demanding executive leadership to define and combat racism, hate-speech, harassment, and identify issues within the Code of Conduct. The biggest issue seems that KSI as a whole really doesn’t know where it stands on the situations, both personally and in large as a community. KSI Kered 7 has taken on the role of Interim Executive Director to replace KSI Viktory 7 who both…

by Nex Addo
July 19, 2020


Come one come all to KSI Week! Next week starting 7/20 Monday! We will be celebrating you and KSI! Monday - Scavenger Hunt - 8 PM ESTFind the clues throughout our social media, website, and discord to possibly win the prize. Look carefully and take the time to read over. Tuesday - CoD Stream with progressively funny commentation with Nex Addo - 8 PM ESTDid you know that Nex Addo plays video games? Yea, no he doesn’t much anymore, nor can he identify a gun, or make top 5 in a Call of Duty Match. Though Nex Addo is good…

by Nex Addo
July 18, 2020


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