It is my sincere pleasure to announce that KSI Airy 7, current Operations Director of KSI, has been unanimously voted by the Board of Operations to become the next Executive Director of the community. Doing a simple announcement piece seemed disingenuous to me when I considered the scope of just how huge this moment is for KSI and it’s future. This is also a momentous occasion for another reason. With her appointment being confirmed, Airy will now be the first female in our history to be running the community in its entirety.

Airy aka Satana aka Eve aka Miss Lolo aka Mizz Airy(aka she has too many names) has been a part of this community for over a decade. In that time she has served in every part of this community. Some of those parts don’t even exist currently. She’s built divisions, trained countless leaders, created and implemented important and community changing policy, played a huge part in revising some of our longest-standing policy like the rank structure and Code of Conduct, she has created and established many teams and departments that have played a pivotal in the achievements of KSI and has earned Hall of Fame status as well as pretty much every award KSI has ever offered. Her accolades and accomplishments are many. The years she’s put into this community is many. But in my opinion her most defining accolade is that she has helped KSI become a place of safety and understanding.

She more than any other leader to hold this position throughout the years understands just how important KSI can be to the individual member. How much of a resource it can be and in some cases a lifeline. It is because of this that she sees KSI as more than just a hobby or simple gaming community. She sees it as an apparatus to accomplish good and make a difference in a world so devoid of light and compassion. It is because of this that I know this will go down as the easiest and best decision I’ve ever made in my time with KSI. She more than any before her deserves this position. She does not seek authority or influence for the sake of status, she earns these things by using the authority and influence shes given to make KSI a better place for its members, to enact good all across the community. She uses her platform and position for the greater good for as many as people as possible.

Airy’s path through KSI has not been the easiest. The amount she’s sacrificed for this community is more than most. She’s worked for people who didn’t deserve her respect because she knew the members needed her. She didn’t want to abandon them or give up on the principles that KSI was suppose to have, no matter the amount of slander and drama she’s endured. For most of her career Airy has worked under people she has been drastically more qualified than, worked under people who couldn’t hold a candle to her leadership abilities. But never once did she gloat or attempt to put people down. Something I’m sure most people wouldn’t be able to refrain from doing were they to be in her position. But despite all that, Airy still has faith in this community. Faith in the future that is possible for KSI where all members are accepted and given resources that they can draw on for whatever they need.

It is all this and much more that makes me 100% confident that the community is going to be in the best possible hands. Airy is a leader that KSI has lucky to have over the years. Her impact can be seen in all corners of the community and there are countless members out there that have nothing but wonderful and amazing things to say about her. Her reputation as a compassionate, understanding, patient and intelligent leader is well earned. Here are but just a few opinions about Airy from some past and current Leaders of KSI:

KSI Locke 7, Deputy Director of Administrative Services.
“I’ve known Airy for many years now. As long as I’ve known her, she has always placed KSI first (even above her own personal concerns sometimes). I feel that there is no better-suited candidate than her for this spot! She brings an abundant amount of experience to the table with her time, not only in KSI, but around other communities. She is always a friendly face & a kind heart to speak with, handling issues to the best of her abilities for the best of the community as well as the members, and always taking everyone’s input to heart when making a decision. I think she is EXACTLY what KSI needs! The community is headed for great directions with her in charge & I cannot wait to see what she has in store for us!”

KSI Linden 7, Director of Web Operations.
“KSI has been turning new pages with every step we take. Today we took a new and exciting turn with electing our FIRST female Executive Director to ever grace KSI. The position has been filled by great leaders, and some that weren’t so great. But Airy has the ability and the talent to take KSI to the next level and I simply cannot wait to see what the future holds under her guidance. She and I started KSI around the same time, and has proved time after time that she is the best choice for the position! She works hard, plays harder, and has a great head on her shoulders! She is brash when needed and a jokester when the situation calls for it, she will do amazing as Executive Director and leave a legacy in her path of blazing new trails that will be hard to duplicate! Congrats again chika! Well Deserved!”

KSI Obsidian 7, Director of Education.
Airy is a phenomenal leader with the highest level of integrity and strength that I’ve rarely seen in a person. Fair but stern knows right from wrong. Compassionate when she needs to be but isn’t afraid to tell you when you in the wrong. Airy and I started in KSI around the same time but just recently I have really gotten to work closely with her. In 2015-2017 time we built LE together with our team in that time I learned so much about how to lead with a different perspective that it changed my leadership style while also gaining an extremely close friend. With Airy becoming the new ED it signals a new era in the community as the first full female lead with big shoes that she undoubtedly can fill.”

KSI Ares 7, Division Leader of Fallen Angles.
“When it comes to filling the role of ED it requires a particular set of skills that not everyone has. You must be firm but fair, you must make the right decision in every case even when that decision may not be popular. You must be able to effectively communicate from the owners to the recruits and be able to do so on a personal level. You must have the utmost integrity in any and all given situations. I list these items because all of them are a must for our new ED. With that being said I could not think of anyone in our community more deserving and that meets these requirements and demonstrates to all of us on a daily basis except for KSI Airy. Her unwavering support to our community has been felt by everyone in some shape or form. I feel under her guidance we will be able to meet our goals and visions on where we would like to see KSI for future generations of gamers.”

KSI Nex Addo 7, Deputy Director of Web Operations
“KSI Airy 7! Personally I am so proud of her she has been breaking so many barriers since she joined! In fact, she has been there for me and at times pushed me to write better articles and the ones that matter. Airy and I have worked side by side and sometimes changed titles back and forth and if it wasn’t for her I would have gone insane. She is a level headed leader, decisive, and a forward thinker. Those who have met her and have been under her leadership know that from here KSI will push forward and become a drive for gamers to join and sometimes rekindle the love for community gaming that KSI once had. Congratulations Airy and can’t wait to continue working with you.”

With Airy at the helm, KSI is in more than capable hands. I have full faith and trust in her capacity as a leader and the guide for this community. A new chapter starts today, a chapter sure to be filled with promise and potential.

KSI Kered 7
Owner, KSI Global Gaming Network