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KSI Departments are what make KSI flow!~ Each area is staffed by amazing volunteers and gamers that make KSI truly amazing. Below you will see our various departments and some information about them.

Senior Director



 KSI Kimber 7


Ancient Republic – LINK

Fallen Angels – LINK

SkyNet – LINK

Director of Member Services

KSI Kimber 7

Deputy Director of Member Services

KSI Viking 7


For more information on Member Services

Click Here


Director of Training


Deputy Director of Training


For more information on the Training Teams

Click Here (coming soon)

Director of Web Operations

KSI Linden 7

Deputy Director of Web Operations

KSI Cheddar 7 – Tech Services

TBD – Graphics Director

KSI Nex Addo 7 – Web Teams Director


For information on the Web Ops teams

Click Here

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