HALO INFINITE: Eight Minutes TO True Form

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author image by Linden | 0 Comments | August 4, 2020

Master Chief is back and ready to take on the Banished within an enormous Halo ring and an expanded offensive as well as defensive arsenal in what 343 Industries is referring to as a “Spiritual Reboot” that will “also feel fresh, full of potential, and (feel like a) new adventure.” The intention here is to allow Halo veterans to experience the same depth of gameplay that surrounded the original Halo and brought it the legendary prestige back in 2001, while also inviting new players into the Halo universe.

Within the eight-minute gameplay that Microsoft finally delivered upon, we see Master Chief “in locked 60fps on the Xbox Series X” where he jumps in a Warthog vehicle and battles Banished enemies including Brutes. The new arsenal showcased includes “an assault rifle, a battle rifle with a vector-like diagonal magazine, a simple pistol, a ravager covenant weapon, plasma pistol, bulldog shotgun with a drum mag, a pulse carbine, and mangler pistol” confirms The Verge. We also witnessed Master Chief with a new grappling hook that allows him to grab objects, throw grenades, melee enemies, and grapple onto ledges. The addition of a “Drop Wall” looks promising as “a fast deploying cover that can be used to fend off the enemy fire or even deflect a grenade” according to 343 Industries. During the Q&A session hosted by Microsoft, “Head of Design Jerry Hook hinted that DUAL-WIELDING FROM Halo 2 AND Halo 3 would make a comeback in Halo Infinite”, a feature that fans have been longing for. The newly designed Slipspace Engine brings “10 times the processing per pixel” as well as reports “near-instant loading” time while “running (the) campaign at 60FPS with up to 4K resolution”.

With Halo Infinite as the launch title for Project Scarlett which will be available during the holidays this year, the anticipation is growing within the gaming community with very high expectations of 343 Industries to deliver a finished and polished Halo, which harkens back to the days of Lan parties and an in-depth story that the gaming community has come to love. Will Halo Infinite be the catalyst that allows Microsoft to entice our sense of wonder, excitement, and nostalgia leading them directly to our wallets?


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