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The purpose of this handbook is to provide a complete resource for all KSI members to reference. It contains all major information about KSI and its functions. Use Ctrl+F to find information you are looking for. If you are not able to find information in this handbook, please seek out one of your squad officers. If you have a good idea for a section, it may be added!


Chain of Command
Open Door Policy
KSI Departments
Digital Community Tools
KSI Uniform
Community Structure
Leave of Absence
Leaving KSI
7’s Policy
Squad Staff Responsibilities
Game Nights
Discord Policy and Info
Useful Tools

Chain of Command

What is Chain of Command?
The order of authority, delegation, and responsibility. Instructions flow downward and accountability flows upward.

Why is Chain of Command Important?
KSI’s Chain of Command is how everything gets done. Without a proper functioning chain there are no boundaries around who does what and when. Properly following Chain of Command is crucial to the success of both yourself and KSI as a whole.
An analogy: A chain is stronger than a rope, but a chain is only as strong as its weakest link.

Basic Squad Chain of Command
Common issues and concerns can often be addressed by a variety of different people in a squad in KSI.
As a member of a squad KSI, this is the order in which the chain of command is used:
1. Lieutenant/Captain 
2. Major/General
3. Co-Founder
4. Founder/Division Leader

Open Door Policy

All members have the ability to use the “Open Door Policy”, where they may go to any leader about an issue they may have. It is within the rights of said leader to ask you to report through your chain of command, but we understand there are times when this is not possible or not logical. At the discretion of Senior Leadership, the Open Door Policy may be suspended if abused.

Conduct Policies

KSI strives to provide a positive, inviting, and enjoyable experience for all members. It is with that goal in mind that KSI has several policies in place that govern the conduct of all members. With that being said, these policies are not all inclusive as situations can occur that fall outside of written guidelines.  KSI Leadership reserves the right to act in the best interest of KSI and its members should the situation require us to do so. As a KSI member you are expected to conduct yourself in a professional manner at all times.


KSI does not tolerate harassment in any form. Harassment is defined as any unwanted contact between two people, especially once one party has made it clear the contact  is unwanted. This also includes racism, sexism, or any other discrimination.


Dating within KSI is strongly discouraged, however it is not prohibited. All relationships between members  must be reported and documented through the Chain of Command and members are not allowed to date a direct superior without approval from Senior Leadership. If it is found that your relationship is causing unnecessary drama you may be asked to leave KSI or be removed. KSI is not a dating app, so please don’t use it as one.

Nepotism, or the act of using your power to unfairly promote friends, family, or loved ones, is strictly prohibited. Any member found guilty of nepotism is subject to an immediate Removal or placement on the Do Not Hire list.

Mutual Respect

All members, regardless of rank, are expected to show respect at all times. This involves acting in a professional manner in parties, lobbies, game nights, on Discord, etc.


As we put considerable time and effort into making this Community the best it can be and ask that you honor that by allowing KSI to be the sole community you represent. There are rare exceptions to this rule. If you are unsure if you are multi-clanning, please consult your chain of command. In general, communities that offer games, services, or are in large part different from KSI in their scope and nature do not fall under this policy

Statement of Neutrality

KSI Global is a neutral gaming community. We do not engage in hostilities toward any other community. This includes, but is not limited to, booting, DDoSing, hitting, or any variation of said points. Any member found to be breaking this rule is subject to immediate Removal or placement on the Do Not Hire list.

Progressive Discipline Policy

KSI has put in place various policies and rules of conduct in order to facilitate the environment we want to provide to our members. In addition to rules and policies that are in place, there is also a procedure with which discipline can be issued to members who violate the community rules and policies. We believe in using a progressive discipline approach to rectify conduct that violates KSI’s rules. Below is a general outline of how we handle rule violations. It must be noted that depending on the severity of the conduct as well as the totality of the circumstance, steps in this procedure may be skipped over at the discretion of leadership.

Step 1: Verbal Warning
For minor violations of rules and policies, a verbal warning can be given. These warnings do not get logged and are done as a courtesy to the member. Examples of things that could lead to a verbal warning include but are not limited to:

  • Minor violations of Discord rules (such as spamming, tagging, etc).
  • Unprofessional behavior
  • Excessive cursing

Step 2: Written Warning
A member may receive a written warning after a verbal warning has been given already and the same behavior continues, and may also be given when the leader feels that the conduct goes beyond where a verbal warning would be effective. Written warnings are logged for each member. Examples of conduct that could receive a written warning include but are not limited to:

  • Repeat violations of Discord rules
  • Disrespect towards another KSI member
  • Repeat instances of conduct prohibited in KSI

Step 3: Disciplinary Probation
A member can be placed onto disciplinary probation when repeated warnings are given but the member continues to violate our rules and policies. Disciplinary probations last a period of 90 days and are at their core a final warning. Once a member is informed that they are being placed on d”i”sciplinary probation, any further violations of KSI’s rules and policies will result in the removal of the member during the probation period.

Step 4: Removal from KSI
Removal from KSI can result when a member has been given multiple warnings, or if the member is on disciplinary probation and continues to violate the rules. Removals from KSI must be approved by a Division Leader + even if the removal is a result of a discipline probation violation.

Members who are removed from KSI are entitled to rejoin KSI after 60 days. If a member chooses to return, it is at the discretion of that division’s leadership which squad the member will be placed in.

If a member feels as though they were wrongfully removed from KSI, there are two ways that a member can be reinstated before the 60 days have elapsed. If their appeal is successful, it will be up to the division leadership which squad the member will be returned to. A member may also be transferred to a different division depending on the circumstances of their removal at the discretion of that division’s leadership. Below are the two ways a member could be reinstated within the 60 days:

  • Appeal their removal in the KSI Court System. When you appeal, a panel of judges, who are members of the community, will review the merits of the case and determine whether they feel the removal was appropriate or not. All rules and regulations of the court system must be followed.
  • Directors + are able to reinstate a member in the following circumstances:
    • They feel that the member should not have been removed
    • They feel a lesser disciplinary action would have been sufficient
    • They feel as though, based on the totality of the situation, that the member deserves a second chance

Examples of conduct that can result in removal include but are not limited to:

  • Repeat instances of conduct prohibited in KSI
  • Code of Conduct violations
  • Insubordination or severe disrespect
  • Harassment

Step 5: Placement on Do Not Hire (DNH) List
KSI maintains a list of people that are prohibited from joining KSI. Placement onto the DNH list means that the member may not join KSI at any time as long as they remain on the Do Not Hire list. Being added to the DNH list may or may not be in conjunction with removal from KSI, meaning a non-KSI member could be placed on the list.

Placement onto the DNH list must be approved by a Senior Director +.

There are two ways that a member can be removed from the DNH list:

  • Appeal the decision in the KSI Court System. When you appeal, a panel of judges, who are members of the community, will review the merits of the case and determine whether they feel being placed on the DNH list was appropriate or not. All rules and regulations of the court system must be followed.
  • The Executive Director or Operations Director are able to remove members from the DNH list at their discretion. Below are some examples of when a member could be removed from the DNH list:
    • An appropriate amount of time has passed and having a particular member on the list is no longer necessary
    • The person has shown that they have rectified their behavior and leadership would like to give that person a second chance
    • When one of the above leaders feels that placement on the DNH list was not appropriate
    • The court system declines to take a case and leadership feels as though the appeal was meritorious

Examples of conduct that can result in placement on the DNH list include but are not limited to:

  • Racism
  • Sexual harassment
  • Poaching
  • DDoS/Booting/Hacking
  • Threats of violence or threats of booting/DDoS/hacking
  • Code of Conduct violations
  • Conduct violations after a prior removal from KSI

Recruitment: How To and What Next?

Proper Recruiting Process

  • Verification of the standards
    • Age
    • Microphone
    • Discord
    • Are they currently a member of another community 
    • Were they ever a part of one of the following communities:
      • KSI .org
      • VoS
      • XS
      • TSB
      • XDG
      • MEA
  • If possible, send a link to the following steps to allow the recruit to follow along
  • Explain the KSI Code of conduct
  • Explain the KSI Rank Structure
    • How to use it when communicating with a higher ra”n”king member
    • How they can rank up and what it means to be an officer
      • They will only be promoted as high as they feel comfortable
  • Give a Brief History about KSI
  • Add them on any necessary In-Game Clans, Platform Communities, etc. 
  • Add them to the KSI Discord
    • Introduce them and show them where their squad chat is
    • Show them where to ask for help
      • LFG Channels
      • Discord Problems

Officer’s Responsibilities After Recruiting

  • Maintaining Contact: Your Recruit is your Responsibility.
    • Checking in with them from time to time
    • Inviting Him/Her to Game Chats and introducing them to other members
    • Encouraging them to be a part of Game Nights and Meetings. 

KSI Departments and Their Purposes

The Achievements and Awards Program (AAP) is the department dedicated to awarding members of the community. An AAP member is detail-oriented, dedicated, and excels at rapid decision making.

The Events department is responsible for regulating and organizing all community events. Events team members are excellent organizers, detail oriented, and patient.

The Education department is responsible for the education of all members of KSI. Their primary method of education is via workshop. Education Instructors are calm, knowledgeable, patient, and have excellent verbal skills.

The News department writes all news on the KSI website and Discord. News writers must have a passion for writing, editing, and storytelling.

The Twitch team is responsible for the streaming of KSI sanctioned events and tourneys. Team members are also permitted to stream their own content on the KSI Twitch channel. The ideal Twitch team member is focused, punctual, and trustworthy.

Graphic Design
The Graphics department creates all of the KSI banners, gamerpics, forum signatures, etc. As one would expect, the Graphics team is looking for those who love to create, innovate, and serve.

Social Media
As the name would suggest, the Social Media department is tasked with maintaining all of KSI’s social media handles and increasing presence. If you would like to be on the Social Media team you must understand how social media works, be an excellent writer, and have high energy.

This team is charged with preserving and recording KSI’s history by putting it into condensed and readable format. These team members should have well developed writing and research skills.

The KSI Court system is one of the most important departments we have. All Removal, DNH, and Ban appeals go through the court system. Judges are required to be calm, focused, and, above all, impartial.

Member Services
This department exists to serve the community through support, mentorship, and analysis. Members in this department should be helpful and innovative and possess the desire to help KSI and its members at all levels.

Digital Community Tools

The KSI website houses all information about the community.

CMS is the community management system for KSI, used to keep track of squad members, training, and DNH/removals.

Discord is where most KSI day-to-day activities take place. Squad, division, and community leadership chats and the LFG live here.

The forums house the archive of communication in KSI that took place prior to Kik and Discord’s use.

KSI’s Wiki is a constant work in progress to put together and display information and history about KSI and its members.

PlayStation Communities
The PlayStation communities are one of our most powerful tools. They allow for the hosting, posting, and attendance of Game Nights. They also give a list of all members in the squad or division, giving you instant access to a large group of people playing the same game.

Xbox Clubs
Similar to the Communities on PlayStation, the Xbox Clubs for KSI are vital to the operation of the squads. Again, they allow for hosting, posting, and attending Game Nights as well as giving a list of everyone in the squad.

In-Game Clan Sites/Recruiting Sites, Apps, and Forums
Some games have internal clan systems which can be used for game perks. Gamerlink, the Bungie app/forums, Facebook groups, etc. are all extremely powerful recruiting tools. To learn how to recruit, please see one of the squad officers.

KSI Uniform: What It Is and Why We Do It

The KSI uniform is how we are identified both by players outside of the community and by members within the community. Uniforms are used to validate that you are in fact a member of KSI and represent your rank within the community.
PlayStation Uniform
Playstation Uniforms are located in your “About Me” section. The format is as follows:
KSI <Squad> <Division Acronym> <Rank Acronym>
Recruited By: <Recruiter>
Joined: <Date>

Xbox Uniform
Xbox Uniforms are located in your Bio and Location. The format is as follows:
Under the location section: KSI <Squad> <Division Acronym> <Rank Acronym>
In your bio: Recruited By: <Recruiter> on <Date>

PC Uniform
PC Uniforms are located in the About Me section. The format is as follows:
KSI <Squad> <Division Acronym> <Rank Acronym>
Recruited By: <Recruiter>
Joined: <Date>

On Discord
Each squad/division member should render their Discord nickname as their PSN ID/Gamertag/Steam ID followed by the abbreviation for the squad and rank. Ex: KSI Member (A-RCT)

Community Structure

KSI is the overall name of the community. It is further broken down into Divisions and Squads as follows:

Divisions have two or three word names and are denoted by a two or three letter abbreviation. They consist of 100+ members across two or more squads. Division Staff refers to leaders at the rank of Co-Founder or higher.

Squads have one word names and use a one or two letter abbreviation on Discord. A squad contains between 20 and 80 members. Squad leaders are considered to be Majors and Generals.


Transfers must be approved by a leader within the Division. Finding the correct leader depends on the type of transfer (listed below). Transfers may be denied if no valid reason for the transfer request is given. Transfers will not be denied without a valid reason, however we reserve the right to deny transfers as necessary to maintain the health of the squad and division. Examples of why we may deny a transfer include but are not limited to: excessive transferring, disciplinary issues, game compatibility.

Squad Transfers
Squad to squad transfers within the same Division must be approved by the squad leaders (Major and/or General) of both the squad being left and the squad being requested as well as the Co-Founder(s) of both squads. Any of the aforementioned may deny or delay a transfer for a valid reason, which must be conveyed to all parties. Transfer approvals may also come with conditions such as no more than 2 recruits to the losing squad, a rank demotion, or a temporary rank lock.

Division Transfers
In addition to the squad leaders’ approval if transferring from a squad in one division to a squad in another, the highest ranking leader in each division (Founder or Division Leader) must also approve of the transfer along with the overseeing Director(s). Again, any of the involved parties may deny or delay a transfer for a valid reason, which must be conveyed to all involved parties. Transfer approvals may also be approved with reasonable conditions.

Leave of Absence

Members may take a Leave of Absence (LOA) from KSI at any time. These should be done when a member will be unable to play or interact with the community for a period longer than 1 week. During LOA, the member is exempt from their normal duties for their rank. For extended LOAs, it may be necessary to fill the person’s position while they are gone. When this happens, a reasonable effort will be made to accommodate the member’s rank upon their return from LOA.

1. LOAs must be approved by a squad Major or above, dependent on rank. When taking a LOA, we ask that you provide an estimated length of leave or an expected return date.
2. LOAs lasting longer than 30 days must be approved by a Director+.
3. LOAs lasting longer than 90 days must be approved by a Senior Director+.

Activity Standards

Members who are not active within the community may be subject to removal. To be considered active, a member must make attempts to engage with squad members on the gaming platform of choice, within Discord, and attend squad/division activities such as game nights, meetings, and events. Failure to meet said criteria for longer than 30 days without a communicated Leave of Absence may result in removal from the squad and/or division.

Leaving KSI

KSI is an entirely voluntary community, and anyone is free to leave the community at any time. Members who leave and rejoin within 24 hours may be eligible to retain their previous rank. Anyone who wants to rejoin their previous squad must get clearance from the Co-Founder. If a member leaves KSI and wants to return but to a different squad, the member must either wait 30 days or obtain an approved transfer from their previous leadership as detailed in the Transfers section of this handbook.

Updated 7 Policy

In KSI, there are individuals with the number 7 placed at the end of their name. This special mark denotes leaders who have, at one point or another, gone above the call of duty in assisting the growth and development of KSI.

Earning a “7”
In order to earn a “7,” a leader must achieve the rank of Founder. In rare circumstances, a leader below the rank of Founder may be granted a 7 by the Board of Operations.

Revoking a “7”
In exceedingly rare circumstances an individual may be stripped of their right to a “7”. The Board of Operations handles these cases. Examples of reasons a “7” may be removed are: intentionally causing harm to another member’s self or property, being disgracefully removed from a position of authority, or acts unbecoming of a 7.

Members wearing “7” not currently Founder+
You may see members who hold a “7” but are not Founders. These are typically returning or retired members of the community who have been granted permission to place the “7” back in their name. They are typically considered the “old guard” of sorts. They are to be respected and appreciated for their previous service, but they are not owed a previously held rank at any level.

Members who have joined and earned their 7 from the other KSI or Killjoy Network (KN) are recognized as 7s upon verification.

Members not meeting “7” criteria
When changing your gamertag/PSN ID/Steam ID, it is your responsibility to understand the above policy. If you add a 7 to it and do not meet the requirements, you will be asked to change your game ID to remove the 7, at your expense. Should you choose not to, you may be subject to removal.

Squad Staff Responsibilities

  • Lieutenant
    • Proper recruiting of members into the squad
    • Enforcing the Code of Conduct
    • Enforcing attendance to squad activities
    • Integration of new recruits
  • Captain
    • Organize weekly squad schedule set by Majors and Generals
    • Training Sergeants and Lieutenants
    • Understanding various KSI rules and regulations – and enforcing them
    • Teaching new members the KSI breakdown of squads, divisions, etc
    • Proper recruiting of members into the squad
  • Major
    • Ensure Captains and Lieutenants are fulfilling rank requirements
    • Encourage and host squad game lobbies
    • Take meeting notes and attendance for squad meetings
    • Keep CMS up to date
    • Train officers on hosting Game Nights
    • Assist in the furthering of the squad in all aspects
  • General
    • Creating and enforcing a squad schedule
    • Maintain Xbox Clubs and PlayStation Communities
    • Attend and host all squad meetings
    • Ensure proper training of lower ranks
    • Passing on the knowledge of KSI


Recruit to Private: After attending your first orientation as a new member in KSI you will be moved up to a Private.

Private to Corporal: After attending your first meeting in KSI as Private you will be moved up by an officer to Corporal.

Corporal to Sergeant: To become a Sergeant you have to be an active member of your squad by attending Game Nights and going to squad meetings. Also, it is at this rank that you may take the extra step and get a KSI gamertag/ID to represent KSI. Note that your KSI tag must be the primary tag that you use for community activities for it to count towards this requirement.

Sergeant to Staff Sergeant: For this rank you are required to have the knowledge of recruiting and hosting Game Nights. Ask an officer in your squad for training.

Staff Sergeant to Lieutenant: To become an officer in KSI you must pass all the required training and show activity in a squad by recruiting, hosting game nights, and being able to train junior ranking members. Show interest in leadership and show that you are the type of person who can handle responsibility.

Lieutenant to Captain: To achieve the rank of Captain, you must be able to complete your Lieutenant responsibilities with ease, have an acceptable level of knowledge pertaining to KSI policy and tradition, and must be able to show leadership skills when the need arises by assisting in resolving minor disputes.

Captain to Major: To achieve the rank of Major, you must show potential leadership skills that could lead a squad. Be open to assisting members at all times, completing your Captain responsibilities with ease, and displaying professional conduct when interacting with other leaders and members in KSI.

Major to General: After receiving the proper training to become a General and showing that you have displayed outstanding leadership skills you will be promoted to General after a proper squad split.

Game Nights

Game Nights are the community’s way of getting together to have fun. They are typically hosted by a squad officer on one of your squad’s primary games. Hosting of a Game Night is handled by each squad differently. Some squads have set Game Nights each week, others hold them at differing times. 

To host a Game Night all you need is to give some advanced warning (typically 12 hours) that you will be hosting and what game you will be playing, along with the activity in said game. Confirm with an officer that this is an acceptable Game Night and you’re on your way. Posting of your Game Night will typically happen in Discord, with PlayStation also having the option of using the “event” feature of the communities. Open voice parties for Game Nights are required unless you have express consent from your Major or General.


A “split” in KSI refers to when a squad or division grows to the point of splitting off into another squad or division. Squad splits must be approved by a Founder and/or Division Leader while communicating the respective Director. Division splits must be approved by the Senior Directors and conducted with direct oversight from the Director. Splits shall occur as follows, with rare exception and in accordance with the Founder/Division Leader’s staff requirements.
Note: These are the norms, but there are exceptions on a case-by-case basis.

Squad Split

Though the specifics of the criteria may vary, a squad will be considered ready to split when it meets or exceeds a minimum of 60 members and has a fully trained officer corps consisting of 1 General, 1 Major, 3 or 4 Captains, and 4 Lieutenants. Furthermore, the squad must have active membership to include meetings, game nights, event participation, etc. Alternatively, no more than 2 weeks prior to the squad’s split, a second Major may be promoted for training. All squad members’ names and ranks must match on the system, Discord, and CMS, and the majority of the squad must have the appropriate training and courses completed. The General and Co-Founder oversee the squad split by training one or two Majors to take over squad duties.

One set of squad members, consisting of no less than 1 Major, 1 Captain, and 2 Lieutenants, moves into the new squad. The Founder or Division Leader mass transfers the selected squad members into the new squad on CMS, and the appropriate channels, roles, CMS accesses, and platform-specific groups are made or changed. When deemed ready, the previous General is promoted to Co-Founder.

Division Split

The specifics of the criteria may vary, but a division will be considered ready to split when it meets or exceeds a minimum of 400 members and has a fully trained division staff consisting of 1 Division Leader, 1 Founder, and at least 4 Co-Founders. Furthermore, the squads within the division must be active within meetings, events, and activities with updated training and CMS records. Alternatively, no more than 4 weeks prior to a division split, a second Founder may be promoted for training.

The new division must consist of no less than 1 Founder, 1 Co-Founder, and 2 active squads. The Division Leader, under guidance from the Director, ensures all appropriate Discord channels and roles, CMS accesses, and platform-specific groups are made or changed. When deemed ready, the Division Leader is promoted to Director.

KSI Terminology

DNH: Do Not Hire
Banned: Banned from the Discord server
Fluff: Fluff(ing) is the act of removing an inactive member
Game Night: A Game Night is a get-together of squad members where they play a specific game or game mode
Headhunters: The competitive teams of KSI
Leave of Absence: Taking a break from KSI as you will not meet the required activity levels
Transfer: Moving between squads or divisions
Uniform: Your “About Me” section on PlayStation or PC / Your “Bio” on Xbox


The KSI Clan Management System (CMS) is the community management system for officers and staff to view the list of squad members, add notes, and track statistics. Lieutenants and up have access to CMS with the following abilities per permission group:

  • Lieutenant
    • Edit notes about promotions within the squad or other general comments
  • Captain (in addition to aforementioned)
    • Edit notes about training
  • Major (in addition to aforementioned)
    • Add and remove members from CMS
    • Edit notes about demotions within the squad
  • General (in addition to aforementioned)
    • Ensure accurate member count, cross-referenced with Discord and Community/Club
    • Train junior officers on CMS duties
  • Co-Founder and up duties can be found in the Usernotes Document located on CMS.

Discord Policies and Information

This section details how to navigate the KSI server, the uses for each chat, and other necessary things you need to know about Discord.

Discord Management

#Admin-Request: This chat is used for role assignments, nickname changes, member removal, and other moderator commands. Requests are submitted by members and leaders of KSI to the moderation team in this chat.
#Discord-Problems: This chat’s purpose is for when issues arise in discord and members need assistance.


#Rules-and-Guidelines: In this chat the list of rules that need to be followed in the KSI Global server is written. This includes the General rules and Channel specific rules.
#Community-announcements: Announcements concerning the entire community are posted in this chat.
#Security-announcements: Announcements concerning the security of the community are posted here. This includes any member being placed on the Do Not Hire list and alerts of any members attempting to boot people offline.
#News: This channel is used for game related announcements.
#Live-Streams: This chat shows when the official KSI Twitch channel goes online and when members of the Stream team go online.
#Important-Links: This chat provides links to the most important sites that a KSI member or leader would need. This includes the Complaint/Commend Form, KSI Forums, Rank structure, KSI CMS and the CMS Usernote Guide.
#Training-material: This chat provides links to the Game night post template, Meeting Notes template and PS4/Xbox recruiting guide.


#Community-wide-chat: This chat is the main hub of conversation in the KSI Discord server. This is where all members of KSI can talk to each other.
#LFG Chats: These chats are used to look for members to play with. LFG stands for Looking For Group. There are currently five LFG chats that are targeted towards the following four gaming platforms: PS4, Xbox, PC, Mobile, and Switch.
#Mindblowers: This chat is for neat tidbits about the world, history, and the mind.
#Meme-spam: This chat is for PG 13 memes and mass spamming (Without tagging any groups).
#Sports-Talk: This is where all the sport enthusiasts can go and discuss the upcoming games, teams. and other fun sporting related things.
#Anime: This chat is where all the casual and hardcore anime fans can come together and discuss animes and give their views and or opinions on any animes they have watched. 
#Bot-commands: This is the chat where all bot activity occurs. Make sure to check the pinned messages to see all of the available bot commands in the server. 
#Open-Door: This chat is an area for members to ask questions or give suggestions directly to Senior Leadership. Only Senior Leaders are authorized to answer questions unless otherwise noted.
#Town-Hall: This chat is periodically opened for town hall conversations or LEAD talks to allow members the chance to ask questions without disrupting the flow of the talks.
#Hall-of-7s: This chat is for current and former leaders marked by the “7” to get together.
#Song-Recommendations: This chat is to talk about music and make song recommendations.
Town Hall (Voice channel)
General (Voice channel): This voice channel is for all KSI members to be able to communicate with each other.
Music (Voice channel): This is the home of our music bot, to access him follow the commands in the pinned messages in Bot-commands.
7s Lobby (Voice channel)

Clan Leadership

#Addtl-officer-info: Information for officers.
#senior-leadership: This channel is for Directors and Senior Directors to communicate with the Ops Director and Executive Director.
#division-leaders: This chat is for division staff of all divisions to collaborate and discuss.
#lieutenant-and-up: This chat is for all officers and up of all divisions to collaborate and discuss.
Junior Officer Chat 1 and 2 (Voice channels)
AR Clan Leaders (Voice channel) Accessible to AR Co-Founders and up.
FA Clan Leaders (Voice channel) Accessible to FA Co-Founders and up.


#Education-announcements: This is where education schedules and announcements are posted.
#Education-chat: This is where members can talk with the education staff.
Workshop Room 1 and 2 (Voice channels) These channels are used to hold Workshops.

KSI Court System

#judges-chambers: This chat is for the judges and senior leadership to discuss cases.
#appealing-chat: This chat is for appeal cases to take place, where appealing members and witnesses are questioned.
#judge-applications: This channel is opened when Judge Applications are needed.

Web Departments

#web-announcements: This channel is for web team leads to make announcements for all members to see.
#web-team-general: This chat is for all web teams to collaborate.
#web-general: This chat is for all web teams to be able to chat with all members
Department team channels: Each web team has their own respective channel.
Web Leaders (Voice channel)
Web Team Meeting 1 and 2 (Voice channels)

Division Categories

#Announcements: In this chat, Division level announcements like events, tryouts, promotions, and other things that concern the division are posted.
#General: This is the chat where most of the conversations occur in divisions Don’t be afraid to chat and meet new people here.
#Introductions: This is the introduction chat if you are a new member or an older member that many people don’t know much about. Feel free to introduce yourself to your fellow division members in here.
#Gen-Leader: This chat is only available to Majors and up in the division.
#Officers: Available to all officers in the Division, this chat is meant to provide a line of communication between Div staff and the officers in all of the squads.
#Events chat: This chat is used by the events team to get people registered for events and also helps in explaining upcoming events.. Check pinned messages for extra information concerning events.
#Squad chat: Squad chats are the heart of the division tab. This is where all the members meet their fellow squad mates. Game Nights and meeting times are also posted in the Squad chats.
#Squad officer chat: This chat is only available for the officers of a squad. This is where all the behind the scenes of running a squad happens. This is also where all communication between officers occur.
#Div Voice(Voice channels): These channels are used for meeting and or Game Nights that use Discord as their communication platform.

Useful Tools

The Help Command: If you ever need help from a moderator simply type “help!” and you will be assisted
Dyno: Type “?help” to get a list of commands you can use with Dyno
Tatsumaki: Type “t!help” to get a list of commands you can use with Tatsumaki

Please do not tag the Administrators unless absolutely necessary

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