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Member Services

This department exists to serve and take care of the members. From the KSI court system to peer support and everything in between, the teams work tirelessly to support members’ needs.

Court System

Head Judge:

When a person is placed on the Removed or Do Not Hire (DNH) list, they may appeal via the court system, which is made up of 7 judges from various aspects of KSI.

– Removed: A person in this status is not allowed to rejoin for at least 60 days. An appeal may be obtained prior to the 60-day mark by contacting the Director of Member Services and/or Head Judge(s). At the discretion of the Division Leader, they may be subject to an appeal even after 60 days. Upon rejoining, they are on a 1-strike policy. No other restrictions are enforced.

– Do Not Hire (DNH): A person in this status is not allowed to rejoin the community unless their DNH is overturned by one of the following:
— Operations Director (only able to overturn DNHs made by them),
— Executive Director, or
— KSI Court Judges via an appeal.

Appeals Process
1. Contact a current member of KSI or one of the Head Judges.
2. The appealing party will be brought into the Discord server, placed in the Appeals role, and granted access to the Court section.
3. The appealing party will fill out the appropriate form and is allowed to call upon witnesses to state their case.
4. The appointed judges will go through the case, conducting interviews and gathering evidence. The appealing party may submit evidence to support their case as well.
5. The Head Judge(s) or delegated stand-in shall make a determination as to the new status of the appealing party.
— If the DNH/Removal is lifted, restrictions may be imposed by the courts, to include probation, rank lock, etc.
— If the DNH/Removal remains in place, another appeal may be filed in the time frame specified by the Judge(s). The court can also determine when or if the appealing party may file another appeal.

Witness Conduct
A witness has the right to decline to testify. Witnesses shall not confront, question, or insult other witnesses, the appealing party, or the judges. At any point, a witness or judge can request the witness to be dismissed. Whenever possible, the witness will exercise discretion in their participation and the content of the case.

Leader Conduct
Neither current nor former KSI leaders may disrupt the court process. This includes coercing or influencing a particular verdict. Judges may reach out to request evidence. Failure to provide may directly impact the result of the court case.

Events Team

Discord Lead: Vacant
PlayStation Lead: KSI Kush
Xbox Lead: Vacant

This team is dedicated to providing multi-platform events for the community – from karaoke and meet-and-greets to organized tournaments to anything else the staff can conceive.

Innovation Room

This section provides members an opportunity to give opinions about gaps in the community. While Open Door is a chance for members to talk to upper leadership, the Innovation Room is for members to discuss among each other.

Advocate: A staff member who can guide innovative discussions, identify potential solutions, and assist with community proposals.

Analyst: A staff member who analyzes game trends within and outside of the community and can provide surveys, game information, and trend analysis. They coordinate with leaders on various levels to support game/platform expansion.

Legacy Relations

Team Lead:

This team networks with former leaders to determine interest and suitability in joining the Hall of 7s. The staff also schedules Legends, Elements, Archives, and Dynasties (LEAD) talks and topics. They provide research support for Hall of Fame Committees and provide a crash course for returning KSI members, acting as the overall conduit between former KSI members and the modern community.

Peer Support

Team Lead:
KSI Queen K

This team provides community members the opportunity to vent, seek mentorship, and obtain resources for mental health support. Members can speak openly or request one-on-one conversations with a staff member about community or personal situations.

Peer Support Staff: Though not counselors, this staff can assist with mediating discussions, provide mental health resources, and be a listening ear (or eyes via text).