Play or Skip: Animal Crossing New Horizons

Close your eyes and imagine being set on an island talking to your animal friends, fishing, catching bugs, and being robbed by a raccoon for tons of money. Now open your eyes and see yourself on that island. Animal Crossing New Horizons is the game of the year according to me. Fans of Animal Crossing have been waiting years for New Horizons.

The first day is all for learning the mechanics, getting a sense of your island and crafting some tools you will be given access to. Essentially New Horizons is super simple, you fish, catch bugs, talk to animals, and much much more! You’ll land on the island and meet your neighbors, plan where you will live (for now), and realize the subtle amount of debt you are going to get into for just MOVING to the new island. Now go to bed and wait for tomorrow. 

Crafting will become a daily to weekly activity to get used to as much as you talk to your neighbors. Tools won’t be lasting long even after improving them but the fact is you better accept it. Crafting will become second nature and you will gain new recipes to craft every day and seasonally as well. I’ve crafted so much even my furniture in my house is crafted. 

It’s almost a month into the game coming out and the game has had a mostly positive reception. There are some complaints such as one island PER SWITCH CONSOLE, only one resident can control certain aspects of the game as the “Resident Rep”, and no clear goal line. All of which is true. Rumors circulate that this is a money-grabbing scheme that requires more switches to be bough but only Nintendo knows why this is all true. Some of these things have been positive such as only one resident as representative 

Item, characters, goals, seasons, and much more are STILL COMING OUT! This is something you must understand this game is constantly updating and allowing change. The game while may have come out 100 percent complete the fact is its a game where you just live through and set your expectations differently. So much more is to come.

So should you Play or Skip? Well, I’d say PLAY THE HELL OUT OF THIS GAME! You will lose countless hours just doing the simple things for fishing and catching bugs. This is such a relaxing game during COVID-19. My advice is to take your time and don’t be a try-hard like me. It’s nice to meet goals and not time travel like others do but I won’t judge how you play. I will judge you secretly if you hate this game though.