Quarantine Madness 2020

 KSI Global News
  • -Welcome to KSI Global Gaming Network -
  • - Big Shout-Out to KSI Liu 7 for KSI's Member of the Year! -
  • - Congrats to KSI Messere on her promotion to Web Teams Director. -
  • - Squad Battles coming back? Stay tuned for more! -
  • - Web Ops is now IT Services!

Five Nights of fun and prizes! Register today to secure your spot and good luck!

All events are at 8pm EST (Scavenger Hunt at 745pm EST)

12/14 – Trivia Night

Prize Choice – 10$ Gift Card per person or Squad Name Change *

12/15 – KSI Family Feud

Prize Choice – 10$ Gift Card per person or Unique Discord Role

12/16 – KSI History Competition

Prize Choice -10$ Gift Card per person or Change a leaders nickname for a week

12/17 – Scavenger Hunt / Best Dad Joke

Prize Choice – 10$ Gift Card or Unique AAP Award  (Each Event)

12/18 – KSI Debate Night

Prize Choice – 10$ Gift Card or Executive Staff member for 24 hours

Special Events – 12/17 9pm EST StoryTime with Airy
Special Events – 12/18 10pm EST Karaoke Night



All prizes are for first and second place, the winner of the event can select between the two options and the other prize will be handed to the runner-up in each category.
* Squad name changes are subject to Division Staff approval and must fall within community guidelines.

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