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Rank Structure

*NOTE(1): As stated below the ranks of Private, Corporal, and Sergeant all include the duty of “properly recruiting members in the squad” listed under rank responsibilities. RECRUITING IS OPTIONAL TO THESE RANKS!!!!! You do not have to recruit if you do not wish too. However, if you wish to move up the KSI Rank Structure and become a leader within this community, you must do your part in expanding and developing the community by properly recruiting members into KSI and training them.

**NOTE(2): RANK RESPONSIBILITIES FOR THE RANK OF PRIVATE ARE OPTIONAL! A new member to the community may chose to forgo climbing the ranks of the community and instead focus on just taking part in the organized gaming and content KSI provides to it’s members.

***NOTE 3: Each promotion/demotion within the rank structure is authorized by the person holding the rank at least two ranks above the new rank. Senior Directors authorize the of Division Leaders; Division Leaders authorize the promotion of Co-Founders; Founders authorize the promotion of Generals; Co-Founders authorize the promotion of Majors. The same holds true for demotions.
Exceptions to this are as follows:
– Senior Directors may authorize the promotion of Directors, and the demotion requires authorization from the Operations Director.
– Squad Leaders (General/Major) authorize the promotions of junior officers (Lieutenants and Captains) and Staff Sergeant/Master Sergeant.
– Junior officers may handle the promotions of members to PVT and SGT.
How these promotions are conducted inside a given squad or division are subject to change at the discretion squad and divisional leadership with supervision from the senior leadership. This Note is intended as a guide and general rule of thumb.

Senior Director (SNR) ((Not currently in use))

An Accomplished Director in KSI that has displayed outstanding leadership skills.

Rank Description: With oversight from the Operations Director and Executive Director, the Senior Director team’s main duty is to manage the daily operations of the Clan Ops side of the KSI Global Gaming Network. The Senior Directors are the first line of senior leaders charged with managing the overall development of the community in all aspects of Clan Operations.

Rank Responsibilities

  • Managing the Directors, and ensuring that their divisions are being represented properly and are maximizing their potential.
  • Choosing which Directors represent which Division.
  • Ensuring KSI policy is being enforced and encouraged at all levels (CoC, SOPs, Structures, etc).
  • Attending Division Leader and Director meetings.
  • Opening, closing and merging Divisions.
  • Handling issues brought to them by the Division Leaders or Directors.
  • After deliberation and review promoting Directors.
  • Training Division Leaders and Directors on community management.

Reports Directly To: Operations Director

Current Rank Holders: TBD

Director (DIR)

Reserved for a Division Leader that has overseen a successful division split has displayed outstanding leadership skills in the Division Leader rank

Rank Description: Directors oversee 2-4 Divisions, They are not a member of these divisions but assist in the development of the Division Staff and assist the Division Leader in operating a successful division. They are the liaison from the Divisions to the Senior Director staff.

Rank Responsibilities

  • Must be aware of the daily operations of their divisions.
  • Approving transfers between their divisions.
  • Attending their divisions’ meetings.
  • Overall responsible for ensuring CMS is updated in regards to their respective divisions.
  • Being a resource of knowledge and advice for the leaders under their supervision.
  • Training and developing the leaders of their division staff.
  • With consent of a Senior Director, may demote and promote Division Leaders.
  • Responsible for the growth and sound structure of their divisions.
  • Educating and enforcing KSI policy with the leaders in their division.
  • Active on the KSI Discord.
  • Enforcing website and Discord activity in their divisions.

Reports Directly To: Senior Directors

Current Rank Holders: KSI Kimber 7


Division Leader (DIV LEAD)

Reserved for a Co-Division Leader or Founder that has displayed outstanding leadership skills and has gone through the training in each rank to be familiar with running a division. Must be aware of how to use KSI CMS and has overseen a minimum of 2 Squad Splits within their division

Rank Description: Highest divisional rank. A Division Leader is charged with the overall structure, development and growth of their division. They must be a role model and authority to the leaders of under them in their division. A Division Leader is the representative of their division to the rest of the community and must act with professionalism and maturity. Division Leaders are in a position to ensure that the proper and positive culture is being developed in their division.

Rank Responsibilities:

  • Promotion of all division staff positions inside their division (Co-Founder, Founder and Co-Division Leader).
  • Final authority on squad openings, closings and merges.
  • Training of Divisional Staff.
  • Day to day operations of their division.
  • Enforcing the KSI Code of Conduct, Structure and Standard Operating Procedures with their members.
  • Teaching the KSI traditions and value to the members of their division.
  • Ensuring their division is active on the KSI Discord server.
  • Ensuring their Co-Founders are updating the Divisions CMS on a regular basis.
  • Hosting and managing the weekly division meeting.
  • Making sure quality recruitment and squad development is being done by both division and squad staff.

Reports Directly To: Directors

Co-Division Leader (CO-DIV LEAD) ((Not currently in use))

Reserved for a Founder that has shown maximum activity and involvement in their division. Must be aware of how to use KSI CMS, and have overseen a minimum of 2 Squad Splits within their division.

Rank Description: The Co-Division Leader acts as the right hand to the Division Leader and assists in the daily operations of the Division. When the Division Leader is not present, the Co-Division Leader runs the division in their absence. The Co-Division Leader is the second in command of the division and focuses on making sure proper training and procedure is being carried out within their division.

Rank Responsibilities

  • Supervises squad splits.
  • Training of Founders and Co-Founders (Squad development, officer training, website activity, leadership fundamentals, etc).
  • Encouraging website and Discord activity in their division.
  • Supervision of squad teams and programs.
  • Supervising the operations of the the Founders and Co-Founders.
  • With the approval of the Division Leader, promoting Generals and Co-Founders.
  • Training and learning to be a Division Leader.
  • Needs to be active on KSI Discord server, as well as checking their division’s CMS on a regular basis.

Reports Directly To: Division Leader

Founder (FNDR)

Reserved for a Co-Founder that has shown Maximum Activity and involvement in their division. Must be aware of how to use KSI CMS, and have overseen a minimum of 1 Squad Split within their division.

Rank Description: Founders are the middlemen of the divisional staff. They assist the Division and Co-Division Leaders with the daily operations of the division by being in communication with the leadership of the squads officers and being aware of the day to day status of the squads under their purview. In medium to large sized divisions, Founders usually oversee and manage 2 Co-Founders each.

Rank Responsibilities

  • Supervising the Co-Founders under them and holding them responsible for the development of their respective squads.
  • Training Majors, Generals and Co-Founders.
  • First line in the Chain of Command for divisional staff.
  • Creation and management of division wide teams and programs.
  • Event coordinator for division (tournaments, contests, division game nights, crowns, etc).
  • Division section moderator for the Discord server.
  • Enforcing CMS updates with the Co-Founders and Generals.
  • Encourage website activity on the squad level.
  • Holding weekly workshops for the squads of the division.

Reports Directly To: Co-Division Leader and Division Leader

Co-Founder (CO-FO)

Reserved for a General that has completed a successful squad split and has completed the proper training to advance into Division Staff.

Rank Description: Co-Founders act as a director of 1-2 squads inside the division. They assist the Generals in the day to day operations of the squads. The Co-Founders work with the Generals and Founders of the division to ensure the sustained growth of the squads they oversee.

Rank Responsibilities

  • Assisting the General and Majors in running and maintaining a successful squad.
  • With the approval of the Founder and Division Leader, promoting Generals and Majors.
  • Ensuring the squad officers under their supervision are completing their weekly duties (meetings, recruitment, etc).
  • Training Generals/Majors/Captains in the CoC, Rank Structure, SOP’s, website usage, and leadership fundamentals.
  • Ensuring there squads CMS is updated on a weekly basis.
  • Encouraging activity on the KSI Discord server.
  • Ensuring training is being done with the squad level ranks from SGT to General.
  • Making sure squad activities are being done and promoted the correct way to ensure maximum participation.
  • First line of leadership to ensure proper squad development (proper recruiting, chemistry building, teamwork, etc).
  • Their squads representative to the senior divisional staff.
  • Keeping their Founders and Division leaders updated on the status and progress of their squads.
  • Sources of knowledge and advice to the leaders in the squads they oversee.

Reports Directly To: Founders

General (GEN)

Reserved for a Major that has undergone the proper training, and displays maximum activity and involvement within their squad.

Rank Description: General is one of the most important ranks in KSI. They are the role model of leadership to the members of their squad. They are integral to the creation, development and growth of a squad, which is the foundation to the entire KSI community. They are charged with training the first level of leadership in the community, leaders that will one day be running their own squads and divisions. Only the most trusted and potential filled leaders become Generals in the community. Most importantly, they are charged to uphold the KSI standard within in their squad which is a fun, safe and educational environment.

Rank Responsibilities

  • Training and developing the officers in their squad.
  • Creating and enforcing the squad schedule (Game nights, meetings, events) that is done each week.
  • Maintains the squad tag. Removing fluff, putting out important information, and updating the tag as needed.
  • Updating the squads CMS on a daily basis to ensure an accurate and complete number count.
  • Must attend and host all squad meetings.
  • Training and developing the Major to achieve the rank of General.
  • Promoting and demoting the officers in their squad( LTs, CPTs, Major).
  • Ensuring squad chemistry is being developed via game lobbies and parties.
  • Staying active in their squad and constantly communicating with their member base and officer staff.
  • Enforcing proper recruiting, and encouraging squad growth at all levels.
  • Strive to create and maintain a positive environment for the members of their squad.
  • Enforcing website activity.
  • Making sure proper training is being conducted at levels within their respective squad.
  • Holding their officers accountable for the development of their squad and the progress of their growth.
  • Passing on the many values and traditions of KSI to the members in their squad.

Reports Directly To: Co-Founder

Major (MAJ)

Reserved for an Officer that has displayed maximum activity and involvement in their squad.

Rank Description: Major’s are essentially Generals-in-training. They are the second in command in the squad, and act as the General’s right hand. The Major is poised to be the next General after a proper squad split is complete, meaning that a Major must be trained and developed properly and must be dedicated to being a successful leader in the community from the moment they are promoted.

Rank Responsibilities

  • Ensuring the CPTs and LTs are fulfilling their duties each day.
  • Assisting the General in creating and hosting events for their squad.
  • Training of the LTs and CPTs.
  • Enforcing KSI policy inside their squad.
  • When the General is not available, the Major takes on the duties of the General.
  • Assisting the General in the day to day operations of the squad.
  • Must be active inside the squad and help develop the proper culture.
  • Encourage and host squad game lobbies.
  • Assures that all events, workshops and meetings are attended by as many squad members as possible.
  • Takes meeting notes and attendance for squad meetings and posts them in the appropriate Discord channel.
  • Assists the General in updating and maintaining the CMS for their squad.
  • Trains the officers in the squad on how to host game nights and workshops properly.
  • Assists in the overall development and forward progress of all aspects in the squad.

Reports Directly To: General

Captain (CPT)

Reserved for a Lieutenant that has displayed maximum activity and involvement in their squad.

Rank Description: Captains act as the senior officers in a squad and thus they must have an acceptable level of knowledge pertaining to KSI policy and tradition. Captains are a vital part in squad leadership and squad growth. They act as resources of knowledge and experience for the newer members and LT’s of a squad.

Rank Responsibilities

  • Organize the activities of the squad in relation to the squads weekly schedule created by the Major and General.
  • Ensures that the Lieutenants and Sergeants below them are active and trained properly to know their roles within the squad.
  • Assists in getting as many members as possible to attend squad events, meetings and activities.
  • When online encourages members to take part in game lobbies and expanding the chemistry within the squad,
  • Training SGTs on the first steps of being a leader in KSI.
  • Making sure proper and responsible recruiting is being done by all members.
  • Making sure that proper recruitment and leadership training is being conducted regularly in the squad.
  • Must be active consistently on the KSI Discord server and encourage/enforce members to do the same.
  • Enforcing that recruiting, and in turn growth, is being done in the squad.
  • Training members of the squad on how to use the KSI websites effectively.
  • Organizing game nights outside of the mandated squad schedule.
  • Learn and understand the various KSI policy and rules (rank structure, CoC, SOP’s)
  • Teaching the lower ranks how KSI is broken down(squads, Divisions, programs, teams, departments).

Reports Directly To: Major and General

*NOTE: Each Squad is permitted to have FOUR Captain positions. The duties and responsibilities of each Captain position is determined by the General and Major of the squad.

Lieutenant (LT)

Reserved for a Sergeant that has completed all Officer Training Workshops/Tests and has displayed maximum activity and involvement in their squad. A Lieutenant must have KSI in their gamertag/PSNID/Steam ID.

Rank Description: Lieutenants are the direct line of communication between the senior squad officers and the SGT’s, CPL’s and PVT’s. They act as the leadership to the lower ranks and members of the squad. They help assist the Captains carry out their duties mandated by the Major and General of the squad.

Rank Responsibilities

  • Ensuring a line of communication between the leadership of the squad and the lower ranked members.
  • Training SGTs, PVTs and CPLs on proper and established recruiting methods.
  • Recruiting members properly into the squad.
  • Informing the lower ranked members how the squad operates in terms of events, activities and meetings.
  • Enforcing attendance to all squad activities and events to the lower ranking members.
  • Training and explaining to the lower ranks the KSI Code of Conduct and Rank Structure.
  • Enforcing the proper uniform among the members of the squad(bio, location, etc).
  • Making sure recruitment in the squad is done properly.
  • Ensuring that once a member is recruited they are integrated into the squad and develop relationships with other members.
  • Hosting game lobbies on a regular basis to strengthen squad chemistry.
  • Must be active on the KSI Discord server, and encourage other members to do so as well.
  • Begin to learn the KSI traditions and ways of operation.
  • Encourage members engage with one another.
  • Assist with developing the lower ranks on the polices and leadership principles of KSI.
  • Assisting the Captains on training the SGT’s to be the next squad officers.

Reports Directly To: Captains

*NOTE: Each Squad is permitted to have FOUR Lieutenant positions. The duties and responsibilities of each Lieutenant position is determined by the General and Major of the squad.

Staff Sergeant/Master Sergeant (SSGT/MSGT)

Reserved for a Sergeant who has shown enough dedication to community to start moving up the leadership ranks.

Rank Description: Staff Sergeants or Master Sergeants are the senior Sergeants of a squad who have been identified as members being prepared and trained to move up into the Officer Ranks. They report to the LTs and CPTs of a squad.

Rank Responsibilities:

  • Supervising the SGTs, CPLs and PVTs in recruiting.
  • Tasked with hosting game lobbies and parties on Xbox or PSN.
  • Enforcing the proper uniform to those under them.
  • Assisting the Officers of Squad in hosting events and game nights.
  • Assisting the Officer in tasks given from the General or Major.
  • Getting the junior members signed up on Discord and teaching them how to operate the sites.
  • Enforcing squad activity both on console and the KSI websites.
  • The most important responsibility of SSGTs/MSGTs is they are overall responsible for making sure all new recruits are properly integrated into the squad. Meaning that new members are being invited to game lobbies or party chats, getting to know the other members of the squad.

    Reports Directly to: Lieutenants

Sergeant (SGT)

Reserved for a Corporal who has been active in the squad since recruitment. A SGT may or may not have KSI in their tag/ID.

Rank Description: Sergeants are the life-blood of KSI, They are the first level of full membership in the community and are the future squad officers. Sergeants are the pride of KSI and the force behind low rank development.

Rank Responsibilities

  • Properly recruiting new members into the community.
  • Staying active on the KSI Discord server, and encouraging new members to do so as well.
  • Playing games with the PVT’s and CPL’s of the squad to embolden and emphasize the family based culture of the community.
  • Maintaining the proper KSI uniform.
  • Teaching recruited members on the ways and values of the KSI community.
  • Attending squad events, activities and meetings.
  • Hosting game lobbies with the new members of the squad.
  • Teaching new members the value of proper recruiting and the value of being in a gaming community.

Reports Directly To: Lieutenants

Corporal (CPL)

Reserved for a Private that has been orientated into KSI, and has also been active since recruitment.

Rank Description: Corporals are members of squad that have yet to change their gamertag or PSN/Steam ID to include KSI, but have shown interest in climbing the ranks of the community. Corporals are also identified by squad leadership as PVT’s that show leadership potential.

Rank Responsibilities

  • Attending game nights and lobbies as well as squad meetings.
  • Remain active on the KSI websites.
  • Consistently is playing in game lobbies with fellow KSI squad members.
  • Properly and consistently recruiting members into the squad.

Reports Directly To: Sergeants, Staff Sergeants, and Lieutenants

Private (PVT)

Given to new members of KSI.

Rank Description: The rank all new members of the community start out as until they determine what they wish their role to be in KSI. PVT’s make up the vast majority of community, thus are integral to the sustained success of the community. Though it is encouraged to climb the ranks (as it offers the best KSI experience), there is nothing wrong for a PVT to remain at this rank and just participate in the organized gaming and content KSI provides to it’s members.

Rank Responsibilities

  • Participate in game lobbies held within the squad.
  • Engage with other members of the squad through gaming.
  • Attend game nights and squad activities.
  • Properly recruiting members into the squad.

Reports directly to: Sergeants, Staff Sergeants, and Lieutenants

Recruit (RCT)

Given to the newest members of KSI.

Rank Description: Reserved for the newest members of the community. Recruits are only promoted to Privates after they have received a full introduction to the community and have shown interest in being active within in the squad.

Rank Responsibilties:

  • Having a proper uniform on PC, PSN, or XBL.
  • Learning the KSI Code of Conduct.
  • Getting added to their Squad’s “Club” or “Community”.
  • Joining the KSI Discord server.

Reports Directly To: Corporals and Sergeants

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