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  • -Welcome to KSI Global Gaming Network -
  • - Big Shout-Out to KSI Liu 7 for KSI's Member of the Year! -
  • - Congrats to KSI Messere on her promotion to Web Teams Director. -
  • - Squad Battles coming back? Stay tuned for more! -
  • - Web Ops is now IT Services!

KSI Streaming to join click HERE

KSI recognizes gaming in the world has become a hot topic for viewers and streamers! With that, we here at KSI want to ensure you are creating and building your own brand within KSI. In order to get started reach out to CurrlyFry, Linden, or Nex Addo on discord to get your role! 

For users streaming with overlays: When you have the role, simply go over to the “Streamers Corner” channel and download the “KSI” logo from the pinned topics in the channel. This 250×250 logo should be placed on your stream window while you are live, it can be anywhere on the stream. We also ask that somewhere within your “About Me” on your stream you add the “Powered by KSI” logo with it being hyperlinked to or simply the link.

For users streaming from console: When you have the role, you can now see the Streamers Corner. When you go live, in your title or description simply input the KSI link then stream on and announce it in “Gaming Announcements”

That’s it! Feel free to announce in our “Gaming Announcements” channel whenever you go live! We may also use your feed to spotlight KSI gamers on our main pages and Social Media from time to time! This opportunity allows you to stream on your own channel and be linked into KSI! You will be seen by the entire Discord server including our affiliates and partners from various areas of the gaming community. 


  1. Streamer Role


  1. You can announce your stream within the KSI Discord Server
  2. Your Stream may be used on KSI sites
  3. Your Stream will be visible to all affiliates and partners
  4. Access to other streamers who can help you build and grow


  1. Your stream must be consistent with the KSI CoC
  2. You can only post links to your channel, please ensure you add any remarks prior to sending as the channel will not be used for “bumping” or chatting.
  3. Your stream must have the “Powered by” logo on stream (for those using overlays) and the KSI link in page, title, or description (for those with overlays or streaming from console)
  4. Streams will be monitored randomly. If rule 2 is not in place you will receive a warning, your second offense you will lose the right to announce your gaming on our Discord for 72 hours. Any further offenses will result in the loss of the streamer role and the right to broadcast your channel!
  5. Have fun! Meet new people!

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