Top 5 Shows to Watch During COVID

Dear White People (Movie & Netflix Series) WARNING: Nudity, Language, Drugs, and much much more

Dear White People is considered to be a controversial series and movie as some have claimed its an attack on white people. It set on a group of people of color in a predominantly white college facing modern race relations. While some of it seems far fetched on the plot it’s not far from real-life situations and has an in-your-face method and how they are addressed to a resolution if one exists. This is a must-watch if you are willing to have an open mind but also understanding that you may have some ideas of how you can personally adjust your own life and choices towards others.

Ghost in the Shell (Anime Movie & TV Series) WARNING: Partial Nudity, Language, Drugs, Violence, and much more

Ghost in the Shell in my personal opinion and quite a lot of those in the anime community believe this is a classic and all should watch at least once. The movie and shows are not set for those doing other **** while watching as you will need to pay attention. You can actually watch the first movie called Ghost in the Shell on most services and be rented or bought. The TV Series is MUCH harder to find and if you have an XBOX, it is on the marketplace.
It set in the near future after many wars and humanity has mostly been cyberized. The main protagonists are a group of police called, Public Security Section 9 an anti-terrorism unit. The two major cases of the TV Series are Individual Eleven and Laughing Man. If you are just wanting to watch tv this would be great and will take some time to take in.

Tuca & Bertie (Netflix Series) WARNING: Partial Nudity, Language, and a few other things

Tuca & Bertie is set with anthropomorphic animals addressing everyday issues including unwanted sexual advances, female inequality, job, life, and really quite a bit more. The characters are two women in which one works a full-time job trying to obtain a promotion while navigating the corporate career ladder and misogyny in life, the other is free-spirited not believing in the corporate world but helps address her own issues with identity and relationships. The way this show addresses every topic is amazing with both jokes and possible real-life resolutions. Unforuntantly it was cut after the first season but it is a much watch! 

Nailed It! (Netflix Series) 

Nailed It! It is great for the WHOLE FAMILY! Amateur bakers get on the show to recreate creations presented to them and let us just warn you nothing is as good as the original. One of the best parts of this series is Nicole Byer the hilarious host. If you are thinking it then she is going to say it. She has no care in the world about making jokes about what we are watching throughout each episode. Nothing is funnier than watching people attempt to bake.

My Hero Academia (Anime TV Series)

Who doesn’t love watching heroes and villains fighting it out over the future of the world? Well, this show is a bit different. The series is set around students and teachers who have “quirks” otherwise known as superhuman powers while the students are learning how to control them. The main protagonist is our young student who has been chosen to be the next top rated hero. We follow how he is getting there while battling villains wishing to stop him and others from toppling their plans. The show can be found both in Dubbed and Subbed versions depending on the version you prefer.