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  • - Congrats to KSI Messere on her promotion to Web Teams Director. -
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  • - Web Ops is now IT Services!

Information Technology Services

The IT Services is responsible for the overall state of KSI’s non gaming presence. Their duty is to ensure all Departments of Web Operations run efficiently and are producing the best quality content possible. They handle questions, concerns and issues brought to them by the Department Managers and Team Leaders. The Director of Web Operations, or DoWO, has the authority to restructure all KSI Web Departments if needed as well as implementing policy and rules the Departments must follow. The DoWO also is an authority in all aspects of Web Operations: Departments, Discord, Websites, CMS and any KSI related social media.

Director of Technology – KSI Cheddar 7

Responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of all Discords and Sites. The Tech Director is also responsible for the Moderators on Discord.

Public Relation Director – KSI Mistah J

The Public Relations Director is responsible for making connections with other gaming organizations and ensuring any incidents within KSI are handled accordingly.

Art Director – Vacant

The KSI Art Director is responsible for ensuring KSI’s overall look and feel match throughout our environments.

Social Media Lead – KSI Bubba

The social media team lead is responsible for ensuring posts from Content Providers are sent to Editors and ensuring content is engaging and audience appropriate on the following platforms:


Streamers Lead – CurrlyFry

Streaming Team is open to everyone with a few rules to be able to post! The team is managed and monitored to ensure as best we can that all live streams are within the Code of Conduct and clean game play is occurring.

Web Teams Director – KSI Messere 7

The Web Teams Director is responsible for managing the teams within the Web Department. They ensure each area has the tools needs for success.

AAP Lead – KSI Bre

The AAP Lead is responsible for the community’s member recognition program. This individual is tasked with honoring the beliefs behind member merit and contribution. Always developing and standardizing methods to promptly support nomination and member recognition.

Productions Lead – Vacant

The Producer is in charge of and has full authority over the KSI Productions Department. All of these teams fall under the authority of the Productions Manager and they ensure that these teams are producing consistent and quality content for the members of KSI and the community as a whole.

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