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Web Operations

Director of Web Operations / Deputy

KSI Linden 7 / KSI Nex Addo 7

AAP Team Lead

KSI Messere

The AAP Lead is responsible for the community’s member recognition program. This individual is tasked with honoring the beliefs behind member merit and contribution. Always developing and standardizing methods to promptly support nomination and member recognition. This member reports directly to the Director of Web Operations.

News Team Lead

KSI Texan 7

The News Team Lead is charged with the duty and authority over News; and is responsible for crafting & maintaining KSI buzz news. They advertise the purpose and different parts of KSI via articles to inform community on updates. The News Lead reports directly to the Director of Web Operations.



The Producer is in charge of and has full authority over the KSI Productions Department. All of these teams fall under the authority of the Productions Manager and they ensure that these teams are producing consistent and quality content for the members of KSI and the community as a whole. They are also the creative director of these areas, insuring that cutting edge, original and appealing content ideas are being realized and implemented. The Productions Manager has complete autonomy when selecting prospective members for the various teams in the Productions Department. They ensure the productivity of their teams and projects, making sure that the work the department does represents the community in the best possible light. The Productions Manager reports directly to the Director of Web Operations.

ARt Director


The Art Director is responsible for managing the Graphics Department & the Artists Team. The Art Director is also responsible for overseeing graphics requests, reviewing and approving new team applications, and creating & sustaining a constructive environment for positive feedback & criticism for artists to learn from. The responsibilities of the Art Director further include ensuring that Graphics Requests are completed in a timely manner, that members are adhering to the request guidelines when posting new requests, and that Graphics Artists are properly fulfilling requests within the standards of the Graphics Team. The Art Director reports directly to the Director of Web Operations.

Events Team Lead

Synical (Xbox) and Kush (PlayStation)

The events team lead is responsible for overseeing the department that is most integrated within the community: Events. The Community Manager’s responsibilities also include:

  • Organizing & Overseeing community events
  • Organizing & Overseeing Tournaments
  • Organizing regularly scheduled activities
  • Authorize Rewards for completed events.
  • Managing the Division Events Coordinators program.
  • Controlling & Overseeing the issuing of awards to members.

The Events Lead reports to the Director of Member Services.

Social Media Team Lead


The social media team lead is responsible for ensuring posts from Content Providers are sent to Editors and ensuring content is engaging and audience appropriate on the following platforms:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Twitter