Receiving is not easy to obtain at all. In ClanOPS and WebOPS both it is difficult and requires a nomination nowadays. A while back KSI got introduced a new 7 into the folds, KSI BUBBA 7. The Social Media Lead and Fallen Angels Founder. In this interview, we are going to learn about him just a bit more

So BUBBA how does it feel to a 7?

“Getting a 7 feels a great accomplishment that I can’t really explain in any words. I am just very truly proud of all of the members that helped me that were higher and lower than me. Because truly without them helping me learn from my mistakes and achievements I wouldn’t have been here without them too.”

What is a proud moment you have in KSI?

“The proud moment that I have was I never gave up on myself, the membership, and/or my senior leadership. I am proud to say I did and will continue to provide to the best of my ability for the family I know.”

How do you manage social media and being a founder?

“Social Media and being a Founder sometimes and some days are tough. But like no other that’s a daily thing being in charge of looking over people. You get time to time the rough, slow, crazy days and other days everything goes smoothly. So how do I do it? I ride the wave and keep my head up and look out for any peaking rocks that are out of the water.”

What is the future you see for social media?

“The future for Social media is simple. To grow, to show, and provide outsiders what KSI is truly about and how much things have changed over the years and history as long as KSI has been around.”

What is the future you see for FA?

“FA’s future has an interesting pattern that I can’t put my finger on it just yet. However, I see Fallen Angels will be here for a very long time and creating new squads and new divisions.”

What is one regret you have in KSI?

“The one regret that I have was not following my gut and red flags at the time when things were going down. There were red flags all over a situation and I ignored it and regretted that I should have listened to my gut.” 

Share with us some advice you have for future leaders of KSI

“Advice that I can give future leaders is that always be honest. Second, be aware of your surroundings, however not getting involved with other issues and problems. Stay focus on what you doing if that’s being a squad officer and/or a squad leader. Third, always respect your other officers, squad leaders, higher leadership no matter what happens. Although, don’t be shy to voice your opinions to that leadership but don’t get upset if they don’t take your “advice” or feedback.”

What do you see the future of KSI being? In general

“See the future of KSI is that we are still experiencing change and evolving in the new gaming generation. However, with it going on, KSI will turn out and be successful.”

So tell us [KSI] what it means to be a 7

“Being behind the 7…. well it’s not all sunshine and rainbows. However, it shows that you have put in all of your energy, the time, and being there for the members through good/bad times and never gave up doing what each and every other 7 have done for his/her KSI career.”

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    KSI THY 7

    Great job Bubba. You are making KSI proud of you.

    October 3, 2020

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