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These blocks consist of information relevant to SN Division Policies. They do not replace the Handbook, rather add on based on Division guidelines.

Steps for a Squad Transfer:


1) The member(s) must go to the Squad Leader with their transfer request.


2) The Squad Leader will then speak to the dedicated Co-Founder over their squad and discuss either to approve/decline the transfer.

2a) Approved Transfer — Member will be placed on a 30-day transfer lock and a 30-day rank lock.

2b) Denied Transfer — Member who requested the transfer must wait 7-days to request a new transfer.


3) If the transfer has been approved, the Squad Leader that has received the transfer request will provide the following format in #gens-leaders followed by tagging all the people that need to be involved.


Transfer Request Form:




Squad Leader: 

Squad Requesting to: 

Reasoning for Transfer: 

Member in Good Standing: (Yes/No)

Squad Leader Approval: (Yes/No)

Co-Founder Approval: (Yes/No)

If transfer denied. Copy & Paste form into member’s note on CMS with the reason for denial.


4) Once the Transfer Request Form has been submitted, everyone involved will schedule to meet to gather information and approval for the member who has requested the transfer. (This discussion may be performed in a voice and/or group message to make sure nothing is lost in the #gens-leaders chat)


Transfer Approval/Denial Examples:


Transfer Approval Examples: Will be handled on a case by case basis

  • When the requesting member is causing issues with other members in the current squad and doesn’t feel comfortable where they currently reside.
  • When the squad’s leadership requests for a specific member to be moved into another squad.
  • When a member requests a transfer due to game preference (Meaning, the member no longer plays their squad’s main game).


Transfer Denial Examples: Will be handled on a case by case basis

  • When a member requests to transfer to be with “friends” within another squad/division.
  • If you KNOW that member is requesting a transfer just to be close to someone that MIGHT cause an issue.
  • Because that specific member just “wants” to transfer. (lack of reason)
  • When the reason isn’t valid or the member is making up a “cover story”.

Note: Members who request a transfer and get DENIED (Co-Founder or higher will provide a reason in why transfer was denied)


Returning & Removed/DNH’d:


Returning Members:

  • Member(s) that leave the community and request to rejoin within 30-days MUST return to their original squad.


  • If the member(s) requests to rejoin and it has been longer than 30 days, they may join a squad of their choosing. (Contact Division Staff to check and verify the date that the member has left)


  • Member(s) who were Removed/DNH’d or were part of any other clan/community, the member(s) MUST fill out a JOIN APPLICATION prior to returning to KSI. (Contact the Division Staff for the application.)
    • Once the application has been reviewed by the Division Leader and/or Director, and once approved, the members will be placed on a 60-day rank and transfer lock. (Unless the KSI Courts system stipulate otherwise)

Division Transfer — Conducted by the division’s leadership (Division Leaders) and the Director(s) that are in direct command over the division. It is when a member requests that he/she wants to go to another Division that they MUST provide the leadership with a valid reason.


Note: Transfers are reviewed on a case by case basis. Each transfer is evaluated by the Co-Founder, and if needed, the Founder, and the Division Leaders. At the end of the day, we encourage the members to have fun and be happy where they are, regardless of what squad they are assigned to.


——————————— **Transfer Evaluation Questions** ——————————


Evaluating Transfers —  All transfers should be evaluated accordingly. As the leadership of the division you must look and analyze closely how this particular member behaves and what they have done for their current squad.


Questions you should ask yourselves:

  • Is the member in good standing? (30-day consistent)
  • Is this member an asset to the squad?
  • What has this member done for the squad?
  • How will this member impact the new squad?
  • How will this transfer impact their current squad?


Different Types of Transfers:

  • Voluntary Transfer — is for those who wish to transfer to help out another squad. That member may decide to stay permanently if he/she wishes.
  • Deliberate Transfer — is for those who are being transferred to avoid conflict within his/her squad.


Note: If the requesting member who wants to transfer is a General/Major. The request MUST IMMEDIATELY involve their Founder or higher ranking Division Staff member. That staff member will then speak to the member requesting to transfer and evaluate the request.


When transfering a GEN/MJR (Founders and high please consider)

  • Is this member an asset to their current squad?
  • What has this member done for their current squad?
  • How will this member impact the new squad?
  • How will this transfer impact their current squad?
  • Is the squad prepared to lose this member?
  • Has this member trained someone to cover his/her position?


When transfering OFFICERS:

  • Inform the officer that they may lose their rank going into the new squad.
  • Inform the Squad Leader of the squad they are requesting to go to and have that Squad Leader go over long and short term goals for their squad.
  • Inform the officer about what the other squad is looking for.

Squad-Split Requirements:

1) Squad reaches 60 active members

2) Fully trained officer core that is fully knowledgeable with all the squad/division procedures such as, CoC, Chain of Command, Squad Transfer, etc.


2b) All officers must be promoted and hold their position for at least 4 weeks prior to splitting. (Exception to this policy will be handled on a case by case basis as determined by the Division Staff).

3) Four (4) Staff Sergeants to become officers in the near future.

4) Squad must have completed a full Fluff Check at least 1 week prior to eligibility.

5) List of promotions to be made post-Split.

6) No more than 4 RCTs on the squad roster. (Recruits stay)


Development Stage for Eligibility Squad-Split


1) Contact your assigned Co-Founder to verify your eligibility status for a squad-split. The Co-Founder will freeze recruiting and transfer incoming and outgoing for five (5) days.


2) Begin the process of rostering out both squads. The GENERAL and MAJOR will split the roster up in half (30/30) the General will go to the new squad and establish it with the 2 Captains and 2 Lieutenants. The majority stays behind with the MAJOR and settles back into a normal routine. If the squad has over 60 members, no more than 30 members will go to the new squad.


3) Verify the two rosters. Account for members who wish to stay in squads with certain individuals. Fluff members as they come up, they will not be carried over after the split. If your squad drops below 60 members anytime during the splitting process. The squad will return to Step 1.


4) Roster is reviewed by Division Staff, ensuring that active counts are met, Officers meet standards, checks and balances are accounted for.


5) A meeting will be held to answer any questions, explain the process and finalize the Roster for CMS. Lastly, the old General and the new upcoming major should decide upon the name of the new squad, to subject it to approval from the Division Staff. Upon of Approval, the squad name will be announced.


6) The Major and General will inform the Co-Founder with the final roster. Which then will proceed in the splitting process after finalizing it. The Squad-Split will continue and may take up to 72 hours to allow and ensure all the members to adjust and settle into the squads.


7) Roster is now placed into the new Squads listing in CMS, a Moderator or Admin will begin transferring the roster list to the new squad’s chat channels. (Note to Co-Founders: Make sure all member’s discord nickname match their console Gamertag for easier transition)


8) Squad-Split process is double checked for accuracy, all mistakes are accounted for, documented and corrected in a timely fashion. Directors and above may check the accuracy of the handling of a Squad Split by Divisional Staff for future training.

Squad-Split (Layout)

General will go over to the new squad to train the Captain that the General has decided and will best fit to become the Major over the new squad.

(General has 4 weeks minimum to train that Captain to become a Major before consideration to become a Co-Founder)

Original Squad = Total Members — 30New Squad = Total Members — 30
2 Captains2 Captains

(1 CPT in MAJOR Training)

2 Lieutenants2 Lieutenants
2 Staff Sergeants to become Officers2 Staff Sergeants to become Officers

Your Div Rep for SkyNet is below, please feel free to reach out to them if you have a question that you feel requires Executive Staff or Board input! (They are also helpful for learning new things if your Chain of Command isn’t available!)

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